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  1. Coming from an oppressive socialist shit show called a country, I truly embraced this beautiful country as home and enjoy gratefully all the rights granted to us by the founding fathers and all serviceman and woman who gave their lives for us to enjoy this great nation 👍
  2. Photofuckit is working fine now, well at least for many of us..
  3. KoHeartsGPA

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    Shit happens, we all bite the bullet eventually...
  4. KoHeartsGPA

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Wow, that poor car has been to hell and back 😥
  5. Uhm...LOL Got pulled over on my way back from work tonight, the life size AR-15 sticker looked real, traffic stop lasted less than 5 minutes and they even let me take a picture before leaving, as he approached my window he says "fuck, it's a sticker" I almost couldn't hold my laughter haha, he ran my DL # asked me why I have that sticker, I told him it's in support of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, he said "good", smiled, gave me DL back and told me to have a good night 👍
  6. No doubt she can handle two sets of ball at once...
  7. And now back to dattos, cuz these south of the border Datsun loving brothers have some bad ass rides!
  8. Unfortunately the government doesn't want transparency, that can be done very easily and efficiently and I love the idea.
  9. Damn, I nailed it without even going to those sites, most places like those in blue cities have been deemed gun free zones, it really isn't rocket science for thugs to target unarmed populations for max impact, they are cowards, it's what cowards do 😤

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