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  1. Yes, it is an NSU Prinz....late 50's, early 60's. 583 cc 2 cylinder aircooled rear mounted engine. In it's time, it was the fastest European micro car. I had one as my first car, when I was a senior in high school, back in 1967. Handled like a go kart, heckuva lot of fun to drive! I would love to have another, as a go to work car....
  2. crabbyone

    Thinkin a V-6

    As Wayno said, a four cylinder L, or LZ series will fit with a small amount of modifications....a thinner radiator, eliminating extra pulleys, etc.... I put an LZ20 and dogleg in mine, and it ran really nice. It is a tight fit though. The Buick V-6 needs to be set back approximately 3 inches for starter/front crossmember clearance, and still takes up all avaialble room. I did the swap once, and would not do it again....just too much butchery. A 60 degree Chevy V6 might work a lot better, and be very peppy. If you insist on using a V8, and want to get into the 10's at the track, then you may as well spend the bucks building a fiberglass body and a full tube framed drag chassis, because the stock stuff just will not work. As to the inline 6 cylinder....it will fit in the bed, just make sure you block it so it will not fall over, and use good ratchet straps to hold it down. That being said, mklotz and I have pondered putting a Toronado big block front wheel drive unit in the bed of a 520/521....much fabrication would be required....however....
  3. Bought my first Datsun pickup, 1966 520, in 1969 at the age of 20....do the math
  4. where are you in woodland? im here too.

    neat to see someone interested in datsuns in the same town. see ya!!

  5. Welcome to the world of Grandpas Mike. Nothing better than a "baby fix" after a hard day at work....congratulations. Has Grandma quit grinning yet?
  6. Nope, not a turbo....Jackson supercharger kit. Yup, that's how I see it.... Crabby
  7. I have worked on aircraft carriers that were smaller than that car! Great donor though.... Crabby
  8. Sure do miss the old Speed Channel, where you could watch lots of different race venues....
  9. Good brakes for certain. Lowered....coilovers front and rear, with a proper triangulated 4 link on the rear. And a turboed/intercooled 13B rotary/5speed into 4.37 gears. Personally, I would ditch the bed for a stepside bed with the round trailer fenders. But that's just me.... Crabby
  10. Owww! And a fine one it is....right under the collar, it looks like. Be more careful, d*mmit....it won't get done any faster, if you are in the hospital. Pain hurts!
  11. Nope, gotta get the "Talbots"....check the Pegasus racing catalog. And a "wink" for the inside.... As an aside Bob, did you get any mph numbers on your "road test"? What a great project! The hinge pins just drive out with a drift....
  12. So cool, especially since I have had the pleasure of riding in the subject vehicle. The young lady is a perfect embellishment to the vehicle. Wish I had a suitable subject for your attentions....very nice work.
  13. I remember seeing an article many, many years ago about a 520 with a J-13 modified with an MGA head, dual MGA SU's, and the MGA exhaust system. I would imagine, 40 years later, those parts would be difficult to find. However, I always thought a 5 main MGB 1.8 four cylinder, and 4 speed w/OD would be an interesting swap for the 520. The MGB can be built to 150hp, and is pretty reliable. Physically, it's not much larger than the J-13. And there is a lot of aftermarket support for the engine. Ya, I know it's different....but no one has accused me of being conventional in a long time. :) Why start now? Crabby
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