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    J engine

    Like I said before, you can make the 1741 kit work, but you have to drill the plate in the proper spot to both mount the unit and have it the correct distance away from the magnets on the shaft, this is a 320 distributor with that Pertronics 1741 unit mounted and it ran fine and likely would have continued to run fine if I had had it wired into the key so there was no double clicking, but the L320 was negative ground as I was just trying to get the engine to start reliably. You can see I had to drill the plate and put the mount screw in a different spot. The truck I did all this to is a positive ground truck, it has a MG Midget distributor in it with a Crane electronic ignition installed, it is wired positive ground which is a very strange way to wire a distributor, you can see how it is done on this link. https://mgaguru.com/mgtech/ignition/ig207.htm Here is a post to my thread that still has photos, the thread on here has no photos anymore which confuses me as this thread has the photo although some of the ebay links may not be good anymore. https://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1415 There are positive ground units on ebay both electronic and regular, only the positive ground units interest me because I can use a matchbox if negative ground, here are some ebay search results, they are kinda expensive. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=MG+Midget+positive+ground+distributor&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw="datsun+320" Here is the mount bracket, but your 320 mount bracket will also work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Distributor-Clamp-for-MGA-MGB-MG-Midget-with-25D-or-45D-Lucas-Distributor/161626316286?hash=item25a1adddfe:g:HggAAOSwNSxU-VAs
  2. wayno

    J engine

    I hate 320 distributors, I am not positive but I believe all E1 distributors had side entry caps(wires come out the side), his engine photo shows a normal looking cap. The Pertronics 1741 kit will not fit a E1 distributor(not made for it), but I have modified the kit and made it fit and it ran fine, but I was using alligator clips to power the distributor, twice I double clicked the unit and i smoked both of them so I gave up and a little while later I figured out the MGB Midget distributors would fit the E1/J13-15 engines and if they had a Crane Ignition they could be wired positive ground like my 1963 Datsun kingcab is, I also figured out that the MG distributors are smaller and work better than the matchbox distributor when using a 5spd behind the E1/J13-15 engine using the adapter plates I made.
  3. That is what I thought it might be, turn it to TDC and check to make sure the 1 cylinder cam lobes are at 10am/2pm, then pull the distributor cap and see if the rotor is pointed at number one spark plug wire on the dist cap, if it isn't then that is likely your issue.
  4. wayno

    J engine

    I expect so, it's not a popular engine so I don't know a lot about the engine itself. I do know MGB distributors will bolt right in and I made an adapter plate so one can bolt an L block 5spd onto that engine.
  5. BTW, it is easiest to tell it is not a dogleg 5spd because it has that rib on top of the bell housing case, dogleg 5spds have smooth bell housing tops(no rib).
  6. Looks like a short shaft 5spd to me out of a 1985/86 Nissan 720 regular cab/short box truck.
  7. Is it back firing thru the carb or exhaust?
  8. wayno

    J engine

    It appears to be a J series engine, is there a 1300 cast into the side of the block?
  9. wayno

    J engine

    Well I believe it is possible, but it will take some thought as the steering column is in the way, but if thin isolaters are used like the A series engines have I believe the rear bowl will just clear the steering column by an eighth inch.
  10. wayno

    Body Bushings??

    Here is what they look like. It also has this piece of metal on top of it, this is how it is isolated. I think a thick piece of rubber would work for between the body and mount arm and another one below with a large washer making sure the bolt don't touch the mount arm metal, if it does you will have a lot of cab noise.
  11. wayno

