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  1. Rick-rat

    1979 620 parts

    is the cowel still available and price to ship to Gig Harbor Wa
  2. Rick-rat

    body parts

    Time Left: 21 days and 10 hours

    • WANTED
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    79 Datsun 620 KC, need drivers side fender w/ clearance light, front bumper, valance, and possibly a grill


    gig harbor , Washington - US

  3. I managed to kill my battery today, didn't notice my brake lights were not going off, Fixed that problem with a little glue, a little tape and a penny. tried to start truck and got nothing, voltmeter was reading about 6 volts. Got a jump and took it in to have my battery tested, turns out it was a 12 year old battery that couldn't take anymore. Told them I wanted another one that would last as long as it did😀 This was a 50 month warranty battery from Les Schwab
  4. You are in the wrong spot to be asking for donations, we are cheap, poor bastards that can barely keep our Datsuns going. Try a Go Fund Me ad, will have better luck there 🤣
  5. On my way home from Sumner yesterday I spotted a 620 off the side of the road of an exit ramp with the hood up. He pulled over because it was leaking water. They had determined it was leaking at the rear of the motor and removed a hose and 1 of them walked to the auto parts store and found a hose to fit and cut it and put it on. Then he started the truck and water was still pouring out. I looked at the hose they replaced and it was part of the pollution system, I told them that is was most likely the small, short hose that helped warm the Carb. Finally got the Air cleaner off and the old braided hose was the problem, took him to the parts store and got some hose and new clamps and that fixed the problem. Was happy to help them so they could get the truck home and the good thing was they didn't overheat the engine
  6. That's OK , will probably make it the next time😀
  7. That's what having a Datsun is all about, not driving or using them 😃
  8. Would like to make it, having surgery on the 5th, will see if I can be able to come up
  9. There is nothing wrong with a manual choke, which I prefer . My 73 620 with a Hitachi did not have an electric choke
  10. Try to find an old real weber and rebuild it, tried Chinese knock offs and not happy with them, I have a real weber with a manual choke and am really happy with it
  11. What are you talking about?
  12. I only agreed with what Jbird said about his feelings that you were putting words in his mouth, how hard is that to comprehend
  13. The link said immunity, Jbird never said it
  14. I read it and I stand by what I said, now answer my questions
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