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  1. I have two sets of those cup holders in the back of my 620...
  2. Seems like every time the left finds something juicy on the Donald, something even more juicy pops out of Joe's closet....
  3. Back to the top, seems the lefties here don't care for facts about their candidate...
  4. She tried. FAIL LOL hahahahaha, bitch is out unless she pulls a Fascist move.
  5. She realized she's on her way out, the recall petition drive is doing really well and got her attention.
  6. What use does a monster like that have amongst people? If you can answer that with a convincing argument, I'll change my mind.
  7. Sorry Mike, but a guy that rapes a little girl DOES DESERVE TO DIE, mkay, thanks.
  8. Everyone gets a trophy when they play board games or any sports.
  9. I had a long as reply with details and rants and a ratsun notification came in and somehow everything got erased....fuck me, fuck mobile version.
  10. They scare me with their lack of actions and their constant back stabbing the people who they're supposed to be representing.
  11. The Republican party is garbage, why do you think Trump has so many supporters, many of whom are "libertarian" as people like to label us, I'm glad he shook things up, it helped me and many others identity the garbage hiding in the Republican party, fuck the globalists!
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