    J engine

    Are you positive the J13 in the 411 had dual carbs, it had an R16 with dual SUs(carbs) in the SSS model, it seems like if the J13 had dual carbs I am positive that everyone would have been upgrading to them in the trucks, but that is not the case, I personally have never seen a 320 or 520 with the stock engine with dual SUs(carbs). I do have 2 different assemblies to put dual SUs on my 320, but they are from MGB's.
  12. I am no LSD guru, there are others on here that actually bring them here from Japan, but again they are expensive. I put one in my 1969 Datsun kingcab turbodiesel truck, before I had a H190 with 3.5 gears out of a Hardbody, then I found an LSD in a 1993 Nissan Hardbody with 3.5 gears so I installed that and drove it around for a couple years, the one thing that I didn't like was when making a left hand turn at a signal where when you go when you have the room was that it became unpredictable, if it was raining or the road was wet the back end of my truck would try to come around on me, I had to be very careful as i didn't want to wreck it, it was scary sometimes, so when I found a H190 with 3.3 gears I removed the LSD and installed that, I have not regretted what i did, yes I spin one tire every once in a while when it is wet outside, but I don't have the back end of my truck racing the front end of my truck anymore either, and that is what I care about. Also it made the whole back of my truck vibrate when I stepped on the pedal and made a 90 degree turn when it was dry outside. DMike gave you the correct ratio even though he typed 48/12 instead of 48/13, it is 3.69 which I have never heard of before, that is close to 3.7 gear ratio. This is what a H190 Nissan LSD looks like. This is what a Nissan H190 open differential looks like.
  13. I have never heard of that ratio before, but different country. You will be lucky to find one over here for under $600.00 plus shipping. Why do you want an LSD?
  14. I would use "bondo hair" first on that cab top, it lasts way longer and doesn't crack like thick layers of bondo do, I did my 520 kingcab several years ago with it and then smoothed it out with a thin layer of bondo and have not had an issue. I started out with this Then I used bondo hair to get it fairly smooth. Then I used bondo to smooth it out. It turned out alright for someone that doesn't really know how to do bondo finishing work and paint, this photo below is how it looks right now today, it is kinda dirty.
  15. That is a seriously modified 510 setup, maybe other cars had that also. The trucks had a cable setup with a center pull, much easier to deal with in my opinion.
  16. I have extra glow plug timers, but first one needs to figure out if that is the issue. Sometimes the DPC Module buzzes also, if the injection pump controller also buzzes if it is jammed, I personally have never had the glow plug timer buzz, but that doesn't mean it will not buzz, it just has never buzzed for me. When you turn on the key does the glow plug light come on and stay on for a while? When you turn the key on does the glow plug light just flash on for a second and go out? Does the starter work? Try this, unplug the wire going to the oil light sender/sensor, now while someone else turns the key on watch the injection pump arm, does it move? If the starter turns the engine over I can help you get it started if it is going to run, what you do is remove the arm connected to the injection pump arm coming from the injection pump controller under the injection pump, save the washers and springs, now using a heavy gauge wire coming from the positive side of the battery touch number 4 cylinder glow plug for about a minute, this is the easiest glow plug to get to and they will all get power/warm up, you could also just jump to the white/red line wire on the glow plug relay, after warming them up for about a minute start it, floor it and turn it over till it is running.
  17. I agree with you, the last 2 flu seasons 98,000 people died of the regular flu, I suspect a large portion of them were seniors.
  18. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    I thought this was a metaphorical thing.
  19. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    I think we need to worry about why he is calling his truck a trash can and why he is so grouchy.
  20. It runs like shit Mike, that is a video he posted. First I would make sure the spark plug wires are in the right order, 1, 3, 4, 2, counter clockwise on the distributor cap.
  21. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    So your name is Oscar and your having a bad day?
  22. That would be a problem for me.
  23. You cannot be too picky, that is a 2 year booster, everything after them two years is larger/different so there are a not a lot of that type around, and like I mentioned about 50 percent of the ones I bought didn't last a week or were bad out of the box, if Rockauto has them(rebuilt) they likely have a return policy and you can keep sending them back until you find a good one, if not then I guess I would not buy from them. When I stepped on the brakes the engine RPM rose slightly when mine went bad(it effected the idle RPM), otherwise I could not tell it went bad at first, but after a day or so it didn't work at all, I had to press hard to get the brakes to work, another one on a truck I sold went bad also, that took a few months of daily driving before the guy contacted me about what booster it was.
  24. Sounds like the booster went bad, you should not hear hissing when you press on the brake. One used to be able to get the 1973/74 Datsun 620 brake booster on ebay, but I didn't see anything specifically for it, just stuff that says it will fit without photos, you might try Autozone, I think that was the last place I got one thru ebay, keep in mind that 50 percent of the ones I bought did not work properly out of the box.
  25. There is going to be a gap/cut somewhere as they are not making them anymore, so we have to cut them to fit, it might as well be in the top rear corner. Fact is if a clean 45 degree cut is made one could super glue that gasket together up there and it would be solid all the way around.
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