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  1. paradime

    Datsun 510 race engine

    I don't think there is such a thing as an overhead roller cam. On a roller rocker the small roller is what makes contact over the top of the valve stem and shouldn't affect cam geometry at all. It eliminates side load on the stem and reduces wear.
  2. paradime

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    That noise is external and at a certain rpm at 0:08 you can hear the distinct slight ringing sound of stamped metal, not the deep nock of a bent or broken crank at all. If removing the V bolt stops it, that's pretty much case closed. I say break out the big hammer and get to work.
  3. paradime

    Datsun 510 race engine

    Barona I'm guessing. Opened 5 years after I left SD, so I've never seen it. I spent a lot of time at Speedway 117 Otay Mesa, Del Mar, El Cajon, and Carlsbad back in the day. All of them gone now. Damn glad you guys are carrying on the good fight. Doing it in a dime... Oh Hell Yeah. I raced 125cc motocross at 117 and Carlsbad, and autocrossed my 510 at Jack Murphy back in the early 80s. Best time of my life.
  4. paradime

    Datsun 510 race engine

    Go to Rebello racing website and look at their parts list. Adding displacement isn't a function of simply using longer rods. "Stroking" the crank means the crank gives a longer throw of the rod and piston. Aside from a good quality header and free flowing intake manifold, HP on an L comes from head work; porting, bigger valves, and cam. A specific lift and duration should be matched with your needs, compression, carberation, high revving short crank or a low revving stroked, all of these things relate to what's the best cam lift and duration for your application. Z24 is a stout motor with big torque, but it's low revving. Throw enough money at an L20 and you'll get it to 2.3L and wind up to 9K rmp. With side drafts they're making 240hp, not sure what the Holly will do. Do some research, you have a ways to go before these questions can really be answered
  5. paradime


    Search under the kick name "goon" and wagon and you'll find threads for all kinds of stuff. Specifically GOONS check in is such a thread you can ask questions in. Also on a site called the510realm there's loads of very specific info.
  6. paradime

    Ongoing Oil Leak

    Sounds like the rear crank seal. Clean everything up back there then separate the engine from the tranny a bit and feel around inside the bellhousing. If there's oil in there you'll know why.
  7. paradime


    Holy frejoles I love the tucked front bumper. That looks awesome. One thing you need to be aware of is that Mexican spec sedan has a straight rear axle and not the trailing arm independent rear suspension the US model has. If you want ideas on how to improve that suspension (brakes, lowering, limited slip differential, etc) check out what the 510 wagon guys are doing here. The US spec 510 wagon has the same leaf spring setup as yours. Welcome to the loony bin Tex. šŸ˜œšŸ‘
  8. Newbies these days. Sometimes I just don't know if they're an agents of chaos, or in need of more help than I can offer.
  9. Okay, so do it and tell us what happens.
  10. paradime

    pic of your dime

  11. I believe I've discovered the emergence of a social psychology phenomenon in the modern workplace. It appears that when employees really know their shit there is an inverse relationship where someone as dumb as a bag of rocks is put in charge. Conversely, when you have brain fart employees, someone very bright is put in charge. Is this an evolutionary form of social groups naturally seeking some intellectual yin and yang balance, or is it some cultural generational feedback loop where the nihilistic rebel against authority X generation spon the physically isolated social media enabled self centerist Y generation? This is what happens when I run out of weed on a weekend.
  12. paradime

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    As with any question asked on Ratsun, once it's been answered within a reasonable point of finality it devolves into arguments on the periphery. There's nothing of substance left to add, so here we are. BTW Matt, glad your family was OK, but if your brother's Subi had a roll cage, the shoothy wouldn't have spilled. :op
  13. paradime

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Okay now, lets not spin off into hyperbole. Sure a Cusco roll cage is not the same as a professionally built diagonally reinforced 6 point cage, but come on. Very few modern cars are designed to truly withstand a high speed rollover. Why do you think roll cages are standard safety equipment required on nearly all manufacturer race cars? Put it this way, for a car to receive a Good (witch is the highest) rollover rating it must withstand a strength ratio of 4X the weight of the car or above. Sounds impressive but a 30 miles per hour collision exerts nearly 30 gā€™s of force. Granted that energy is rapidly absorbed by collapsing metal, but there is only a few inches of space between the roof and your head. Will a cusco roll cage pass a safety inspection for SCCA sanctioned GT racing? No, but I'd rather have it there on a track day at Buttonwood. One thing for sure, the chassis on modern cars are far more rigid than a 4 door 510's. šŸ¤” My advice for vetteguy, build yourself a track car with the 510 and get your wife and grandkids a Subaru wagon with a Cusco roll cage. šŸ˜†
  14. paradime

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Anyone driving on the street with a roll cage should also have real race seats and USE a 5 point harness. Cage or no cage, if safety is of any concern, you shouldn't be driving a 510 in the first place. It's outweighed by everything else on the road by 1500lbs. because it has no modern safety equipment whatsoever. You assume some risk driving a classic Japanese import car vs a modern car, but not driving a Datsun is a life not worth living.
  15. Reminds me of this band.

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