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  1. Moist Lightning

    Greece 620 restoration

    I had a feeling, mostly wrote it for all the other people who were curious of what you said 🙂
  2. Moist Lightning

    Greece 620 restoration

    Google translate says: Good job brother!!! Where do you live;
  3. Moist Lightning

    Wiring 620 for M-Unit Blue

    Ahh i missed that it was bluetooth. I Agree with Stoffrengen, no thanks. The plastic shielding on the old wires get really brittle and vibrations can end up breaking them causing shorts. don't think vinegar will help that.
  4. Moist Lightning

    Wiring 620 for M-Unit Blue

    Nice, Unfortunately most of your pics aren't working for me though. Would you say that the m-unit simplified the wiring? or what would you say the benefit of the m unit is over just making a new harness like the stock one? I think his main concerns were grounding/shorts from corrosion. I'm thinking of doing the same.
  5. Moist Lightning

    620 sr20det wiring

    Yes canam and mounts are nice if you got the cash and want an easy install. However, I feel like mentioning that the same can be accomplished with 3 fused relays and l16 rubber mounts. Edit: I see your in cali so those parts are not too much. Mostly writing for anyone not in the USA that reads this thread.
  6. Moist Lightning

    Wanted: early grill (willing to buy or trade)

    Please post in the classifieds section. Im sure mods will be here soon to lock this and the other wanted post.
  7. Moist Lightning

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    You may already know but just incase it helps some others out i'll explain the best method to drill these out. Basically the larger the bit the slower you want to drill. this is because a larger bit spinning at the same rpm as a smaller bit is actually moving much faster. So to drill through these you need to go slow with A LOT of pressure. you'd be surprised how much more you can cut when you have speed and pressure right. However, I think there probably is a variance in metal hardness as i've come across the odd bolt that was insanely strong. Hope the next shop is able to do if for ya.
  8. Moist Lightning

    1972 PL620 Paint Codes?

    Mine has a sticker on the rad support when you pop the hood. although i can only make out 2 of the numbers on mine - they fade easy:(
  9. Moist Lightning

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Not sure why you decided z32. if you do ball joint swap and d21 drop spindles at the same time and use the the d21 awd front brakes, they will bolt right up no adapter needed. will be better steering geometry if you wanted to go lower too.
  10. Moist Lightning

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    I used a cheap princess auto bit (canadian harbor freight) Although i had to sharpen it like 10 times to get the 2 holes done. It wasn't perfect but within acceptable tolerance. Definitely a better idea to drill press. I was just being lazy since my pitman was being a c**t.
  11. Moist Lightning

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    By hand only because the pitman arm won't come off. I've heard of people breaking pullers trying to remove them. its a real pain. Try yours if you have a puller, maybe you'll be lucky and it'll come off.
  12. Moist Lightning

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    my ka swap was cheap and easy, tend to be 1-3 ka24de's for sale per year around here but all around 500 including trans ecu ect. However i wasn't planning a swap my l series was dying and thats why it was a cheap build. That being said the next one will be a rebuilt ka with a bit of money put into it. will still come out cheaper than just a sr20 around here. Also it takes a while but I was surprised how much i've made parting out l20bs. defs takes a big chunk out of the cost. If you chasing big speed and lots of revs go for the sr and brake upgrade but it will be $$$. Edit: 240sx engines are cheaper, check out the tapered insert thread its easy to flip the link for the pan, cost breakdown there too. however if your looking for 300hp it will be hard to get that reliably from a ka. here is a good write up on na ka builds:https://www.s-chassis.com/forums/na-motor-11/proof-na-ka-can-make-200chp-%241000-30440/ Edit 2: to summarize that link a ka+1000$ in mods will put out the same power as a sr with 7 psi boost. so if you can get the ka24de +1000$ in mods for less the a sr20 turbo then get the ka. however if you want more than 200hp it will be easier to build a reliable sr with 300 hp than to design a custom ka24 turbo setup.
  13. Moist Lightning

    Radiator options

    My 73 came with a l20b & clutch fan. Fit fine with the l16 rad, seemed to cool fine too. However, it doesn't get super hot where I live.
  14. Moist Lightning

    Radiator options

    Never notice that, thanks. Just got a late model recently too. surprising amount of small differences.
  15. Moist Lightning

    Radiator options

    Also early 620 had rad inlet on right side.

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