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  1. 2wheel-lee

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    If you're going to eventually go with a ball joint front end, you should do that from the start with your disc brake conversion. The knuckles (caliper mounts) and discs are completely different. Any money spent on anything with those kingpins is a waste, if you're going to later convert.
  2. 2wheel-lee

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    /\ well said. Mccusition, it sounds like you're a lot more aware of what you're getting into than you let on in your original post, so you're probably far better off doing this than we assumed based on the information provided. If you do your research here as well as on the 620 facebook pages, you'll find info on most all you need. Congrats on getting a 620! They really aren't practical for families either, but they can be great for fun projects. Heck, I'm a widower with 6-year-old twins. When the heck will I ever be able to take my kids anywhere with it? lol Fortunately, it's just another fun project vehicle for me and not my daily driver or truck.
  3. 2wheel-lee

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    I've been planning my SR swap for over a year and a half now. The engine has been sitting next to the truck in the garage for nearly a year, but I haven't pulled the L20 yet, so it's still drive able. Though the real reason I haven't done it yet is I have had other projects in line, including a Tracker 16V engine swap in my Samurai. Pretty much all those who gave words of caution above have about nailed it. If you're reluctant to do coilovers now because of cost, you may be in for a rude awakening when you see how a swap will nickel and dime you to death. A couple hundred dollar coilover swap is relatively nothing cost-wise (and a huge help for routing the SR exhaust). The SR swap is a lot of work to do right. And I don't describe right as being that it runs. Look at many of the hack swap jobs you'll find online - if that's good enough for you, have at it. If you've been paying attention, you'll have found that most of the swaps never actually get finished and they just get parted out. I've seen many of these "packages" on craigslist. The KA will still be a job, but at least it's more documented and has fewer complexities. But...if you're a go-getter and have at least $5-8K for a 300HP SR, go for it!
  4. 2wheel-lee

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    OK, that's what I thought. I just did a similar exercise with a Samurai, and I also reached the peak of my picker. I have an extra '75+ core support I was thinking of cutting and using as a cap for the section I remove from the truck's core, if I decide to go that route.
  5. 2wheel-lee

    changing lowering blocks

    I remember that some people used to flip the middle leaf. They'd grind off the leaf clamp, then use U-bolts, similar to what was done here. Yes, it's a tedious job (I tried it once) But I don't think that's the case here.
  6. 2wheel-lee

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    I can't remember the reason other than the obvious, but why can't you install the engine with the trans attached? Does it just not angle down enough? I'm finally getting closer to doing my swap....just waiting until I get my garage a little more cleaned up to where I have room to work.
  7. 2wheel-lee

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Glad you were able to get it and make it mostly work out. I was looking at getting the blue right hand drive truck. Though my drive from Southern California wouldn't have been as far, she was so sketchy trying to communicate with I just abandoned that effort. I figured she was typical for many of the people in Bullhead, and it wasn't worth it for me. It sounds like you had the experience I expected. At least you got the truck.
  8. 2wheel-lee

    changing lowering blocks

    That little curve close to the shackle right next to the middle spring is normal. It looks like they may have ground off the stock spring and used those clamps on the springs instead (you can see the rust marks left behind where the stock clamps were). The stock clamps allow the springs to slide and move a bit when they compress. That U-bolt clamp may not. I'd suggest taking those clamps off. Though the middle leaf may move slightly sideways, which is what the stock clamps prevent, if the axle U-bolts are tight, they shouldn't move much.
  9. 2wheel-lee

    changing lowering blocks

    Those are really flat. I can't really see what's going on there, but with that clamp on the front of the springs, I wonder if someone flipped a leaf in there.
  10. 2wheel-lee

    From France to USA : help please!

    Sounds like you're in for a fun time! Congratulations! Not many vehicles have the same awesome and timeless styling of the 620.
  11. 2wheel-lee

    JDM turn signals on a USDM 620

    One of the challenges for sealing those holes is that the light bulb contacts are spring loaded. When a bulb is inserted or removed, the wires move in and out slighly through the hole in the bulb base. If you seal it up without the bulb, it may be hard to get a bulb in place, and if you seal it up with something like silicone with the bulb in, you may slightly lose spring tension. So seal it in such a way the bulb contacts can still move.
  12. 2wheel-lee

    620 power steering?

    No matter what box you go with, you'll want the inner tie-rod end to be in the same spot. Moving it anywhere will have a huge affect on bump steer and a possible number of other steering maladies. Most pitman arms don't have provisions for a steering link, so unless you're using the Datsun pitman arm, you may as well be guessing how the steering will perform. Unless you have the ability to engineer the proper - or close enough - steering geometry, then have at it. Going with the 280ZX box and stock 620 pitman arm is that you can position the box to retain the stock geometry.
  13. 2wheel-lee

    From France to USA : help please!

    No AC. You can see that there's nothing under the dash, and no lines are going through the stock holes in the firewall. Los Angeles may have some rust-free 620s, but the pricing around here is crazy - probably the highest pricing nationwide. As mentioned, the white paint potentially hides a lot. I wouldn't trust pictures on this one.
  14. 2wheel-lee

    From France to USA : help please!

    Back many years ago, my girlfriend had her Z serviced at Mike's Z Shop in Whittier. Sorry that's not much useful as that's all I remember.
  15. 2wheel-lee

    From France to USA : help please!

    He wrote, "Always passes smog. I will pay for smog check." In California, that usually means "I have a smog guy who I'll slip $150 to and he'll make it pass every time."

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