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  1. Never underestimate the stupidity of the driver in front of you, no matter what State their license plate is from. Sorry to hear you lost your favorite old needy friend.
  2. With an electric power train there is no "trans", it's direct drive. Fitment of the motor and batteries is a no-brainer, it's making it run that requires serious brains and very specific knowledge of very high current DC motors and multi cell battery arrays. To make a Tesla drivetrain work in a Dat you'd need to either reprogram the entire management system or incorporate all the model 3's electronic sensors, recalibrate all the traction control, recuperative braking, battery cooling, and battery discharge for a different chassis, weight, wheel size, etc, etc. It would be easier to design your own system from the ground up like John Wayland was doing 10 years ago with his 10 sec 1/4 mile White Zombie. https://jalopnik.com/electric-72-datsun-smokes-nissan-gt-r-with-10-second-qu-5605301
  3. Happy Friday Y'all !!! Have a great weekend and Xmas while you're at it. Theme song for serving the holidays. Tip one for the Rat. 🕺
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