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  1. Zuckerberg? Is that you? Pull a little too hard, did ya?
  2. Guess it's been too long. Don't know how to post photos anymore. That's what I get.
  3. Feeding the geese is a much more productive activity. Here's your trophy. dirty-sock-on-white-background-260nw-231375844.webp
  4. Fuck soccer. Those little twerps should have been thought to beat a bone. It's like a free trophy multiple times a day.
  5. My wife sleeps on her side. Training the wang to stab in one direction. Doesn't matter. I still can't reach.
  6. I'm right handed, but pull with the left. Give yer balls a tug.
  7. Hey, now. Leave me out of this shit. Left. Right. You're all fucking nuts.
  8. Stay safe out there, ya filthy animals. Lots of gross people out here.
  9. Rest well, Dave. May your new shoes be super clowny.
  10. Logging in to pay my respects to Dave. I met Dave in 2015. Lots of small chats through the weekend of Canby. Can't say I really knew him though. So sad to lose someone so great to the community and this world. If family gets to see this, or real friends of Dave's...my family offers our best thoughts and feelings. Take care over there. Rest well, Dave.
  11. http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-620-520-521-310/brake-upgrades
  12. Probably not. G/Z have e-brake shoes inside the rotor hub area. No way to retain the e-brake and make it work. Could a bracket be made to mount a caliper and use the normal disc function? Sure. But why? That mousetrap has already been invented.
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