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  1. Mine came complete, I even posted the link for them...
  2. Don't know, but we have a damn good 620 section here in ratsun 😎
  3. People often wonder who invented twerking....well.....hello butthead LOL
  4. I got just one version in my kit and everything matched up on both sides, head and manifold, that's why I'm confused.
  5. Your guess is as good as anyone's......all I know is that Italians are crazy and maybe just maybe adding testosterone as an ingredient to their pasta.
  6. How the hell did this make it into my YouTube feed... And what the flying fuck did I just witness? And was the ball for???
  7. Wouldn't hurt to take off the MAF sensor and clean it, there's a spray for it at auto parts store for about $8, don't use any spray or you'll destroy it.
  8. My head just exploded, what do you mean by port not matching?, I used a KA24e out of a 96 d21 and the complete intake, harness and ECU from an 89/90 240sx, I had 0 issues with matching up the ports, they both have the same intake manifold gasket....my swap is in a 77 620.
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