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  1. I never asked you to change your mind Mike, only to examine the answers you have about the other side.
  2. What is so outrageous about the point I'm making? Is it that your side's propaganda is true and the other side's is a lie. Grow up FFS. BOTH SIDES ARE BRAIN FUCKING YOU!!! Get it!
  3. Fear based propaganda and conditioned beliefs from the right Mike. The same fear based propaganda is conditioning the left to see your ideas as a threat. Vids below. You can either have the courage to check the validity of your "answers", or you can "willingly and blindly stick a bit in your mouths and giddy up go horse! Lao Tsu 500 BC "The more answers I have, the less I understand" What answers do you have that keep you from seeing what's right in front of you?
  4. FUCK the propaganda! Look past all the programming and it's clear, we are good people with more in common regardless of our political beliefs. I'm sick of rowing in right or left circles for 4 years at a time. Why not put BOTH ores in the water and get somewhere like the good old days.
  5. Rhetorical position, not literal. If your focus was from a pro Trump position, you may see what you want to see. The vid of Biden taking picts with his supporters is a perfect illustration of what the right has been conditioned to believe about the other. Come on guys get real. How is what they've been conditioned to see any different than this? You've been played by your party to see things the way they want you to.
  6. Holy F'n Christ everyone!!! The anti-American liberal socialist pedophiles hatched a nation wide conspiracy that overturned our victory with a rigged election. Sounds like the same butt hurt MSM hyperbolic catastrophism from the other side 4 years ago. This egocentric binary demonization of the other shit is what's caused (past tense) the destruction of America. Our strength and unity made weak through our own insecurity. I may not identify with or respect Trump as a human, but he accomplished what he said he would and I give him credit for that. Neither Conservatives or Liberals are evil, you
  7. That's actually a wive's tale. It's waving a sand wedge that's a killer.
  8. Cajon Zone zrex. I work in a psychiatric hospital where there's no shortage of business thanks to CV-19. Every time I turn around there's another F'n rollout of new safety protocols from the Joint Commission requiring one brain numbing Zoom meeting after another. No longer use this procedure for that, new intake patients through this area only if told to do so by the noc supervisor and not the day supervisor !*&*! F me already, I just want'a take this bitch ass mask off so I can breath. Got my first vacs shot a couple weeks ago though, and going for the second next week... so I can feel l
  9. Looks kinda like the Oompa Loompa on the left had a stroke, or maybe his right eye is gravity intolerant.
  10. Why shouldn't I UNside as independent and do my own thinking? Or is it safer to twist that simple educational morsel into a BS pretzel to it sound like an attempt to "dethrone the 2 party system". I don't eco what you think so you smugly suggest I should probably stay out of the YOUR knowledgable political conversation? It was you who referred to Washington as a throne, not me. I'll repeat the same damn message, Instead of devouring a political party's chicken feed propaganda and thinking I'm being educated with facts, I'd rather take a minute to check what's in those praty feede
  11. So you both think politicians actually gain political power because of your vote? Wake up and smell the money guys. is't that what politicians are always being for so they can buy your attention? Or is that only what the other side does? Check your email and see for yourself. Money has and always will = power not matter what ideological widow dressing they put on it. So if you don't give a fuck who sides with you, why do you cough up all that bird seed? What makes you think if I'm registered independent I have to vote for independent party candidate? I have th
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