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  1. tdaaj

    521 part # thread

    Uh crap, just sold them last week to joel williams
  2. Damn it, i guess its been awhile since i was last here. Did you assholes miss me?

    1. datzenmike


      Were your ears warm?

    2. tdaaj


      They were a few weeks ago

    3. datzenmike


      Sounds about right....

  3. tdaaj

    521 part # thread

    Been kinda mia lately, but i do have a wiper linkage assembly available
  4. tdaaj

    521 part # thread

    Wayno i rarely check my email, best to call me and leave a voicemail
  5. Will be coming down from wa with a buffet of parts,510,521,620,720,b210,z,
  6. Thank you jose for your hospitality. I didn't get to say goodbye before we left. A good time was had for sure.
  7. I'll probably be up to my ears in Datsun parts, but I can see if my other half would be able to lend a hand. Always a great time, I know it takes alot to put something like this together and I'm always great ful for your hospitality.
  8. Back on track, hoping the passes aren't too f'd with snow
  9. Still don't have a loading place or AP for pics. So if anyone wants to steal my pics from over off the fuck book feel free please. Nice to meet alot of new faces. Good to see alot of old faces too. Even got this chicks number, she plays with handcuffs.
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