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  1. The pins are fine, mostly. The hinge itself is split. I could just weld it if need be. https://imgur.com/a/eQykxHk
  2. Does anyone have a source for door hinges? I bought these on eBay several years ago, got to fitting them today and they’re incorrect. I don’t mind buying again off eBay but it would be nice if someone has actually fitted the ones they bought and can vouch that they fit. https://imgur.com/a/o3Qavw8 edit: can’t figure out how the hell to embed the images from my phone 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. So you use the existing brake/turn as just turn and run a new brake. Got it. No changes to the combo switch wiring? I have one of the Thai repro combo switches that I was trying to figure out how to use. It doesn’t have the brake disconnect that the OEM one does, just a single signal for L & R turn. Not sure I want to use it because it’s plastic, but the horn connection on my OEM one snapped off 🤦🏻‍♂️. I also have the tail lights with the dedicated turns. So I may just run the new wire and call it a day.
  4. Did you run new wire from the brake light switch back to the tail lights or just alter the wiring under the dash?
  5. Ok. The RE4R01A is 24” from block to center of mount. Thanks for the info
  6. Been slowly chugging away at my project. Got the L20 and trans out and am able to compare it to the KA with auto. Motor mount to tail shaft of KA auto is only 1/2” longer, so we’re good there. The transmission mount is 3ish inches further to the rear. So I’m looking at modifying the trans x member. @datzenmike would you happen to have the measurements of the mounting location for the KA 5spd? I’m wondering if the auto is the same. Redeye makes a trans xmember for the 5spd (I think), would be tits if it worked for the auto too.
  7. I already have those brakes, was just curious if your 15’s fit over them. Bummer about the truck tho
  8. Truck when I got it had 14 x something slot mags Titan Off Road 17x7.5 +30 Just picked these up. American Racing Hurricanes 15x8.5. Ad says 4.25 backspace which translates to -12 offset (I think) Still trying to determine what tire size I want. I don’t really want any stretch. 225 50 15 maybe?
  9. For your records the A/T I have is from a 1992 240sx and measures at 32”. I can put a straight edge on it later and measure as it’s slightly over 32” but not more than an 1/8” or so. And do you measure to the very end of the prop shaft?
  10. TC = tooth count? I’ll have to keep digging and see if I can find the diameter. I believe the various Nissan KAs that use the RE4 (hardbody, 240sx, pathfinder maybe) use the same bell housing which would mean the starter location is the same and therefore the diameter (just guessing here). I’ll have to look up starter #s maybe that’ll get me a different tooth count. In other news I’ve discovered I need an A/T Control Unit to use the RE4 auto and a harness that goes from the tranny to the main harness that is eluding me. So, for the future readers that want to mate an aut
  11. Hey @datzenmike what do you know about flex plates? I’m trying to locate one for the240sx RE4R01A and I’m coming up empty handed. Any idea if they’re interchangeable among other KA’s I would assume FWD vehicles are a no go but I honestly have no idea. My research hasn’t found an answer
  12. Some AT ECU info courtesy of Jim Wolf Man PN A11-B45 G08 early 91 240SX Fifty state S13-KA24DE Nissan PN 23710-53F10 Man PN A11-B45 G71 91-94 240SX Fifty state S13-KA24DE Nissan PN 23710-53F11 Man PN A11-C03 G61 91-93 240SX (conv) Fifty state S13-KA24DE Nissan PN 23710-59F10 Man PN A11-C04 G24 94 240SX (conv) Fifty state S13-KA24DE Nissan PN 23710-59F12 And if anyone wants to reference their ECU # for info on donor vehicle http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/ECU-ID.PDF
  13. Another thing I have to consider is auto vs manual ecu. The engine I have is from a manual and I’m having trouble finding if an auto ecu will work with a manual engine. Logically it would I think? I would think Nissan would make one engine assembly/harness and just have an auto and a manual ecu. One would take/give input to an auto trans and one wouldn’t. Lots of information on auto>manual swaps not so many manual>auto. I can’t imagine why 🤦🏻‍♂️ Edit: AT vs MT TPS sensor PN AT part# is 22620-45V00 and the manual part# is 22620-53F00 Little info dump from Jatco if any
  14. Found this gigantic doc on the RL4R01A and the RE4R01A. After a cursory comparison of the L and E and it appears that the L just looks at the ECU for TPS and Coolant temp. Whereas the E looks at Throttle position sensor, Closed throttle position switch, Wide open throttle position switch, Engine speed signal, A/T fluid temperature sensor, Revolution sensor, and Vehicle speed sensor. Document states that the E is electronically controlled and the L is hydraulic. So I think it’s safe to say that as long as I stay away from the E I should be golden. The doc, to
  15. If I had no emissions equipment would the trans just function off of hydraulics or does it need some sort of ecu input? I’m keeping the EFI but removing the EGR and whatnot.
  16. Excellent info Mike! I had no idea about the emissions stuff. If I decide to go the car KA route I assume the the Z tranny will also bolt up to that? I plan to keep the EFI stuff but I’d like to ditch as much emissions stuff as possible. How does the 620 speedo match up with the 720 trans? Probably a lot better than the KA trans 😆
  17. Interesting! I’ll definitely look into that if using my stock shifter isn’t an option
  18. I’m slowly gathering parts and info for my eventual KA24DE swap. My plan is to get a salvage title ‘98-‘04 Frontier and strip it. My truck currently has a 3 speed auto and despite the inability to drive on the freeway I love it. Ideally I’d like to keep it an auto when I do the swap. What I’ve been unable to find info on is the dimensions on the Frontier auto trans. Will it physically fit in the tunnel of the 620? I know it’s a column shift so I’d have to figure out how to convert that but that can’t be too hard. Has anyone done it? My search results came up with nothing
  19. Coolio. Thanks guys! I ended up adding a washer between the frame and bushing like Rays picture :thumbup:
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