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  1. There in the Mid West your money'll go much further for living space, and your kids will likely get a richer experience growing up. I have kinfolk in Iowa and visited them for Christmas once. They had what they call an Arctic jet stream, and it got down to -33ºf. Coming from SD I had no idea winter could do that. Great people, but F'n place gives cold a bad name. Bring a jacket. 🎎
  2. Funny Joke: Wax straws should be outlawed, because when I use a rolled up $100 bill my coke taste much better. Ha ha ha Ridiculous joke: Better ideas for the drug addicted ? Get them sobered up and put them in jail for awhile if they commit crimes. LMFAO Seriously: The US has over 14,800 public and private substance abuse facilities sobering up the addicted, and even the worst addiction plagued cities have police enforcing the law. It's not denying the problem exists for cities to provide clean needles and a safe place to shoot up. It's designed to get that shit off t
  3. Bummer Matt, With your children learning remotely and sheltering in place at home due to CV-19, you have extenuating circumstances that supersede cause for termination due to a noise complaint, and without written warning it's a moot point. If it's a duplex and the owner lives below you, trying to fight this you're pretty much bent over his barrel (so to speak). If it's not owner occupied and it's just the landlord's office, without "just cause" for eviction your landlord is in violation of state law. “No fault” termination of tenancy is only allowed when the property
  4. Banned? I don't know what you guys are using in SD, but we'er still "drinking" coke through straws up here. As far as political soda straws go, clearly you see it as Dems don't do the same good things you do, and that you treat them the way you want to be treated... Just say'n, insight starts by checking our own shit, cuz trust me bro, mine stinks and so does yours. Here's a little common sense, the Harm Reduction public policies you describe were created in Holland. Even when it started working the Western mindset around DRUGS mocked it as ignorant progressive coddling of destruct
  5. I think you might be viewing this through a narrow political soda straw. In the 33 years I've lived in the Bay Area there's ALWAYS been a homeless population, and every time the economy heats up, that population grows. I think you've lost sight on the reason it's so expensive here; cuz them crazy "socialists" free thinking types are some of the most successful capitalists on the planet. Have I prospered from that economic success? yes I have. Do I think bat shit nuts Dems have a distorted sense of reality, and how to "affectively" address things like homelessness? Abso-F'n-lutely,
  6. That's right John, it used to be very nice here then all the fat lesbian Dems fucked it up. You're obviously wide awake and well informed.
  7. Why do if feel like I'm being asked to pull your finger? I don't know what key belongs to Woods, maybe you should ask Charles Gordon Howell III that question.
  8. Yes, the dots illustrate the point I was making to refute the assertion that Cali & Tex's sifting seats actually mattered to either party. I think what people in California are trying to escape is having to spend more than half their income for a rat shit tiny place to live; which is a product of supply vs demand and this state's crazy success with that whole free market capitalism thing. When I was a kid my dad worked as a welder, and our house half way up into Mission Hills had a view from down town SD to Point Loma. When I was about 10, Pete Willson (R) issued building permi
  9. Tex vs Cali BS is and always has been a pork sword ego posturing distraction. Perspective on what constitutes "Great news", California is FINALLY recovering from overpopulation! Keep up the good work Texas. Adding or losing a congressional seat in a state does not necessarily equate to a political advantage. The demographic of Texas booming population over the past 10 years has been predominately in blue districts and communities of color. It's also how the traditionally red state of TX is growing itself into becoming a swing state. Shifts in Congressional seats really
  10. It's F'ed up no matter how you slice it. Any form of welfare assistance has a way of creating dependance rather than enabling independence. Reminds me of the adage "Give the man a fish vs teach the man to fish", but throw in drug addiction, mental illness, the pandemic's effect on certain segments of the job market, forces behind limited housing and that adage is just a donkey fart in a list storm. Urban homelessness isn't a new phenomenon, but the people in those tents are society's canary in the coal mine. There but the grace of God.
  11. paradime

    Ratson Rod

    I like that you didn't share your vision up front, because it's much more interesting watching it come together as you work. No drama, no ego boosting, just solutions and progress. Much appreciated Tim, this thread has been a valuable learning experience, and I'm already looking forward to seeing the next step.
  12. Confirmation bias Social media echo chamber Willful ignorance Nietzsche- "Sometimes people don't want to know themselves, because they don't want their illusions destroyed." Oh but it's the other guy's "ignorance" that is the destruction of america blah blah blah blah A COUNTRY WITHOUT INSIGHT IS THE INSTRUMENT OF IT'S OWN DISTRUCTION
  13. ^ This! ^ Oh how we covet what we don't have. A bigger shop has a way of getting filled with more stuff. It's a sickness. Looks like you're doing some pretty amazing things with the space you have though. So glad to see another bastardized project fell into the right hands. You're doing Datsun proud. As for those boogered up rear springs. Take it from an 80s era 510 guy, car modification was heavily influence by huge amounts of cocaine and really bad hear. I'm also a 10 year SR20DET 510 veteran, and although mine is well sorted and making more power than I know
  14. He does own that black metallic R32 Skyline and that yellow & black 510 is my car. His GT-R is in SoCal having some work done right now.
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