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I'm taking Jeffs membership date as being the birth of Ratsun, it's as good as any.  It was on or about the 20th that Jeff with the valuable help of his good friend Thomas, successfully got the original site up and running, and all it needed was members to populate it. Now 10 years later we have had over 23,000 people join to discuss or learn about their Datsuns or Nissans. It's an ever evolving group as old members 'move on' for whatever their reasons, and new members come aboard. Some even stayed and added to some of the almost 1.4 million posts! On average there are about 15-25 members online and several to many guests just mining for information.


So, how did Ratsun come about? Well old timers will remember the NWDE (north west Datsun enthusiasts) club who just happened to have a small website in the early 2000s. The members met every month to eat pizza and  talk Datsun, but underestimated the number of people populating their electronic site. A site that was quickly becoming inadequate for their needs.


Enter Jeff Hino. (now if my recollection isn't exact please add your comments in a post) Jeff met with the club and expressed interest in having raffles, meet ups, selling logos or anything that would provide cash flow to pay for needed up grades to the site. Well, basically the answer was... no. So Jeff said I'll just start my own, and did. His vision was a garage with friends drinking beer and working on their Datsun projects and DDs. The door was up and the light on and anyone was welcome to come up the driveway and 'shoot the shit'. Quickly old NWDE members switched over to the fresh, new, roomier 'Ratsun' site and newer member Datsun owners found it to be the premier place to be for discussions and information sharing. All about those infamous and iconic cars and trucks we so deeply love, made by Nissan, that they saw so fit to call... Datsun. 


So here we are 10 years later. Birth, first tooth and learning to walk and talk... but we made it with members just like you.


If you have an recollections about the early Ratsun or the old NWDE you want to share, post them up. In any case drop by and say Happy Birthday Ratsun


If you want to know what member number you are, just go to your profile page and look at the address at the page top. I'm.... http://.ratsun.net/user 9 -datzenmike/

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Hainz brought me to NWDE. Tdaaj brought me to Ratsun.


I was a bit apprehensive to sign up being a purest and a introvert. I think of all the lurkers who don't sign up but why would you need to when all the info is already here. All you need to do is search.


Member number 87 bitches.



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happy birthday :thumbup:  :fu:  :fu:  :fu:  :fu:  

thanks jeff for creating an awesome forum

and thanks to all the moderators and administrators who help keep it sane 

i am user # 4817

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Has it really been 10 years? :blush:


Thanks to all you guys that make this place what it is. :thumbup:

No shit, I remember meeting some of you wackos pre Ratsun at NissanFest in 06 right after I bought my 510, hard to believe it was that long ago.

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NWDE was the first Datsun site I found.  Couldn't believe there was other crazy datsun people like me out there. Was skeptical about joining Ratsun, so it took awhile to warm up to. Glad I did


Happy 10th Birthday Ratsun

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I'm a Luddite. Around '04/'05 I was told to electronically enter my work timesheet or not get paid. Ooooh a work computer, Google... nothing to do so have a lookie see, type in' Datsun', blah blah ... Bleach Garage, the 620 resource, VIDE.....

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Funny thing is people warned about this site before I even knew what it was. Who knew I would be one of the Peace Keepers around here! LOL !


It is pretty cool to meet some of you in person and figuring out that some people I have known for some time are on here already! 

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