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  1. One of the biggest problems is that the left controls all of the major media, at least the low hanging fruit that most people consume. Not everyone has the luxury of listening to all five hours of Michael Berry, Armstrong and Getty, Joe Pags or the occasional Savage podcast. They'll consume whatever the local meat puppets, Clinton News Network or More Shitty Nonsense By Cunts trowels out. Or even worse, they'll get their "news" from that fugitive from evolution Stephen Colbert, a gurning cock-monkey pulling his meat before an audience of hooting, stomping troglodytes. If they would pick up the remote, page through a few submenus to Newsmax, they would be shocked, shocked I say, at what is really going on in the country.
  2. Mike, the best way to determine what to believe is what is getting fact checked and who is most loudly espousing dodgy-sounding bullshit. Assume the opposite is true and it will eventually prove out. Like all of the conspiracy theories; covid came from a lab in China, Jan 06 wasn't a planned insurrection, etc. The Babylon Bee recently announced that there is a shortage of conspiracy theories, as they all are coming true. Like all good satire, they have not only a grain of truth, but nearly always a pear of truth at the core. And Biden is the king of the reverse-Midas touch; everything that tater-headed coffin-dodger puts his filthy dick-skinners on turns into a massive pile of shit.
  3. George Soros has been buying up district attorneys around the country to expedite this culture of lawless shitbagdom that's rapidly permeating the country. If you listen to Michael Berry, you'll know that Harris county in Houston is one of the worst hit by this abomination.
  4. I've got a HF manual changer that I welded to a plate that slides over my fork extensions so it's only set up when I use it. Got a bubble balancer (not HF) at a garage sale for $15. For bead seating, I have one of the clip on air chucks with the guts out so it blows all the time. Press the tire so the bottom bead is set, connect the air and lift the tire so that the top bead will seat. You'll hear the difference, it might take a few tries, but if you're not doing it all the time it's pretty effective.
  5. Air hammers are great, Harbor Freight has one that used to show up on their coupons for as low as $8, even at their regular prices they're well worth it. Not only for driving things in and out, but if you have a puller on something so tight that you're afraid that your just about to pull the threads out, a few blasts with a dulled chisel on the hub will usually pop it loose with no damage.
  6. Oh I'm sure they'll pass it off as the only "fair and equitable way" to deal with all of the electric cars that don't pay fuel tax. To do that, all they have to do is have everyone use one of those OBD port trackers that will send gps data. Car too old to have an OBD? Don't worry, we won't confiscate it, but you won't be able to license or drive it. It's all incremental; I'm sure that if you went back to 1931 or 32 and told everyone that there would soon be a firearms act that prohibited you from mail ordering railroad surplus typewriters from an ad in Popular Mechanics, they would have said you were crazy as a man eating rat shit and calling it caviar; ain't NO ONE gonna put up with that.
  7. Here's some pics of a fully assembled unit, hope it will help. LOA is 27". There is a one inch inset on the hub end, and it appears to be welded inside all around.
  8. At one time, maybe. Now there is a house bill in the works that will make all the jiggery-pokery used with the covid excuse permanent. That means unrestricted vote by mail, no signature verification, no purging of ineligible people from the voting pool, voting after the election, etc. The Babylon Bee had a comic that said, "Dems introduce bill to change constitution that prohibits any republican being elected." That's just a bit too close to the bone.
  9. Someone was bemoaning the remake where they only arrest instead of kill the shitbag like in the old version; they also are quite unrealistic on shows like the NCIS platform where they unerringly kill shitbags armed with full autos using a handgun and never even getting a scratch from a concrete chunk ricochet. And then spending the rest of the show filling out the reams of paperwork involved in a KIA. Another pet peeve is when some woman is being chased by an armed shitbag and she manages to knock him down, then keep running. In my ideal world, I'd like to remake Sky King, so when Penny clocks an asshole with a stick of firewood and he drops his gun, instead of running away she picks it up and shoots him once in the cock and twice in the face. Then her and Clipper spend the rest of the show flying the songbird looking for a suitable arroyo to dump him in for the coyotes to feast on. As for destruction: it looks like double jeopardy is on it's way out as they are likely to keep trying Trump for shit until something sticks. They should focus on Cuomo, who was ratted out for falsifying nursing home covid deaths after he sent infected people there. He'll probably skate on that instead of being tried for being an even bigger mass murderer than H.H. Holmes.
