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Opinions on fender mirrors?


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That's that whole looks vs function question , I am 50/50 on the look of them.... I think it fits the look of your truck....

Even the ones on my doors never really helped....

it's kind of like motorcycle mirrors, there to appease inspection stations but I could never see anything useful out of them....

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One of the biggest mistakes I see when people use them is that they place them where they would be for a right hand drive car or they make them even. They need to be staggered and placed accordingly for a left hand drive car. 


Yeah, you can still barely seen anything, but it does help a bit. 

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Rising sun hoods.

Hood pins.

Hood louvers

Mad camber

Stretched tires

Hella flush

Rear spoiler

Rear under spoiler

Engine brace

Oil catch cans.

Lill' blue filters

Cone air filters

MSG ignitions and coils.

Polly bushings.

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OK, I'll chime in....what the hell.  While I do like my fender mirrors, I still do the check over the shoulder as I would with door mirrors.  Are they safer? I doubt it. Do they look kinda cool? I think so.  But then again, it is my car so there.



Now I gotta go get me some 12" tires that I can stretch, an engine brace (for a 1200.....bwahahahaha), and figure out just what "Hella Flush" is.  All this time I thought that was what happened after my morning BM.

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The real reason for outside fender mount versus door mount rear view mirrors is that until the recent electric retractable mirrors, in Japan the annual license fee dramatically increased once the overall car width exceeded 1.5 meters.  Fender mounted mirrors met this restriction. Modern electronically retractable mirrors once the ignition is switched off gave eased this restriction.  A secondary requirement was that the outside rear view mirrors had to be visible under rain fall conditions through the area cleared by the wipers or other system.  This favored fender mounted rear view external mirrors.  Modern designs use directed defog vents to get around this requirement.

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I believe fender mirrors are basically useless, one cannot see much in them.

I also wonder if they are actually being used correctly in the first place these days, I could see in back of me fine using my dashboard rear view mirror in my MGTD, I always wondered if the fender mirror was supposed to be aimed at the blind spots instead of too the rear.

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Rear view mirror... usually centrally above the windshield or on dash. To view the rear

Side view mirrors ... for viewing to the side and behind the driver.



I used to get in my wife's car and find the side view mirror cranked all the way to the rear. I told her it's called a side view for a reason. Properly set you shouldn't be able to see your car side without moving your head, but just out from it. Seeing your fender isn't telling you anything. I think she changed this habit.

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I can like both.... if done right, just like rims and tires. My biggest dislike is punching holes in the fender, bad enough for screws on the door but you have to have them anyway so the door it is. Fender mirrors are for someone else's car.

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I think they are ugly and serve no purpose.I further think they look retarded staggered sorry Jesse.


Well, that is the correct application and it does help in using them. 


I am putting them on my 510 and don't really give a shit who likes them or not. 

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