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  1. Thanks for reachin out Ron, im gettin back to you..........
  2. treadstoneaustralia@gmail.com very fucking slow to respond. best wishes RW
  3. this song is so good it forced me to logon to Ratsun to share it.
  4. Cuz Merica version 2 ? surprised no one has started a 2nd version. not that anyone gives a fuck but y’all have my blessing to do sol
  5. Nice work on the update. I might just come back, then again....................
  6. Really Ko? I’ll get over it, though, I hope this is more a tongue in cheek statement? :)
  7. Nobody but me asked for Cuz to be shutdown Ron.. Pm me and I’m happy to provide my reasons; please leave Mike out of the equation; despite my (at times) publically and private dislike of some of his decisions, he’s acted with integrity, pragmatism, and a sense of doing the right thing, and I fully support his actions to honour, what was from me, a very humble and heartfelt request. If people are that bummed out about Cuz being locked, start your own similar thread! I’m always happy to discuss things via pm. Regards to all.
  8. I’m disappointed you said this dude. Read my pm to you please.
  9. ^^^ Well put Mike, I rest my case! It appears to me that the average American citizen just doesn’t get it. I’m at the point now (not that anyone on Ratsun will give a fuck) of doing a Smoke and disappearing. Twenty seven thousand + posts........ and still........ by everyone. Anyone who wants to converse with me; send me a pm. I’ll be asking Datsun Mike to lock this thread; anyone who wants to revive it; off you go!
  10. Thanks dude, a nice post to bring (at least) me back to Normalacy.
  11. I was at Woomera in 1988. We (along with the South Australian tactical Police) drank the Eldo hotel dry (of all its beer anyway). Very young pup I was in those days. The Murican subsidised mess on the base was a blast!
  12. Ha ha, now after calling another member our I paraphrase a quote (again). Kudos Mike. Seriously, 80? I’m nearly 52 and I’m guessing our career paths have been similar (reading between the lines). Contributing to your country, albeit in the small way we do is a good thing. Now if only Murica could get rid of their President and we could get rid of our Prime Minister. Sigh..................
  13. Fake news or is there really a divorce in the wings? http://www.canberratimes.com.au/world/melania-trump-takes-refuge-from-affair-headlines-at-palm-beach-20180331-p4z79f.html
  14. Gato. Case of beer and a good fireside chat coming his way when I hit State side again. / no homo Edit: Dudes got a bit of ticker even if he doesn’t like me, so fuck it, a vote from me.
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