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  1. This is what I found . Nissan Part#: 46011-U7726 It is not what you need as it is for 13/16ths masters, we have front disc/rear drum brakes in the 1979 Datsun 620 trucks in the USA, you have a 7/8ths master with drums all around. I also found this on ebay, it is for the earlier 620 trucks with drum brakes all around, but this auction doesn't say if it is 7/8ths or not, but it has a part number. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-46010-B5025-1972-77-PL620-620-PU-Nabco-Brake-Master-Cyl-Reb-Kit-W-Pistons/350764086089?hash=item51ab2b3349:g:0-cAAMXQLbVRZPkP You could message the guy and ask if it is for a 7/8ths bore and if it is then use that part number to try and find something over there.
  2. I don't care about original equipment, so I normally buy the Centric brand as they are new(not rebuilt) and every one I ever bought worked properly out of the box. I searched ebay using "1979 Datsun 620 brake master centric" but you do not need to specify Centric, I buy mine locally from a parts store that carries Centric. I found this one on ebay, they say they ship to your country. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-1978-1979-Nissan-620-Brake-Master-Cylinder-Centric-21514ZJ/392393806353?fits=Year%3A1979|Model%3A620|Make%3ADatsun&hash=item5b5c7e5211:g:6RkAAOSwDPhdXu2s You should be able to find something locally for a similar sized vehicle.
  3. Can't you just buy a new master to replace the one you have instead of rebuilding yours?
  4. I was going to say you could make the metal pieces on a rainy day, but maybe it doesn't rain down there very often.
  5. This is interesting, I never heard of a 620 coming from the factory with an SD22 diesel engine in it. All our 620s came with dual circuit brake masters, is yours a single circuit with drum brakes all around?
  6. Perhaps you have enough good plastic left to make a sheet metal piece and attach it to the socket area with silicone or some other cement, a file will create the notches and a hole saw will create the bulb/socket hole, it is a plastic bulb holder so the bulb functions should not be effected.
  7. Welcome, nice looking ute! What does your user name imply, you have a Datsun/Nissan diesel?
  8. wayno

    520 4x4?

    I put a 1966 Datsun 520 cab onto a 1980 Datsun 720 4wd frame/chassis, but I changed my mind and switched it over to a 1986 Nissan 720 2wd frame/chassis. Here it is on the 1980 4X4 frame/chassis. I had to do a body lift to clear the transfer case.
  9. I didn't want it, I have no interest in SD22 engines, but there is a guy near Wilsonville OR that may have been interested. It has been claimed and that is good, there likely are two happy people, one has parts and the other don't need to deal with it anymore.
  10. wayno

    521 part # thread

    I emailed/messaged Ted a few weeks ago about something else and have heard nothing yet. I sold my last wiper assembly a couple weeks ago, I have a RHD one but it is different.
  11. Is this Boulder Creek CA or is it Boulder Creek OR near Wilsonville Or?
  12. wayno

    521 part # thread

    Charlie, what I think happened is the end of the pivot that holds the arm on broke off.
  13. wayno

    521 part # thread

    I don't think you will be able to just change out a pivot post, you will need the whole thing/transmission assembly like Dmike suggested.
  14. wayno

    521 part # thread

    Where in Washington are you? Are you saying when the wiper arm fell off it broke the 1/4" post off with it that holds teeth thing on that hold the wiper arms on? When you tried removing the wiper post did you remove the dash?
  15. wayno

    521 part # thread

    What is wrong with your wiper assembly/transmission? Is it froze up? Is it broke?
  16. Do you know what years will work/interchange? I have one that has 2 1/8 X 1 3/4 ends that is around 32" long, is this what you are looking for? It would be best to PM me if this is what you need as I do not know if I will be informed if you respond to this question.
  17. They are not perfect as the front tires have to go over the air jack base, it's kinda a pain, but the other way I lifted cabs was scary as I do this stuff myself, I have broken a windshield that way, the way in the photos is way safer for me, I can use four work stands and pieces of steel going across and remove the air jacks if I need to.
  18. I have done this a bunch of times and several different ways, I have found using an air jack on each side works best for me. I myself believe that of you try to lift the cab by running straps thru the cab, you will likely bend the drip rails among other things, I would try 4 or 5 guys before using straps.
  19. I am going to assume that your talking about a stock 320 carb like in the photo below with 4 screws holding the front glass on. This is a tough one, you may try a classic carb rebuild place, I sent one off and only supplied the gasket kit, they supplied the accelerator pump and needle/seat. I do have a rebuild kit with the accelerator pump included, but the kit is not cheap, PM me if your interested.
  20. You need to quit driving it/running the engine and drop the transmission before a bearing comes out of the race and does major damage that is not easily repaired. It sounds like you have a bad lower counter shaft/cluster gear bearing, this is a common issue with these transmissions, if you keep driving it you could possibly destroy the front cover and/or the bearing hole in the case which will make the front case useless as it likely already has the large counter shaft bearing, pull the transmission and fix it before it explodes/grenades. Since you have kept driving it the gear oil will likely be a silver or black color or somewhere in between, if the noise goes away when you push in the clutch and put it in gear while the engine is running, then it likely also made some kind of noise while driving it, was it quieter in 4th gear?
  21. Thankyou for updating the order form, I ordered what I needed.
  22. I used a stock brake master with no booster on my 521 work truck for a decade or more, but I had to remove the residual valve from the master, if it is not removed the front brakes will drag and eventually seize as the brake master is not made for disc brakes as it has a 10lb residual valve. I now have power brakes on all my 520/521 trucks, I use 73/74 Datsun 620 boosters, I use the 1979 Datsun 620 brake master, and all have the 83-85 Nissan 720 brake calipers/rotors, well the 520 may have the 1986+ calipers/rotors, at one time I had the 1990 Nissan hardbody V6 dual piston calipers on the work truck, but a couple years ago I changed them when doing a Chassis conversion.
  23. By the way I am talking about 1983-85 2wd 720 brakes.
  24. I edited my post. I use what you have on just about everything I own and I use 14 stock rims/hubcaps.
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