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  1. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    My mistake, break cleaner, not fluid.
  2. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Parts List Great Googley Moogley them parts is pretty
  3. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Yeah I know, hard to believe right. After some social media bashing we let them know we weren't going to back out without causing them damage. There is also an agency called the Japanese Company Trust Organization that we filed an investigation with. Eventually they started to take us seriously and from there it was a matter of continuous pressure.
  4. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    So far, the crank has been modified to a flat oil pump drive, balanced and polished, the block has been decked, line board and oil passages flushed with break fluid. Rods and pistons weight balanced, The head is being built at another machine shop and yet to be married to the block. Oil pump drive before New oil pump drive Enlarged oil passages
  5. paradime

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    The car is an absolute BEAST, acceleration, handling, and breaks are ridiculous, and you can't stop anywhere without drawing a crowd. Everything you'd expect an R32 would be on American streets until... This At freeway speed it threw a rod bearing that ate the crank and scattered shavings everywhere. Once the engine was torn down it was revealed the rod bolt was not torqued properly, one fell completely and the other was finger tight. It also revealed the cams were stock, and the ports had not been touched. Needless to say we brought everything we had to pursue a cash settlement and after a few "tense" email exchanges we got the importer to cover 50% of the cost to rebuild the engine to it's as advertised condition. Instead of hobbling it back together, my brother decided to use this as an opportunity to build a serious Monster, but reliable enough to drive anywhere. Right now there are components scattered all over the country, The chassis is in Oregon getting buttoned up, the engine is in Seattle being built up with top end internals, the transmission is in Ohio getting all OS Giken gear and rod sets, and when it's all back together it will be tuned in Arizona. The goal is a super reliable 600hp with all the proper running gear to handle it.
  6. About 6 months ago, my brother imported a 1992 R32 Skyline GT-R that had some work done to it.
  7. Ruined? No sir, I simply added a new dimension. WWF nose slam... Look it up.
  8. And now, for the knock out blow...
  9. paradime

    620 Land Speed Record

    Damn, I forgot you were talking about a carberator for a miniute there. Git'n all hot and bothered.
  10. paradime

    620 Land Speed Record

    His soiled non sequiturs.
  11. paradime

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Mccuistion, Don't forget that 330 lbs is with all the turbo hardware. Stats with all the AC, alternator, intake and exhaust hardware, but without transmissionCA18ET 260 lbs QR25DE 267 lbsCA18DET 282 lbsSR20DE 306 lbsSR20DET 328 lbsKA24DE 372 lbs
  12. paradime

    Datsun Billet Group buy interest?

    You earned it bro! Now you can take a vacation from your hobbies any time you want. Raise a beer for me once and a while. 👽
  13. I have family in Iowa and get the same repots. Be safe man, that shit is no joke.

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