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  1. Mike and Hainz have pretty well covered it. A spongy pedal is air in the line. If the pedal goes down slowly while pressing hard on it, there's a leak. The leak could be at a bore seal in the m/c or wheel cyls and you won't know it since it will take some time for the fluid to build up in the cups. If it leaks at a fitting, that's pretty easy to find. The pedal won't feel rock hard until the shoes have "bedded" themselves to the drums. Back in the day, they would grind/sand the shoes to perfectly match the diameter of the drum. They don't do that any more so it's common for the sho
  2. Do you have paypal? Hopefully, Adolf Brown will follow the CDC and let us breath for a change.
  3. mklotz70

    1971 Datsun 521

    If you have too much trouble finding a rubber line, you can get generic SS line with adapters. About a third of the way down, you'll find examples of what I'm talking about. You can get any end you need. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/caliper-options.html On the trans output seal.....when I had the '64 NL320, I looked at the seal. I found that every truck trans from it, up into the HB's had the same output seal
  4. When you click to reply and the box opens up......there should be a Drag files here to attach, or choose files... at the bottom.
  5. Hell....if I have to drive all the way from Gresham, the least you could do is haul your butt up here. 😉
  6. I guess I'll plan on coming. No clue if I'll drive my wife's 521 or not.
  7. I was thinking about how Moss doesn't have 100 of them and considering making them if they run out. Then it dawned on me that they're probably not the only supplier. lol I found a couple of other places that show having them. A couple of the places have a minimum order which is inconvenient when you only want two $4 bolts. I'm tempted to order a few dozen to include with the kingpin kits. I'm also looking at small anti-seize ampules, too. I have lots of anti-seize around here, but someone else may not want to buy a $30+ tube/tub of it. I'll have to think about that and research it some
  8. Huge shout out to Stoffregen Motorsports for providing links to the cotter bolt options!!! Big thanks to debbheff and Coop for the info on the fulcrum pins and seals. When I get a chance, I'll link this thread on my site and post up the kingpin kits I have available. The shims I had on order came in yesterday. Since the cotter bolts are available thru Moss Motors, I'll be able to post up the kingpins soon, rather than waiting until I get them made.
  9. Just posted a vid on my youtube channel with the info. The info is also on IG and FB now, but I can find it on YT more easily down the road.
  10. He bought them....we're good. Martin is great. He started, but since you know him, then you know that things went a bit sideways and he couldn't keep doing them. I'm pretty sure that when he was able to do them again, he just didn't really want to. I completely understand that! Every day I think about shutting the shop down again because there's so much of it that I really just don't want to do. Hell.....somedays I think I'll sell all the equipment and put a pool table in my shop. lol
  11. I'll try to do a video fairly soon. I just got the other 4 pieces in from the last recommendation......they're the ones. In fact, the four of them are cheaper shipped than I can make/ship them for......so I will NOT be making them. I'm going to contact them about ordering a bunch to go with the kingpin kits, but I will not be reselling them by themselves. I'd have to mark them up and my shipping is a lot more. I'll post the info for them on my site when I post the kingpins for sale. https://mossmotors.com/pin-cotter-unf?assoc=135520
  12. I didn't see Charlie's post.....yes, hosestop is a very good way to go. If you don't use him, then it might be easier to get universal pieces than to find stock stuff. This info is geared to the roadster kit, but half way down the page, you'll see examples of what I'm talking about. You can get any length of hose you want and put any type of end on either end. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/caliper-options.html
  13. Since the cotter bolts are tied in with the kingpin rebuilding, I thought I'd put this link here. This is page 5 of a rebuild thread I did on Ratsun.net. There's info here about the fulcrum pin seals. Near the bottom, oldskoolvws posted a link to a MGB option that works. I ordered the equivalent seals with one of my cotter bolt orders....they came in as cork seals.....which may work for the older 520/320 connections. Maybe someone knows of a similar seal that is a bit smaller. http://britishpartsdirect.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=aaa1323&
  14. Great description on how to find it. Thanks! I just took a look.....the pins look like they're the same, but the nuts on either side are not. Replacing just the pin should eliminate half of any wear. The cotter bolts look a bit different, but I've already got those on order.
  15. The correct cotter bolt is an M8 with a M6x1.00 thread or a 5/16" with a 1/4-20 thread. This first set is a 1/4" bolt....I'll have to measure it. Another set showed up just now.....I'll check them in the morning. Once they've all shown up, I'll do a comparison and post a photo or two.
  16. Wayno is correct....the threads switch to metric on the cotter bolts, but the dimensions of the bolt itself are the same. I'm pretty sure I've already bought the nylocs, so I'll do the threads to match the nuts.....either 1/4-20 or M6x1.00.
  17. Trolls are never helpful. lol I got the first one in already and it's way smaller. One down, 3 more sets to go. I'm thinking that the next two will be the same as this set, but maybe that last set I ordered will be right.
  18. I'm not sure if we've been in contact already. I've been getting a lot of emails about 410/411 stuff lately. If anything, this may help someone else reading your post. Here's a link to pg 6 of a build thread I did years ago. Just past half way down, you'll find some info about putting a dual reservoir m/c in.
  19. That would have been Martin War. I had a recent inquiry about the flanges from Adam Beaty. He's looking to do some in stainless steel....flanges and downpipes....maybe. I've added his contact info to flange product on my page. I have zero clue how much he's going to charge, but I've seen pics of his SS pipe work....very nice! CONTACT Adam at FuzionFabricationllc@gmail.com if you are interested in one of these in stainless steel or if you want a downpipe made.
  20. Wow....that Y pipe is really nice! Who made it? I sure wish my tig skills were at that level. lol
  21. Ok. Thanks! They look a bit different. Had to order 4 to get over the $10 min order limit. Another $22. So far....somewhere around $80.....I'm starting to think I could have bought all of the stock for less than that......but it would save me a ton of time. lol
  22. Perfect! Thanks!!! I ordered a set from each of them to check them out. ......except for the first one in the other post....$20ea.....nope. lol
  23. About 1/2 way down the page.....how to make your own.
  24. If you can point me to where I can order....or a part number, I'll order a couple in to compare. If they're the same and I can order 100+ of them, I just might do that to save me all of the time it's going to take to make them myself.
  25. .....size for the fulcrum pin or the kingpin?
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