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  1. I did a temporary repair on a thermostat outlet once. It was almost but not completely rotted at the outlet. I bought a section of copper pipe the same OD as the gooseneck ID [Aluminized steel conduit would have been better] and cut to length, inserted the pipe sharp cut end first after generously slathering sealant on the remaining piece of the original outlet. A good hammer on a piece of wood to protect the copper and the seal was made. Fill in the missing pot metal with Aluminum filled epoxy, let it cure [boy does it get hot] and file to shape. Then go looking for a real replacement for my RL411. A KIA SEPHIA unit fit just right and I am still using it. Even looks like the original.
  2. Interesting! Czech squadron markings and Malcomb canopy
  3. Original English Electric model with single place pilot canopy, transparent nose for bombadier and side windows for navigator to use transit for position location.
  4. Ben Franklin would approve this slight misquote. He said "They don' tell, they don't swell and they're grateful as hell."
  5. I watched this jewel fly every year at the Torrance CA Zamperini Field air show. It is my recollection that it was reassembled from the remains of 2 or 3 aircraft.
  6. That's the reason the RL411 exhaust was routed through the left front fender.
  7. A1H Dump Truck. Might also be the unupdated A1E.
  8. For what it's worth, this looks like the 1600 roadster and RL411 starter orientation ! Not much help since they are quite hard to find, but I will keep this reference in case I need a replacement starter for my 411.
  9. Let's hear it for the 411 !
  10. 410 day today. Remember the old days.
  11. Studebaker and Borg Warner teamed up to produce a "Hill Holder" transmission that kept the car in gear when stopping on an incline with your foot off the gas and proceeded to go forward when given a little gas. Lately some manufacturers are promoting a version of this as if it were a new feature. What goes around comes around ?
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