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  1. This is why the left is pushing so hard to shut the country down again, it will only get worse as November gets closer.
  2. So, he shoved his dick down your throat and still think he was an "Ok" president....what the flying fuck?!?!
  3. Yeah well, it's the hypocrisy of the left 🤷
  4. I heard parts of Seattle have been turned to Mogadishu, has the situation improved so that these beautiful cars don't get destroyed by terrorists?
  5. Yeah well, she's a cunt, cancel the outdoors events but go ahead with indoors where air gets recirculated, you simply cannot fix stupid.
  6. Don't say anything when you pick up, as soon as you say something the scammer recording kicks in, I just stay silent or say "what kind of scam do we have today" then the scambot hangs up, you do that 4-5 times then your number gets taken off the spambot.
  7. Nothing strange, it's just another case of selective outrage and media sensationalism.
  8. Tell that to people with pacemaker 🤷‍♂️
  9. Got to see this datto couple weeks ago, looks way better in person, good score! 👍😉
  10. Read this entire thread and with all the rollercoasting I'm glad you guys was able to meet up with some Datsuns 👍
  11. Hi Dan, good to see you're still working on making something happen, hopefully we can get all these dattos together soon!
  12. And this from past summer lol
  13. I'll add this cool one from winter before past one....
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