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  1. paradime

    What are you listening to???

    Follow along with John Coltrane... WTF 🤔
  2. paradime

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Peter, man you nailed the proportions and geometry. So damn pleasing to the eye when it's done right. Are you going early retro with white walls or modern? Although you likely know them already, Coker makes a great looking modern radial Whitewall with retro style tread pattern. https://www.throttleaddiction.com/coker-beck-motorcycle-tire-2-whitewall-5-00-x-16/ BTW, Your welds on that Voodoo Vintage are intimidating. I've never seen a stack of dimes that small. 😜🤘 Godspeed on your trip, looking forward to the next update.
  3. Members Then☝️ Members Now👇
  4. paradime

    What are you listening to???

    Fantastic window looking at what kind of insane talent studio musicians have and what they lend to a soundtrack. Also features my favorite drummer of all time, Bernard Purdie.
  5. Sounds like you just picked yourself up off the side of the road with your elevator bones and your whip-flash tones. Cuz that's where it's at.
  6. paradime

    ParaDime Project

    Hell. with the right cam and enough boost, you should make 400hp, no sweat. I'm still lumbering around on the stock cam. Really looking forward to seeing what It will make on 85% E. Should be spooky.
  7. This guy wipes out system 32 on an entire IT scammer's network. You'll love 5:50 on. This guy is my hero.
  8. paradime

    ParaDime Project

    Been a long time coming but my Bro Ken finally swapped out the 3071r for a gen2 disco potato Garrett 2867 T3 .63 AR. We did everything we could short of nitrus to wake that 3071 up a bit earlier, but it was like beating a dead horse. Or at least like trying to make a thoroughbred into a quarter horse. Portland Speed Industries just finished tuning and the result.... WTF didn't we do this earlier? From what Ken describes, it's a totally different car. Comes on to positive boost at 2600 rpm and has instant eager throttle response. On pump gas it was making 223 whp and 179ft lb at 6500rpm with 16psi on the 3071. Now it's making 300.42 whp and 241.42 ft lb at 6500 rpm on 20psi. Using the Link download flex fuel clacs adjusting air fuel ratio and a bit more timing advance it made 37 more hp on a 47% ethanol blend. Real e85 is hard to come by during winter. I can't wait to get up there on the 23rd and feel it for myself.
  9. You can also go into settings and adjust the font size independent from any screen magnification. On a mac it's in Accessibility, and key stroke for font adjust is [shift cont, + or -]

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