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  1. im alive!

    1. datzenmike


      ... but wet. Some weren't so lucky. Glad you're ok

  2. 2.25 -2.5 is good. The stock manifold is better than one of those shorty headers so stay away from those. the bigger the pipe the louder it will be as well no matter what muffler is on it.
  3. you could use an rb20/25 flywheel and clutch as well
  4. scooter


    Good idea on the hole punch, I used razor blades but this would make for neat rounded corners. i prefer beer boxes myself for material..
  5. VAG 1.9 tdi with the fuel pin ground within an inch of its life would be a good swap for an off road 620 as well
  6. scooter

    L18 vs (L)z20

    z20 ten times out of 10... "what stoff said"
  7. you can buy model d274 pads from g-loc, they will make them for you. you can still get rotors and calipers from rockauto. the 4 cyl calipers are ok.. they are within a couple mm of a 280zx brake specs so they work just as well... ive had beck arnley rotors on it this whole time (5 years ish) and theres been no warpage or anything.
  8. ka24 or if you want modern light flavor qr25
  9. I have been running these for the last 5 years, still nice and tight on the rod ends and the tc arm.. i DO need to take them back off and re-polish them as they are looking pretty weathered now. if your running these on the street you gotta have the rubber boots that go on the rod ends... it keeps them pristine.
  10. your clunk your strut top hat bearing is effed. your easiest and bolt on fix is to find a complete set of 280zx struts and brakes and put the whole assembly in it. you can use s13 stuff if you get the knuckle, brakes, strut, top hat basically the whole assembly. i think it will go on the stock ball joint (check it out). you may have to use an adjustable height outer tie rod end to get the bump steer back in check. you will also need new s13 front brake hoses, the stock ones aint gonna work. you may also need to upsize your master cylinder to get enough fluid flow with the larger front brakes. if your this far in it would wise to put in new ball joints, bushings, replace the bushings in the idler arm, etc.
  11. i had one of these too, had to belt sand the fuck out of it to get it flat. the port match is terrible. fix those two things and its half okay. I ran it for a couple years then got my hands on a nissan comp header. The car picked up a bunch of top end power. that green gasket material is the bomb though, if anyone knows where to get a big blank chunk of that stuff let me know.
  12. Youll be okay. Just leave the oil pan off the bottom half and valve cover before you go to bed so when you wake up in the middle of the night wide eyed cause you forgot to check something you can run into the garage in your underwear to re-assure yourself. Dont be afraid to go back and check to make sure the bottom end is torqued up properly. If your file fitting the rings if you go a little on the loose side it wont be a catastrophe, well within reason. Dont cut the oil ring down just make sure the oil ring rails dont butt together in the bore. Make sure you deburr the edges you filed on the ring so it cant bite into the ring lands. cleanliness is next to godliness. if u glue any of the gaskets just do one side so if you need to back up a step you dont make a gnarly mess for yourself. make sure your rods are in the correct way and your pistons arent backwards :) rod oil squirter hole towards drivers side of block (thrust side) your pistons should have an arrow or a valve relief or something blatantly obvious. for balance, inline 4 and 6’s are neutrally balanced and do not require a bobweight style balance job that v8’s do. To do rods properly you should make a fixture to weigh the small end and big end of the rods and match them that way. If your not revving it much more than the stock limit its probably good enough for your first one in my opinion though.
  13. cool to see these pistons, i was contemplating these for the next engine i want to build, lz24
  14. weld the diff so you dont get stuck on a rock doing a 1 tire fire. make some strut hat spacers to give it a "lift kit" maybe put a snorkel on it for hitting big puddles... seal the dizzy up and the rest of the ignition.. epoxy filled coil instead of an oil filled one.... A series are tough little buggers. its probably worth it putting a skid plate on it... a winch that you can move from the front to the back probably isnt a bad idea... no one likes getting stuck. otherwise GIVER and have a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!
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