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  1. chebby orange is notoriously shitty for coverage...you also have to shake the fuckin shit out of it. from what i see i'd say you didnt shake it enough... especially with the orange you need to do thin light coats. one can should be able to do a whole engine.
  2. scooter

    Nasty ass lz23 v2

    when i have a day that nothing else is happening i'll edit the posts and migrate everything over. this is gonna be the last incarnation of this engine, im going to up the nos till it has a real big bang. i have started gathering parts for the next engine. it wont be around for a while, we will see how far this one goes.
  3. scooter

    Nasty ass lz23 v2

    i tried this out and it works! hell yes! maybe this should be stickied somewhere??
  4. scooter

    Nasty ass lz23 v2

    I havint but i will be this time, it didnt make a big bang it just melted the plugs and was killing the HG. Ran a few bottles through it this year on the 125 jets with good results. With the intake hogged out even more as of above im starting with 150 jets this season. I want to do a dyno session to get the ignition map optimised instead of just running a locked dizzy. it ran consistant 8.0 1/8th mile passes(5 speed) Its around 325 wheel on the spray right now. I know its fuckin brutal. Is there any you can reccomend? Also id have to edit all my old posts with new links ( is that even possible?) fuckin photopuke
  5. scooter

    Nasty ass lz23 v2

    more mods! ensured the intakes ported out properly, turns out i had it hourglass shaped. now you can drop a 1.5" flapwheel right through it!! 2nd nitrous kit is getting added to the bottom of the intake.. yes it fits.. barely... if you didnt notice, the carb flange is opened up further too, cause theres a set of 50's about to arrive! And finally, no more locked ignition! this is a ploy to increase average horsepower and be able to have a proper ignition map. lets get some 7.00 second et's comming!
  6. i think the pin angle is different on z31 struts
  7. i agree with mike its to tingy to be a rod and it runs too good. these things and L series are rattle traps to begin with. its in the top end.
  8. I have done the technique that mike has done as well, with good results. I used a beer can box though
  9. efi will work 800000x better when running a turbskie
  10. this stuff is becoming black art these days but you need to google modulator rings and how they work. If you call cb performance you may be able to get some info on blow through dcoe's.
  11. That is a fine example you have there. Very nice find! a lil shock/ strut work with some decent vintage jap wheels and youll have a wicked little cruiser! Id love to have another one of these just stock to putt around in.
  12. i had to figure alot of stuff out as there is not much out there for these. most guys that get these cars pull the dogleg and l20b for their 510 and squash the rest due to their stock uglyness.. with a little bumper tuck and some cutting on the rear fenders you have yourself a mini kenmeri skyline. if your car is pristine, dont cut it up as they are HARD to get nice parts for. mine was allready crusty around the fenders so I did it a favor cutting them out and putting flares on it. there is not much stock on my car anymore, ive had it pretty much completely apart so if you need some info on anything just send me a message. Also PUT PICS UP OF THIS MUTHAAAA
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