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  1. Seriously this WTF happened to journalistic integrity in this country? Seems like the more F'ed up the world gets the more folks retreat to escapism or self affirming feedback loops. Our commercial "news media" revolves around ratings and their ability to sell advertising for profit. If people actually wanted to be informed with objective facts, the crap we're being fed wouldn't be profitable. So it's give'm what they want for the all mighty $$$$ and everybody's blissfully ignorant in a taylormade subjective reality.
  2. The lack of insight in American politics is nothing short of astonishing. Still blows my mind how perfectly intelligent people believe that ignoring their own shit is a sign of integrity. You can smell the anxiety mount during the run up to an election. Finger pointers start flocking together like parakeets to cackle and regurgitate their party's propaganda bird seed. Jesus f'n H Christ pretty polly, stop your ridiculous political bulimia and try checking what's in YOUR own feeder bowl for once. While you're so damn busy enabling a rigged game you've failed to notice your loyal complacence is being used against US. If you're blaming someone else, you're contributing to the destruction of America. Ask not what they're doing to your country....
  3. 30 years ago when the city was cheep run down and full of creative energy, my wife and I lived in a San Francisco neighborhood called North Beach/Telegraph Hill. Tiny narrow ass streets with small 2-4 unit apartment buildings stack one next to the other with bars, shops and restaurants on the bottom floor, and all of it built before cars existed. If they were dumb enough to drive there to visit, some times friends would drive around for as much as 20-30 minutes looking for a damn parking spot. Last we checked that little 700 sq ft one bed room apt we had was renting for $3,200 a month. Now that working from home looks like the new normal and you can work basically anywhere with an internet connection all the stressed out twitchy bastards are getting the F out while the get'n is good. Same with LA, Chicago, NY, Boston, Phili, etc, etc. Ready or not, here they come.
  4. To quote a friend, Sweat "Jesus titty-fucking Christ" am I sick of all the name calling, fear mongering, and jacked up irrational fruit loop conspiracy theories of the "other side's" evil agenda. Both Trump and Biden are accomplished men and deserve respect as such. Who ever gets elected to lead our divided county through these dark times, I prey he will do what's best for all of US. I pray that in this darkness he has the courage to move this country forward with convection and absolute integrity as his guid, so he can place that rumpled up 80 yr old dick of his in a light socket until he lights up like a Christmas tree and drops dead. Oh, and please dear God, preserve just enough of this President's cognitive emotional acuity to remembers and use his Costco sized jar of Viagra to help him accomplish his last noble act. Ahmen... Please note: The use of full Sarcasm Font applies, and therefore observes this author of all responsibility liability or any related penalties. Address all legal and civil questions and/or concerns to the Ratsun Joint Commission on Ethical Code of Conduct. My name is Paradise, and I approve of this message.
  5. Don't read too much into it. I'm mocking the state of our media coverage for politics as though it's a Daytime Drama. It's pointless distraction
  6. So does the Pres contracting CV-19 mean it's not a hoax any more? Will the story moved into a CDC conspiracy designed to make Trump look bad for not taking their advice? Who's going to remind Sleepy Joe to take his Geritol before the next debate? Tune in next week America for another episode of General Hostage in the land of Free-Dumb and Idiocracy.
  7. Good citizens of the new I me MY America!! Stop the whining judging blaming others for this F'n mess and check your own shit, cuz it stinks just as bad as the rest of US.
  8. I know, right.... FUBAR
  9. I took a job in a Not completely, just worst case numbers given by "experts" to make a point on the other extreme.
  10. Well thats one way to downplay it I guess. We're not at the top of the curve though, so if Seattle and NY"s ramp up is any indication that 150 deaths per day could hit 800 per day by the end of the week. When you consider only 5 to 20 percent of the US population gets the flu each year and estimates are that the Corona virus could infect 70+ present of the population you can add a factor of 4X to that. Then add the mortality rate of COVID-19 is at least 10 times greater than influenza, way more virulent and contagious than flu, but with no vaccine to keep it in check. So left to run it's course COVID- 19 could easily dwarf cancer by a factor of 5X. 
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