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  1. Youll be okay. Just leave the oil pan off the bottom half and valve cover before you go to bed so when you wake up in the middle of the night wide eyed cause you forgot to check something you can run into the garage in your underwear to re-assure yourself. Dont be afraid to go back and check to make sure the bottom end is torqued up properly. If your file fitting the rings if you go a little on the loose side it wont be a catastrophe, well within reason. Dont cut the oil ring down just make sure the oil ring rails dont butt together in the bore. Make sure you deburr the edges you filed on the ring so it cant bite into the ring lands. cleanliness is next to godliness. if u glue any of the gaskets just do one side so if you need to back up a step you dont make a gnarly mess for yourself. make sure your rods are in the correct way and your pistons arent backwards :) rod oil squirter hole towards drivers side of block (thrust side) your pistons should have an arrow or a valve relief or something blatantly obvious. for balance, inline 4 and 6โ€™s are neutrally balanced and do not require a bobweight style balance job that v8โ€™s do. To do rods properly you should make a fixture to weigh the small end and big end of the rods and match them that way. If your not revving it much more than the stock limit its probably good enough for your first one in my opinion though.
  2. scooter

    KA with sidedrafts

    cool to see these pistons, i was contemplating these for the next engine i want to build, lz24
  3. scooter

    Hot LZ23

    gettin there!!!!
  4. weld the diff so you dont get stuck on a rock doing a 1 tire fire. make some strut hat spacers to give it a "lift kit" maybe put a snorkel on it for hitting big puddles... seal the dizzy up and the rest of the ignition.. epoxy filled coil instead of an oil filled one.... A series are tough little buggers. its probably worth it putting a skid plate on it... a winch that you can move from the front to the back probably isnt a bad idea... no one likes getting stuck. otherwise GIVER and have a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!
  5. whoops! i was not sober when i got that part number. its supposed to be 2-3-13461X for fs5w71A,B,C or automatic.
  6. dana spicer# 2-3-15961X the z car depot one is cheaper and looks different than the spicer one.. hmmm
  7. ford 7.5 will be strong enough for NA 4 cylinder stuff.. i have a ford 8.8 in my s10 200sx. early ranger is the diffs you want they are 56 inches and can be narrowed even more than this by using two short side axles. they are 5x114.5 bolt pattern. if you want a narrow 8.8 you wanna look for a 90-92 ranger. the later ones/explorer ones are wayyyyy wider Those years have 28 spline axles though, they use the same axles as a 7.5. some mustang stuff works too but they come in 4x4.25" pattern. the ford LSD works good enough for datsuns for sure. theres many gear ratios in the junkyard so you can get what you want. they arent that heavy once you take the big ugly drum brakes off and cut all the shit off of them. compared to an H165 - yeah heavy, but nothing compared to a 9 inch ford. there is also two different driveshaft flanges you can use, both use 1310 style u joints. on that note, spicer makes a yoke for datto trannys to take a 1310 joint too so you can make a driveshaft with u joints that dont break. ford 8.8's are overkill as they are pretty much the equivilant to a gm 12 bolt (4000 lb big block chevy rear diff) but are good for drag racing. for everything else go with a 7.5... you might kill it if you have a big turbo motor clutch kicking with sticky tires but i doubt it. my diff cost 100 cad at the junkyard, maybe another 100 to put new seals and bearings in it... 20 bucks work of paint.. bought a chome diff cover.. 40 dollar s13 rear disks and cheap ass rockauto calipers... made my own brackets.... prob like 350 bucks to do the diff swap.. the yoke was like 70 cad, i had a machine shop shorten a mustang foxbody driveshaft for me for a flat of beer ๐Ÿ˜„ i dont factor in my time to my own car any more or ive literally would have spent 99999999 dollars worth of my time on it lol
  8. THIS! i had the early mount on the truck i had and the alternator would fall off every couple months.
  9. Use the 280zx calipers and run hawk/porterfield/g-loc pads same applies with 200sx
  10. The futofab ones take stock ball joints and have sealed inner heims that would keep inspectors happy compared to all other brands. When buying camber plates get the kind that run the spring on a separate bearing so all the load isnโ€™t going through a 3/4 inch pillow ball like the other manufacturers use. Having all the load in the pillow ball is a fail in oz law but if itโ€™s on its own bearing then it should be ok
  11. scooter

    KA with sidedrafts

    is it hot? it sounds like its airlocking and overheating kinda
  12. scooter

    Sr20det cam caps

    its kinda a problem. usually if they have the caps in the wrong place the cam wont turn... soo.... put your cams in with no rockers, do your front and rear caps first as I think they are thicker than the rest, arrows pointing towards the gears. torque one cap down at a time and spin the cam after each cam cap is installed. if it starts binding up try it somewhere else. you should be able to turn the cam with your fingers when its all torqued with no rockers installed. once you go through that process NUMBER THEM so you dont have to do it again ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. scooter

    Hot LZ23

    the ics titans are pretty sweet. did you split it to see where it was leaking? even with a fel pro it shouldnt like in an NA application. if it was air locked it probably burnt a hole in the gasket in between 2 and 3. an air lock makes sense. check your gasket for matching under the exhaust ports between 2 and 3 with the deck it can be a little off and can cause an airlock there.
  14. scooter

    Hot LZ23

    ive had good luck so far with the kameari MLS one, they are 200 usd and if you e-mail them what you want with the pn out of their catalog youll have it in less than a week.
  15. scooter

    Hot LZ23

    tire death imminent ๐Ÿ˜„
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