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  1. 240zness

    Car Porn

  2. 240zness

    Car Porn

    Ferrari pininfarina
  3. Aaaaand no screenshots Shit, shouldn't have been taking them?
  4. 240zness

    Post-tits $1.99

  5. 240zness

    Car Porn

    Ferrari pininfarina
  6. I believe I posted about some old datsun parts in this thread. Here's some pics Sucks my new phone only runs the app, but it works I get a kick out of the old voltage regs and relays.. lots of brake shoes Some pads and fuel filters Please peruse the part numbers, let me know .. Mike, if have time B210 for dguy , he's got one tho Anyone in SD needs ? I love original shit , I know we modify and mix model running gear here but nice to rock OG finish and correct
  7. 240zness

    What are you listening to???

    Sounds good But more about the fact that she seems to be hypnotizing, singing in Color.. a siren ??
  8. Coworker showed up in this These F100 / crown 'hick' conversions are excellent :thumbup: '63, on an '07 chassis
  9. 240zness


    Random turn of 67, mt. woodson
  10. 240zness

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Heavy situation, keeps the perspective Hope the best for the family Glad to know of him

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