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  1. Well the announcers were British, so...
  2. Sean Basset's 1000hp 240Z was the first car up the hill at Pikes Peak this year. Cuz Datsun
  3. Little help with an SR swapped 510 with fuel pump issues. The car's with my brother in Ashland so I've been helping by phone. We're running the car on a Link stand alone ECU and a Wiring Specialties harness. Normally when the key is switched on the 2 pumps (run in parallel) fire up, run until the fuel system is pressurized, and then shuts off. Intermittently when the key is switched on the electrical system powers up but the pumps doesn't fire up. It acts like a lose connection, but he's checked the wiring connections, fuse, relay, pumps, but nothing found. Any advice I can pass on?
  4. Solid engine. Even with all the holes in it that 6 cylinder still idles pretty smooth.
  5. Are you sure? The guys in the shop said all we needed were motor mounts and a little trim on the shifter opening.
  6. Okay WTF happened to pop Music? Maybe it's because I'm just an old fart, but I think today's rerpetitive over produced autotune crap is popular because the kids are dull witted by design. It might be a reflection of an overall lack of education in art appreciation, or America's engineered intellectual decline. Rather than provoking critical thinking by supporting creative expression, now the industry profits from a simplistic cult of personality that maintains the easy target of consumer ignorance. Reflecting on the book Dune, for truly great music to happen, the spice must flow.
  7. Damn, I wish I knew it was you I was chatting with. It would be an absolute blast to roll in with your crew. We'd be joining you guys from Ashland, so let's coordinate. BTW, thanks for the flattering complement on the car. It's taken my brother and I over a decade to get it to where it's at, and I still see a long list of details to work on. It's easier just to accept that it'll never be finished. Looking forward to seeing you next year.
  8. Soggy bottom Bros
  9. Booked my flight to Portland Thur evening+ My Bro's bringing the 510 up from Ashland Fri+ My Sis is bringing my nephews Sat= 5 of my family members in one place. I predict jrock will not be missed.
  10. There in the Mid West your money'll go much further for living space, and your kids will likely get a richer experience growing up. I have kinfolk in Iowa and visited them for Christmas once. They had what they call an Arctic jet stream, and it got down to -33ºf. Coming from SD I had no idea winter could do that. Great people, but F'n place gives cold a bad name. Bring a jacket. 🎎
  11. Funny Joke: Wax straws should be outlawed, because when I use a rolled up $100 bill my coke taste much better. Ha ha ha Ridiculous joke: Better ideas for the drug addicted ? Get them sobered up and put them in jail for awhile if they commit crimes. LMFAO Seriously: The US has over 14,800 public and private substance abuse facilities sobering up the addicted, and even the worst addiction plagued cities have police enforcing the law. It's not denying the problem exists for cities to provide clean needles and a safe place to shoot up. It's designed to get that shit off the street, and reduce the expense of not addressing the greater problems that addicts hiding in corners and using dirty needles creates. That way cities can direct more resources to programs designed to sober them up. Simple: The goal of Harm Reduction is in its title. The goal of substance abuse facilities is to sober them up.
  12. Bummer Matt, With your children learning remotely and sheltering in place at home due to CV-19, you have extenuating circumstances that supersede cause for termination due to a noise complaint, and without written warning it's a moot point. If it's a duplex and the owner lives below you, trying to fight this you're pretty much bent over his barrel (so to speak). If it's not owner occupied and it's just the landlord's office, without "just cause" for eviction your landlord is in violation of state law. “No fault” termination of tenancy is only allowed when the property becomes owner occupied, the unit is withdrawn from the rental market, substantial remodeling, and compliance with government order to vacate the property. Even if they finagle their way around it, the landlord has to pay you one month’s rent in relocation assistance. In addition, Dec 2020 Santa Barbara passed an ordinance mandating the landlord pay an additional 2 months relocation assistance if they evict you without just cause. If the landlord doesn't provide this information and pay that money within 15 days of notification, you get to wack his pee pee in court. https://www.santabarbaraca.gov/services/home/rhm/rights.asp Sometimes what looks like shit is actually the lubricant of opportunity. Best of luck, on what ever pass you take.
  13. Banned? I don't know what you guys are using in SD, but we'er still "drinking" coke through straws up here. As far as political soda straws go, clearly you see it as Dems don't do the same good things you do, and that you treat them the way you want to be treated... Just say'n, insight starts by checking our own shit, cuz trust me bro, mine stinks and so does yours. Here's a little common sense, the Harm Reduction public policies you describe were created in Holland. Even when it started working the Western mindset around DRUGS mocked it as ignorant progressive coddling of destructive criminal behavior. Today Harm Reduction policies have been adopted by almost every urban city in America plagued by rocketing opioid addiction. Why? It turns out, not dealing with transmitted diseases associated with sharing dirty needles was ignorant. Also turns out, junkies hiding to shoot up repeatedly OD'ed and wound up in a hospital bed or in jail which is a huge stressor on a city's emergency health & safety systems their court system, and costs a multitude X more than providing a safe place to reduce the harm. Is it a perfect solution? No, but we've tried waging a War On Drugs, Just Say No, Zero Tolerance, 3 Stroke for drug use/possession, stigmatized it, and blamed the problem on the addict's weak character, rather than talking openly and educating the public. I'm all about people taking responsibility for your actions, but where did these drug policies get us? Better ideas?
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