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  1. Thanks guys. It's great to hear from you. Yes I am still alive and chasing a 3 teenagers to everything from sports to car shows to jobs! Crazy times. Good to see you still kicking around here schooling all these newbies Mike! Drop me a line and we'll catch up! All in all in a few years older but still doing the same stupid stuff. The only diff is its in a ford now and not a Datsun! I guess I always had the ford gene in me after all I did use the ford EDIS to time the Datsun! ;) I will get out and take some pics of the mustang soon. We've had this strange stuff falling from the sky that you northwest guys would know all about!
  2. All, Thanks for all the great words. I figured I would pop in to see what was new and somehow I missed all the posts on this thread so I figured I would give you an update. I did sell the truck but replaced it with a 1966 mustang and go figure I replaced the entire driveline with a 331 roller, 5 speed, and 9" Versailles rear end among others. It's just easier to fit the wife and 3 kids into that than a 620 for weekend car shows. I am more than happy to try and answer any questions about this build. It was a great time and I learned a lot about these little trucks. In the end the guy I sold it to told me he broke 5th gear racing a wrx and that it made 220 rwhp with a very mild tune. I figure with 20% parasitic loss from the drive train I figure it made around 250 hp and could have made a lot more with the right tune. Im happy with that out of an l20b! I'm glad to see all is well here at the Datsun and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Brj4448@sbcglobal.net Brandon
  3. You can also use sr pistons if you dont want to go the full 4mm (89mm) overbore and keep some meat on the walls.The sr pistons are 87mm. You will have to resize and float the small end of the rods though.
  4. Sorry. no I never did get back to the cables. If I remember right I have an issue with the height of my truck. I had to remove the brackets because they were about 1" from the frame and would have been destroyed at the first bump I hit. No really an issue for guys only running a few inches of drop but I have about 6" total out of the rear which puts the axle too close for the e-brake to work. Sooner or later i'm going to notch the frame to get the extra clearance at which time I am going to put the Toyota pearch mounts and adjustable shocks on but I have a few other projects working right now and it parks just fine in first gear.......even on the hills of San Francisco!
  5. Mike will correct me if im wrong here and please feel free to do so. The z-22 crank is just that. It has a longer stroke (89mm l20 vs. 92mm z-22? Off the top of my head I dont remember) and with the 2mm overbore gives me a 2.2L instead of a 2.0L. "Theres no replacement for displacement" Unless your boosting in which case its nice to have both!
  6. So far as I remember. Engine: *L20b block bored to 87mm o-ringed with ARP head studs *Z-22 crank *L20b con rods with resized little end to 22mm bronze bushed for floating pins and ARP bolts *sr20det Wiseco forged pistons with moly rings *ARP main studs *copper head gasket Head: *W58 peanut with liners removed (43cc chamber) *Stainless valves with oversized intake *Slight port/polish (Very slight. Mostly polish) * Schneider cam .424 lift 112 Lobe separation Turbo: *Garrett gt28r ball bearing running 12 lbs. of boost *3" exhaust with magnaflow muffler Misc: *60mm 240sx TB *460cc/hr injectors *Megasquirt ECU *EDIS ignition
  7. It runs once again! I just ran it through it warm-up cycle and its just like I remember. I had to re-make one of the turbo coolant pipes but no biggie. The victory is short lived though. Im am once again at that point where I have to go get the kids from school. Back at it tomorrow for the test drive!
  8. NIce. The kids love spongebob. I like it for all of its "hidden" adult humor!
  9. If nautical non-sense be somrthing you wish!
  10. OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea!
  11. I guess a dyno run is in order. I will get with Clayton and see what we can do. I think Banzai had the 175hp #. Any other guesses?
  12. Damn. That means I have to put the cheap 14" tires back on as not to burn through a pricy set of the 18's I wonder how many gears I can get it through? I hit two without even giving it much effort in that video!
  13. I have sprayed headrers in the past and they ALWAYS peel after a month or so. I only now got to the ceramic coating because I wanted to make sure everything was going to work since it was all fabricated. If you have the time and $ ceramic is definately the way to go!
  14. O.K. Got a little more done today. I have about a half hours worth of work to go and its back on the road. I got all of the electronics hooked back up, fuel system, cooling, exhaust, etc. All I have to do tomorrow is hook up all of the IC piping and fill the radiator. Its going to be great to get it back on the road thats for sure!
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