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  1. Check at a bicycle shop or motorcycle shop, they may have a cable that will work
  2. light showed up today, Thank You
  3. Last time I will ask are you going to send the light???????????
  4. Turn signal works the high/ low beams pull towards steering wheel for low, push away for high
  5. If you use a right hand cable you will have to push it instead of pulling it 🤣
  6. NLSV valve there is a thread on how to bleed this system in the brakes section
  7. Are you going to send the light?
  8. If it's not a FRAM, it ain't worth a damn 😁
  9. Need your address to send you a check How much?
  10. Never mind, don't have time to wait on you to send me the light
  11. Thanks, I need this as soon as you can get it on my way, need your address so I can send you a check
  12. I only need the light assembly, have new (used ) fenders on the way Richard Lunore 10414 Peacock Hill Ave. # 10 Gig Harbor Wa, 98332
  13. 1st pic before the rest are after roundabout incident
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