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  1. I wish I we're closer, but a cargo van rental is nearly $700+milage and then feeding it. I guess I'll have to stick with just bringing clean parts in a minivan
  2. tdaaj

    Blue Lake 2019 35 years of Datsuns

    Well if it weren't for people like Mike to bitch about an extra $5 expense all the time, Maybe canby could still be a tradition. Or maybe Mike could try to understand what all it takes to put something like this on.
  3. Had a great time, thank you again Jose for putting this together. I always enjoy this event. Mostly enjoy getting to see and interact with everyone that shows up. Currently on the road back with bananahamuck and odmanjohnson discussing philosophy and the universe in the back ground. Going to be a long nother 13 hours home.....
  4. tdaaj

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    It is isn't, I haven't been able to celebrate Xmas on Xmas in a few years, always draw that straw to work it, and sometimes forget my own birthday,. But I'm looking forward to making eagle Rock a tradition.
  5. Will be there also, 521,520,510,620,610,280,240,720 and maybe few pieces of other stuff. Curious what parts for 620's does the keeper have? Any clean sheet metal?
  6. tdaaj

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    All traditions die I suppose,
  7. tdaaj

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    I think it was the best event to date. I haven't seen that many datsuns in one spot at same time other than canby, only thing making canby better is it's a 2 day event. Could this be the next canby? Cant wait for SNOT LICK 2019!
  8. Banana hammock and I went up last night, bought a car load of goodies and bs'd with his dad till almost 2 am. There's alot of a series and Maxima drive train parts there still, most of which I don't know what I'm looking at. Rick is easy to get along with, but it did feel wierd and wrong buying Dave's stuff. I think it would make his day if someone could buy the whole lot in one swoop. He needs his space back. But it's way more stuff than I know what to do with.
  9. tdaaj

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    Haven't heard anything
  10. tdaaj

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    I'll drive the new hoopty
  11. tdaaj

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    Just say when
  12. tdaaj

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Nice wheels, glad you like them
  13. i need a brass brake line bulkhead for 521 that goes on firewall on passenger side if you have 1

    1. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      Im sure you have one in your "stash" Gene...jeez

    2. gene knight

      gene knight

      i did but i sold it when  sold my green 521

  14. tdaaj

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Heard shill bidding and eBay removed it. I'd be pissed too .

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