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  1. icehouse is right, 510s are light, so an upgraded R160 will handle 200+ hp. Also agree the VLSD is a POS. If you'r upgrading to CVs there are options for a 3.90 ratio. The DriveShaftShop makes a CV kit with 27 spline stubs for modern Subaru diffs built in. The 2004 and 2005 Subaru STI R180 have a mechanical LSD with 3.90 ratio. That's what I'm running in my SR swopped 510 with 375 RWHP. Cruising at 65 mph its spinning about 2700 rpm. The 2008+ Subaru STI R180 is also 3.90 with Torsen LSD. Might be an expensive bit of overkill, but it's easy install with total confidence. My $.02 worth anyway.
  2. Exploring common mistaken sightings has validity, no? Working under the 510 when a "Beamer guy" gave a complement on our nice 2002 ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. This shit happens,
  3. Damn, it was the TransAm Volvo 122S that had the solid axle! OK from now on I'll edit that part from my Fuck BMW tantrums, but my SR20 510 is faster then my brother's M5, ๐Ÿคจ so still Fuck BMW. ๐Ÿ˜
  4. I've always been fascinated by the sport compact sedan design similarities between the Cortina, Lada, Fiat 124, BMW 2002/E21 - E 30, and of course the 510. Although it's said that Pininfarina is the river that runs through this classic 3 box design, out of all these European cars, none came from the Pinin studio. In fact, only the Prince/Nissan/Datsun 410 and 510 were designed with Pininfarina's help. I always bristle when some ignorant schnook calls 510s the poor man's BMW. You'll note that the 510 (with semi tracing arm IRS) stomped the (solid live rear axle) BMW 2002, and beat Europe in the 2.4 TranAm manufacturers championship 2 years running in 71' and 72'. BMW worked for 4 years, then introduced the e21 320i. Notice Bavaria took the 510's four headlight grill and made it their iconic trademark look. They copied the 510's IRS as well. Also notable was the "refreshed" 75' 2002 that dropped the pouty round tail lights for a more aggressive rectangular lens, much like the 510's So in all reality, the BMW was actually the slower man's 510. in 1982, my L20 510 auto-X car slapped the sauerkraut out of the all new 320i. Nuff said. .
  5. Seriously, the kid in me wants to play at his house.
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