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  1. Possible temporary [or maybe permanent] fix is the use a narrow tipped soldering iron or gun and put a good drop of solder into the submerged connecting pip. The rest of the connector looks good from a quick view. Use resin core, not acid core [plumbers ] solder.
  2. Gives new meaning to "riding the rails."
  3. Part number 2143R looks like it should work !
  4. I would put circles of poly "fabric" with a ton of body lube as a last resort, kitchen pot scrubbers for example. Just pumping grease into the space between leaves is OK but does not have any retention. Loaded Teflon would just cause wear on the steel. Plain Teflon would wear out too soon. As long as we don't carry 600 pounds in the back seat should be OK.
  5. Speaking of genitalia, have you looked at the subject photo ? Couldn't be more eplicit than that .
  6. See those pockets on the spring leaves? If you know of a source for the greasable inserts let me know.
  7. This is pornography pure and simple. "I can't define pornography but I sure recognize it when I see it."
  8. Good luck and sorry about that Studebaker Lark! The last Lark I drove was a Bureau of Indian Affairs reject seconded to Minuteman Site Activation, The engine caught fire on me, fortunately at one of our construction sites that had a fire extinguisher.
  9. The ultimate asymetric airplane was the Blum and Voss 141B. It met requirements but was rejected because it looked so weird.
  10. Remember BTS not SAE thread. Adapters readily available, look in the aftermarket dash gauge section of your auto parts store.
  11. My son was p+++ed to discover that my 67 Datsun had double row timing chain and his 1970 Camaro had only a single row chain.
  12. A late addition, not part of the tablet Lady Liberty holds as many think. By the way, as far as I am concerned the statue sits on Bedloe's Island, not Liberty Island.
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