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  1. 240zness

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Wish I'd known more of him before this.. inspirational stories guys Thanks RIP
  2. 240zness

    R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

  3. Finally let that shit go They turned off after a no pay , so I cancelled it
  4. 240zness

    Looking at a '72 Z

    Good one is 6 all day right Old 240? Worth 5 if want it . 3-4 def a steal Uncracked dash worth 2500?
  5. Kapernick is quite the example of representing and causing a reaction to create a solution , etc. I don't think that meme shit is good for anything..
  6. Eeeeeeeeeaaaaassssiiiiinnnnngggg leeeeefffftttt..... Puuuuuuullll baaaaackkkkk nnoooooooowwww Smoooke oon rrreaady .... Now
  7. The plan all along ,its Marxism Sorry
  8. I'll look to the Indian diet for direction on nutrition, proper food and nature balance.

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