  10. When I was growing up in Bonners Ferry I worked weekends at the airport and one of those came and stayed for a couple weeks, back in '73 or '74. They were dragging some kind of torpedo shaped magnetometer or something doing mineral surveys. Interesting ship, and and interesting crew as well.
  11. If they can keep Joe alive for two years and one day, Cameltoeia can finish his term and run for two of her own, totaling nearly ten years. If they get greedy and Allen Dulles/LBJ him before then, she'll only be able to finish his term and win one reelection. In an ideal world, one could argue that it would be a moot point, because there is no way she would win one election, much less two, but you have to remember that they are going to very likely pass that house bill that makes all the fraud that de-legitimized the last election permanent, so there will be no more free and fair elections anywhere, not just here in Oregon.
  12. Back door, hell. He's flung open the front door and knocked down part of the wall beside it. Giving China a controlling interest in the US power grid, ordering ICE to release everyone in custody and signaling the caravan hordes while plotting to disarm citizens so they won't have any defense against the swarming invasion of violent, illiterate democrat voters-to-be. You have to be a special kind of stupid to not see that this is a direct attempt to dismantle America as we know it. Obama was installed to oversee the fall of this country, typically, he failed at that as well. Biden's here to see that it gets done this time.
  13. Too bad noone teaches, or learns from history any more, that has been covered before... "Once Mme. Guillotine has had a taste of ze blood, her thirst eese not so easily quenched."
  14. Well it didn't take long for the truth in advertising to kick in, surprisingly. antifa.com now redirects to the whitehouse.
  15. Sounds like the pommy and the cartel caravan guy might be more at home over at Pricksucker McFuckface and his sloven band of fucktards All Trump Hate All The Time forum, was formed when the politics section of the tractor forum went pear shaped. Quickly overtaken by shitbags like that unfunny cunt jerrybob who thinks it's his personal blog. It was worth it for the memes until Ron gave up. Saw this on facebook the other day, how it survived I don't know. It makes a lot of sense and pretty much validated a lot of things I though given how things transpired. If it was posted previously please forgive as I tend to skip vids as I run the radio all day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIMwnLcRpgU&feature=share
  16. I also agree that A&G are a good show, they tend to look at both sides and let the merit fall where it may, which is often toward the right. Michael Berry is another good show, since Savage went to podcast only there is plenty of time for both his morning and evening shows. Coast to Coast AM is another good news source, both sides get a fair airing as long as they're civil. Don't count on seeing a fair election here again for a very long time, if ever.
  17. Don't worry, Kamala and Nancy are cooking up an exit strategy for him two years and one day into his term, much like LBJ and Allen Dulles did for John Kennedy.
  18. Hospitals get more for covid deaths.... Imagine if you will, a tire shop gets $6 to fix a flat. Someone comes along and says they will give them $39 for every flat caused by a porcupine. They also state that they will take your word for the numbers without checking the stats, and most definitely won't ask about that big fucking bucket of screws and nails between the tire machines. Also imagine that every tire shop is ran by a cabal that cares only about maximizing profits, and couldn't care less about customer service or community standing. Statistically, you'll see a marked increase in porcupine related tire failures, but surprisingly no correlating data on why we're not up to our asses in dead porcupines.
  19. Lost the country to China, Alex Trebec carks it, and Supernatural is ending. All in the first part of the month. Here in Oregon, smack, shrooms, gak and meth are legal, so expect an explosion in psychotic, violent homeless walkers. The domestic terrorists BLMAntifa will double down and expand exponentially due to police defunding and no threat of federal backup anymore. KorruptKate's never ending lockdown will continue until every small business that hasn't already fled or folded is killed. The covid grift, climate grift, will hoover up tax dollars faster than a fat girl at a Krispy Kreme buffet. The rest of the world is cheering Biden's alleged win, because they are a bunch of carnies sensing a dumb rube with a fat wallet. Little do they know that China has already purchased Joe, so they set foreign policy now.
