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  1. And now. .. had to be different window 2:00 start
  2. Shit weather stopped?? Sports arena San Diego Want it , don't see any real rust!?
  3. Maybe a unique case. What are the options gonna be , offer up, Forums,The classifieds? How will I find a 710 coupe , or a 521?
  4. I got a a couple free listings on the Z (I'm an idiot) Payed five bucks last week for 30 days seemed fair, thought it was because multiple posts same item.. didn't know that just started. Thought BAT was too much for an incomplete example early Z, plus it does 140mph. But yeah top dollar , asked 20. Too embarrassed to put in here. Guy going to do 16 today , he's trailering to north SD. Won't be needing rear tyres...
  5. As far as fire earth and water.. California seems to mess up on purpose The Orville dam situation is retarded
  6. I've seen some shitty paint jobs that should be illegal , hard to read Like a license plate prodector that's cloudy AF, or tinted .. why protect your plate. 10-99 club frame gets points from law enforcement
  7. Yellow was a whole different size.. and the letters with gap are def noticeable on original blacks. I'd like a blue 80's myself
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