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  1. After a ton of reading, thread searching and driving to a few local spots in search of a sound deadened-dampener for my 521 doors...I can for sure attest to the value of the VW Bug video put up on this thread. Most of the “window” tape type sealers are more expensive and cover less area. Lowe’s products “Peel n Seal” certainly smelled strongly of asphalt and bitterness. I can only imagine how much it would smell like regret on a hot day. Home Depot products (as described in VW video) are now being sold under the name “U.seal Band” in rolls (25’ x 6”) with yellow and black labels. It is far less offensive smelling, is US made, rolls on easily (after mediocre surface cleaning;) and works well do drop vibration and rattling from doors etc. Most roofing companies I talked with will steer you towards a tar-asphalt-remorse based product that will be possibly better suited for very large projects (1959 Buick floors, stationwagons, between floors in apartments and walls in hotels). Just my 3 cents worth.
  2. Right on. As always...a helpful bunch of fellas
  3. Can we just agree that simply copying and pasting a pic would be a HELLUVA lot cooler?? Anyway...glad to be back. Whatever. Imagine a Datsun 521 on a trailer with a motorcycle in the back.
  4. Been gone a long time...driving the shit outta my truck in Colorado and then California for 2 years. Now we are Oregon dwelling humans and I've been busting out a bunch of work getting ready for Canby next year!! Hopefully Madness is going to meet Jennifer and I up there. Been working on custom grill, front bumper, battery hold down, interior, turn signals, horns, wiring, brakes, brake lights... this morning was engine bay clean up-paint-wiring and detail... pics when I can get THAT re-figured out. Photobucket account "here I come"!! Good to be in Oregon. Good to be back on Ratsun.
  5. Good to have you on board...:) Glad that someone scooped up that 520. Broke college kids can have cool rides too:) Call if you need some help sometime. I'll keep you up to date on the Datsun situation in the Denver area yards. There's a good J motor still sitting in a car at Pull-n-Pay on east Colfax. Have a good one man. Oh....and the patina does look ok...but I'd agree that it looks a little bit pushed...like its been forced upon the old truck.;) If only it could tell its story:)
  6. Check out Bob3's MX520....(all of it really);) But he used Miata stuff and tucked it nicely behind the stock bezel. Looks way neato.
  7. Oh man...!!:) That's freegin AWESOME!!! What a sweet video!
  8. Oh man...its been a while!! Pulled motor, removed header/intake, removed "Nissan OHC" valve cover, removed roasted ass clutch assembly, degreased and cleaned freegin EVERYTHING!!!, polished-painted-cleaned, had flywheel resurfaced, reassembled clutch/pressure plate, all new seals-o rings-gaskets on motor, (contemplated deleting coolant flow to intake...decided to leave it for the time being since Denver winter is coming RIGHT up!... Wired garage for 220, borrowed friends welder, fixed broken passenger side shock mount/upper control arm mounting area (cracked almost completely off frame...found 521 in Junk yard and cut entire assembly off donor truck), welded cracked passenger side motor mount, (By the way... :rolleyes: anyone else ever notice how really crummy a lot of the welds are on a 521 frame? I havent actually welded in almost 6 years and I'm not saying I'm great at it...but after looking at what I was replacing I fely way better about it!) painted frame area, created battery mount tray from Scout 80 glovebox door, installed junk yard find "new"....truly almost brand new... :D ...tie rod ends, relay rod and idler arm assembly Its been apart a long time...I've been busy on the 69 Dodge as well... :huh: Pics Motor goes in today! :rolleyes:
  9. Update requested... :rolleyes:
  10. Motor out, suspension apart, welder standing by

  11. Bob is throwing his first ever Import Show at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Several Ratsun members are on tap to bring their Datsuns and (since my Datsun is still torn apart) I'm bringing my 1958 Simca down to the show... Expecting a huge variety in vintage, custom, race, restored, and tuned cars. Colorado folks come out and check it!!! Saturday 8/20 Gates at 8 Starts at 10 Track events during the day Wrap up around 3
  12. Hey guys my name is omar. I just got me a 72 wagon 510 and it will be nice to stay in touch and meet up some times before winter hit us. My wagon is far to looks good but planning to make it looks sweet. Im gonna need parts also so if aanybody have some 510 parts laying around let me know. My number is the 7205692978

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