  20. You know, people will discount that whole 'they did it to get Trump' theory on the grounds that it's a worldwide pandemic. What they don't take into consideration is that there has been a globalist cabal working behind the scenes to enact a one world government, probably from even before Allen Dulles and Lyndon Johnson decided to kill Kennedy. With all of the potential trillions of dollars at stake, coffin-dodging Hungarian war criminal George Soros, mandatory worldwide vaccine (with tracking ability) advocate Bill Gates, and China lab funder Fauci would hardly consider the collateral damage to eliminate what's standing in their way. A recent Coast to Coast AM guest had a good rundown on the whole situation, if you can get the Sept 21 show, by hook or by crook, give it a listen, at least the first half. One thing I regret is not stocking up on more ammo when it was reasonable. One outfit had cases of 9mm for $59. It was aluminum case CCI, but still quite reasonable, and I should have got more than two cases. Also, when Bi-Marts price on bricks of .22 went over $10, I thought, 'I'll wait until the price drops again.' Wish I had a pallet of it now.
  21. If the charge light is flickering or giving a glow when it shouldn't chances are that the brushes are worn. They're too short for the spring to make good contact with the commutator; I think I found replacement brushes listed at O'Reilys. Easy fix with a soldering iron, while it's open put some moly grease in the rear needle bearing and burnish up the commutator in the lathe.
  22. Hopefully after Trump is reelected (the dnc will of course "find" boxes of ballots after the election, but when they find about three times more ballots than eligible registered voters, that will be just too big a blag for the average person to swallow, and it will bite them in the ass), he will re-enact the HUAC, as Dr.Savage has implored him to. Then these filthy leftist ruiners like Kate and Ted can play '5150 or Treason'. Either plead to deliberately going against the state and federal constitutions, or state that you belong in the laughing academy. Either way we win. The domestic terrorist organization Antifa/BLM will be held financially liable for all of the uninsured damages caused, and all of the funding raised from sports teams and cowed businesses can go for genuine reparations. That should dry up all of their funding except for the old Hungarian coffin-dodging war criminal. The news media outlets have lost all credibility, unfortunately most people don't have the luxury of being able to take in real news, and get their snippets from CNN or the local meat puppets spouting the same old shit. That's proving difficult to counter since the "fact checkers" at the tech giants (when they aren't out smashing windows and chucking cement bottles at cops) pretty much remove anything that doesn't follow the narrative. And now cocksuckerberg has announced draconian new guidelines hitting facebook soon that will severely limit discourse that strays from the 'accepted narrative'. It would be nice if another platform came up that would challenge fb, like Parlor and Clout-hub has to Twitter. Hopefully the pendulum has swung far enough to the left, and with Queen Nancy shitting in her mess kit and the media not wholly backing her this time, it's possible we could see a recovery to sanity soon. Let's hope so.
  23. flyerdan

    rear main seal

    I generally use sockets to tap seals in, having both SAE and metric from 3.25" down pretty much covers any seal diameter. It's important to tap (not drive) them in evenly, as if it buckles going in it will be ruined.
  24. If it wasn't losing a quart every 1500 miles, I'd say dose it with moly gear additive and see if it quiets down, remarkable stuff. Since it's leaking (assume from the same rear seal that was just replaced) I'd suspect the last bearing is allowing the shaft to oscillate a tiny bit in the seal so it can't effectively seal anymore. Chances are you've already got a replacement that's ready, or can be ready to swap out, and the existing one can be yellow tagged.
  25. AOC and her shitbag cunt squad say enough egregious shit that it isn't really necessary to fabricate stuff to make them look bad. Proper memeing of their verifiable comments should realistically ensure that the only gainful employment they can secure after the next election will be on the wrong side of a glory hole.
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