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  1. No, we do not, there's a Nationwide shortage of firefighters.
  2. KoHeartsGPA

    Those Wacky Californians!

    The fact that you moved there from Cali, makes this story hilarious, you have bad judgment, my friend 🤣
  3. Welcome, can't wait to see that datto running 👌
  4. KoHeartsGPA

    1978 Datsun Truck Purchase

    I ask because if the ignition was replaced then the door key will be different, non matching.
  5. KoHeartsGPA

    1978 Datsun Truck Purchase

    Key for ignition or doors?
  6. KoHeartsGPA

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Mine looked like that stock with no engine nor tranny.
  7. KoHeartsGPA

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Yup, saw it this week twice from the freeway as I drove through Ashland...
  8. And for the single... happy valentines too!
  9. Understandable, I would take the stack of $1 bills over a honderp 🤐
  10. Maybe she wanted to film you and hopefully go viral?
  11. We might have more lawyers than taco smell and McDonalds combined....wait add Jack in the box to it..
  12. Ouch, looks like Buster Posey getting his face.....busted 😢

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