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  1. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse (insert patronising sighing noise here). Did you not read one of my previous posts where I alluded to my gun ownership? I’ll answer it for you peanut brain, I own a “lot” of guns. The fact you (badly) continue to, in a rather sad, and uneducated way, (based on the strength of your retorts) denigrate my posts, where, in a Country like Straylia, I own mucho guns is quite interesting. anyway, I digress, move on you pussies! Trump has done more to destroy Murican world standing in his term than I have seen in my time alive. Peace everyone, and under President Elect Biden, here’s to a bright future for (the still former) greatest country in the world 🤣
  2. 🤣 WTF do I need an AR and drum mags for? Protection from the impending zombie hordes? No wonder Murica is in such a shit state. I still have my guns, and lots of them! I can also walk the streets "free" from the feeling some nutjob with an AR and drum mags might get it in their head to do a little shooting practice under the guise of defending "their" freedom. Las Vegas, Columbine, Sandy Hook etc, etc, etc; any of them ring a bell?
  3. If any of you get that bummed out by Biden winning, you can come and live here in the "real land of the free" (except for the state of Victoria who we dont care about because they are filthy southerners 🤣).
  4. Tempered and well written response sir. FWIW im about as close as you can legally get to a "gun nut" down here; nothing though excuses the unintentional death of a small child from an unsecured firearm.
  5. Cmon dude, you can do better than that. What do you really think?
  6. Soooooo, an elections coming up, gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed, and in certain jurisdictions, shopfronts are being boarded up in anticipation of the inevitable riots/civil unrest that will occur when Gump gets voted out. Hows it going in the land of the free Murica? Oh, and before anyone draws a tenuous link between freedom and the statewide lockdown thats just ended here, theres only two good things about the State of Victoria; Lygon Street (restuarant district) and the highway leading North out of the State.
  7. Dafuq Murica? https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/boy-3-shoots-himself-dead-with-gun-found-in-parents-bedroom/news-story/3a808562fa15653364363a9c38e72eb1
  8. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/donald-trump-incapacitated-by-covid19-drug-side-effects-law-professor-claims/news-story/b801c9f283daf2b55f725b5a24389989 Why do I get the feeling he’s been on dexamethasone since his inauguration?
  9. So the Murican prez, infected with Covid, decides he knows better than medical experts and decides to go for a ride/photo op and in the process potentially exposes numerous people to a life threatening disease. Give me a leader who (allegedly) shit himself in Maccas any day. Cue monosyllabic child abuse reference from Bananna brain in 3,2,1......................
  10. Spot on Mike. Murica has been going down the toilet since Trump took office. Over 200,000 citizens dead and lunatic rhetoric from Trump since the get go. I cant help but think Hillary would have handled this much better.
  11. Banner you cum stain, is it really you 🤣
  12. What you masturbate to you poor (in mind and in life) troubled soul is ultimately your business. The fact you feel the need to share your paedophilic fantasies with the reading audience speaks volumes about you..............🤣
  13. and as a result, 1.3 Billion Chinese are holding their breath and have their fingers crossed.
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