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  1. You know, people will discount that whole 'they did it to get Trump' theory on the grounds that it's a worldwide pandemic. What they don't take into consideration is that there has been a globalist cabal working behind the scenes to enact a one world government, probably from even before Allen Dulles and Lyndon Johnson decided to kill Kennedy. With all of the potential trillions of dollars at stake, coffin-dodging Hungarian war criminal George Soros, mandatory worldwide vaccine (with tracking ability) advocate Bill Gates, and China lab funder Fauci would hardly consider the collateral damage to eliminate what's standing in their way. A recent Coast to Coast AM guest had a good rundown on the whole situation, if you can get the Sept 21 show, by hook or by crook, give it a listen, at least the first half. One thing I regret is not stocking up on more ammo when it was reasonable. One outfit had cases of 9mm for $59. It was aluminum case CCI, but still quite reasonable, and I should have got more than two cases. Also, when Bi-Marts price on bricks of .22 went over $10, I thought, 'I'll wait until the price drops again.' Wish I had a pallet of it now.
  2. If the charge light is flickering or giving a glow when it shouldn't chances are that the brushes are worn. They're too short for the spring to make good contact with the commutator; I think I found replacement brushes listed at O'Reilys. Easy fix with a soldering iron, while it's open put some moly grease in the rear needle bearing and burnish up the commutator in the lathe.
  3. Hopefully after Trump is reelected (the dnc will of course "find" boxes of ballots after the election, but when they find about three times more ballots than eligible registered voters, that will be just too big a blag for the average person to swallow, and it will bite them in the ass), he will re-enact the HUAC, as Dr.Savage has implored him to. Then these filthy leftist ruiners like Kate and Ted can play '5150 or Treason'. Either plead to deliberately going against the state and federal constitutions, or state that you belong in the laughing academy. Either way we win. The domestic terrorist organization Antifa/BLM will be held financially liable for all of the uninsured damages caused, and all of the funding raised from sports teams and cowed businesses can go for genuine reparations. That should dry up all of their funding except for the old Hungarian coffin-dodging war criminal. The news media outlets have lost all credibility, unfortunately most people don't have the luxury of being able to take in real news, and get their snippets from CNN or the local meat puppets spouting the same old shit. That's proving difficult to counter since the "fact checkers" at the tech giants (when they aren't out smashing windows and chucking cement bottles at cops) pretty much remove anything that doesn't follow the narrative. And now cocksuckerberg has announced draconian new guidelines hitting facebook soon that will severely limit discourse that strays from the 'accepted narrative'. It would be nice if another platform came up that would challenge fb, like Parlor and Clout-hub has to Twitter. Hopefully the pendulum has swung far enough to the left, and with Queen Nancy shitting in her mess kit and the media not wholly backing her this time, it's possible we could see a recovery to sanity soon. Let's hope so.
  4. flyerdan

    rear main seal

    I generally use sockets to tap seals in, having both SAE and metric from 3.25" down pretty much covers any seal diameter. It's important to tap (not drive) them in evenly, as if it buckles going in it will be ruined.
  5. If it wasn't losing a quart every 1500 miles, I'd say dose it with moly gear additive and see if it quiets down, remarkable stuff. Since it's leaking (assume from the same rear seal that was just replaced) I'd suspect the last bearing is allowing the shaft to oscillate a tiny bit in the seal so it can't effectively seal anymore. Chances are you've already got a replacement that's ready, or can be ready to swap out, and the existing one can be yellow tagged.
  6. AOC and her shitbag cunt squad say enough egregious shit that it isn't really necessary to fabricate stuff to make them look bad. Proper memeing of their verifiable comments should realistically ensure that the only gainful employment they can secure after the next election will be on the wrong side of a glory hole.
  7. I've got a Briggs powered Snapper that I got off Freecycle about 15 years ago that I use for my main mower. Aluminium deck, rear drive, bib bag, nice mower. I use electrical tape to hold the blade bar down, quick unrap to shut down and tape it back. Guy a couple houses down brought over a Honda powered Troy Bilt that wouldn't start; quick clean of the corn gas mush from the main jet and it's on craigslist. I feed my small engines gas treated with Seafoam and MMO, that and running the ones dry that have fuel shutoffs help to alleviate carb problems.
  8. The gyrocopter is always in autorotation mode while flying, so if it lost power it would just land normally, providing you don't stall the main rotor. A lot of people auger in with fixed wings trying to extend the glide. Vancraft in Scappose made a version that was pretty popular.
  9. Here's a pretty good map with statistics that is updated in real time. Actually, with the speed of travel from one side of the world to the other, and a complete disregard for any type of screening it's a wonder that the world population hasn't been decimated many times over. It's not like it's a novel concept, Stephen King wrote about it in The Stand, and Robin Cook has had several best sellers about runaway viral outbreaks (maybe it is a novel concept after all), so it's not like the whole situation snuck up on us totally unexpected. As for the shortages, runs on masks and Costco being out of bogroll, the best rule of thumb is to stock up on all this stuff and non perishable food btshtf so you can ride it out without facing the throngs and getting gouged. Ride out the tempest, and restock gradually when things get back to normal.
  10. If there are no visible leaks and it's still losing fluid, chances are that it's being ingested by a the vac booster, the stumble at idle when pumping the brakes back this up. Pull the big vac line on the booster and smell / swab for brake fluid. If it's present, that probably means that the back seal on the master cylinder failed and is allowing fluid to pool in the vac tank. On non-boosted brake systems that leak would be on the inside of the firewall and readily noticeable.
  11. I just went out and checked my bulb drawer, I have a lot of these type bulbs from when we swapped out fuel gauge lights to 24v ones at a place I worked at. Most are GE or Toshiba 158 which are 3.4w, there are also some Westinghouse 194 in there as well, those are 4w and are probably from parting out stuff with them in the marker lights I figure they are pretty much interchangeable, and I have probably about 70 or so, a lifetime supply for me.
  12. If it was burning it, that would be about a 16:1 ratio, like a 1960 Homelite chainsaw. You'd notice it for sure.
  13. That one a couple above looks like a Goodyear Inflate a plane.
  14. Rock auto has them, I'd imagine that Autozone and Oreilly's will have them as well. I'd check, but you have to add a vehicle; at Rock you can search for anything, whether it's in your list or not. Wish the others would adopt that.
  15. flyerdan

    How to remove a bed?

    These were another case where ease of assembly completely trumped any serviceability down the road. It's been a while, but I think that I used one of those big, square shanked flathead screwdrivers to jam the ones that spun, which were all but one or two. Welding a bit of slightly thicker flatbar on them to reinstall saves trying to scrounge up replacement bolts, if they survive removal.
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