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  1. paradime


    Convertible 510 is like your wife farting during sex, you just kinda lose your enthusiasm.
  2. paradime


    Good thing he's not in a hurry to sell, cuz he's gonna wait a while.
  3. This is not a disco music video as the name would imply. This is a compilation of awesome fast edit video clips set to music that happens to be a disco era song with an iconic four note riff.
  4. Wow, Beautiful 200SX you got there Leaf. In that good of shape, it's got to be a rare find up there in MN. Dropping it a bit lower and a set of KYBs you'll be able to toss it around pretty good. Bravo!
  5. Cool to see so many dimes running in an event that's not sponsored by UFO. Good stuff.
  6. Yes, I have 15X7 +22 with 205 50 rear 195 50 front, although depending on the tire size you may need to roll the inner fender lip in the rear.
  7. Lowering the front 1 1/2" you're fairly safe, but any more you'll need bump steer spacers. Also. lowering the rear changes it's camber and toe. You may get away with an inch or so, but further you'll need to correct for that change. "Slotting" is easiest and most common solution. I'm on ZX strut Techno Toy Tuning stage 2 adjustable coil overs Willwood big brake kit T3 camber/caster plates Enkei Compe 15X7 22+ offset with 205/50 R15 fits rear by rolling the inner fender lip Take note: With sticky 8" tires you'll find the steering becomes very heavy witch exacerbates issues with the sloppy steering box. I would add a T3 steering brace. Not perfect but helps.
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