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I remember finding the NWDE forum possibly as early as 2003. Very little activity there so I started posting responses to old dead threads and then Doug (Datsunaholic) came in and we chatted online. The two of us responding to new posts is what got that forum going again.


I went to the NWDE meeting at Roundtable pizza just like Jeff. I mentioned that I found the club through their forum but they had no idea that their club had a forum. They just ignored me and kept talking about Datsun Roadsters. I saw Jeff at those meetings but it took a couple more years before we really became friends and started to hang out outside of Datsun events.

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There's no record of any members (1and 2) before Jeff but I found the ones between Jeff and I. Jeff started on the 20th and there were 21 who joined the next day, aptly the 21st..


Kevin, do you remember when I started moderating?

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I do like how most people limp in here saying I know the best info is on this site, tail between legs , with the please help.. then get ripped for the first page at least. Mostly for no pics

The first car related site i joined was the510realm, I did come here on & off for info but never posted, I was always able to find what I needed to know by simply searching....something people don't do anymore....seems like anyway....


This is my second car related forum I've become a member of.

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Once Ratsun was up and running this was the place to be. I contribute to the Realm occasionally and 720 World. Made the mistake of pointing out some 510 transmission errors on the Dime Quarterly to Julian who said 'think you can do better?' Took a year, off and on to polish and proof, but did complete an article on transmission identification. Still it's Ratsun I return to and spend most of the time at. 


Who was that guy with the red 620? National Guard? ex military? Tore out all the wiring because he 'didn't need it' then made 500 post asking how the tail lights were wired or the wiper or dash lights... May have been on NWDE.

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What was his user name? He was also toying with the concept of a motorcycle engine in a 620 and also motorcycle carbs on an L series. This was like over 10 years ago. He was in the military. Everyone kept telling him not to do stuff.

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Julian is a brainiac, I enjoyed every conversation with him and hanging out for a bit when he brought me the L20b to the yard in Montebello, very pleasant guy.


Never met him. He posts on the Realm all the time... he's the greeter.

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He kinda looks like Peyton Manning ;)


Sounds non black so not basketball, .... hockey?


And now everyone that visits Ratsun has that experience.


Yeah with good reason. He ripped out the heater, wiper motor, turn signals and more. All the stuff you actually need.

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Yeah with good reason. He ripped out the heater, wiper motor, turn signals and more. All the stuff you actually need.



That was dwnshftr, had me change his user name to Little_Llama. He still posts from time to time. :)

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