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  1. I put my watch on upside down once and lived an entire day in an alternate now. Pretty much the same as the usual now, but with longer coffee breaks.
  2. A lot's happened over the last 5 months but I'll go sparingly on the gory soap opera details on how it went down and stick to the what went down instead. Ken was ready to walk away from the whole thing, but over time we pieced together a path forward that made sense and everything seemed to fall in place like it was meant to be. A warm hole opened in the fabric of time space continuum and out of thin air new OEM RB26 head casings showed up on eBay for $800, and then new blocks for $1,300... WTF right? Turns out, Nissan Performance Division is putting the RB26 back into production https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a26985019/nissan-syline-gt-r-rb26-engine-restarts-production/ and we got some of the first castings shipped to the states. Since then the price has nearly doubled and they're backlogged 6 months. Nice bit of good fortune, but then the builder and machine shop that build the RB that took a shit said they'd put a new engine together for the price of parts and no charge for labor. Ken's got a better engine for a fraction of the first one. Erring on the side of caution we replaced all the internals and resurfaced and balanced the crank. We also replaced all the valves with Supertech sodium filled exhaust valves made of Inconel/Nimonic alloy, and EV8 (21-4N) stainless steel intake valves. Remember this? Now On it's way back to Portland this weekend where the car is waiting.
  3. paradime

    Matt's 521

    Maybe they don't have much open land where dp lives, but Barter Town was a fictional post apocalyptic trading outpost that ran on blood sport and pig farts. That sounds like Newark NJ.
  4. paradime

    Matt's 521

    Carpentaria is a place I would live for sure. Surfed there a few times as a kid, and my wife and I used to camp with our Westfalia at a site right on the beach. Chill little town.
  5. paradime

    Matt's 521

    5 ACRES near Santa Barbara!?! Your Mom is sitting on a pile of gold! Screw all that putting rent in someone else pocket. I don't know the whole dynamic but if you can, why not bang yourself up a house there. Tons of cheap alternative options. BTW Bro, your truck makes me drool.
  6. Found a new theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qQSW2p1IvE
  7. Old Yeller SR 510 all tidied up
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