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  1. I don't really know about foreign manufacturer policies but domestic American manufacturers kept the dies and manufactured replacement body parts in house for 5 years. They then lent or leased the dies to authorized parts suppliers, inspected and stocked the results as spare parts. After 10 years, the dies were either scrapped, abandoned in place at the supplier or sold on the open market. The results were not manufacturer controlled, supplied through parts chains, stocked or inspected. The quality was up to the option of the cheapest supplier.
  2. Not many realize that there were B17s in the Pacific Theater of Operations. Including the B17 that spotted the sister ship of the Musashi and Yamato [yeah there were 3 keels laid down] on its way to be refitted as an Aircraft carries near Kobe. The hull was fire bombed until it sank as a cherry red hulk. Not yet discovered unlike its 2 battle ship sisters.
  3. MikeRL411

    Parts for 411

    This is a duplicate of your post on the NICO Club site. I have already answered it there. Good Luck, restoration is possible.
  4. If you can't find a correct horizontally striped delete plate, use an after market [non DIN] radio with vaguely horizontal grid marks. See my avatar for the correct RL411 radio delete plate.
  5. That Loon reminds me of the fact that the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson has a repainted Loon masquerading as a V1. The only genuine V1 I have ever seen was at the old Flight Museum at Ontario CA airport, It was especially rare in that it had a cockpit as part of a research project to find out why early V1s were veering off course after launch. Hanna Rauch, Hitler's favorite female pilot found out that the problem was with Gyros dumping [yes she rode one and survived].
  6. Based on the Cyrilic lettering on the truck's tailgate I would say this is Tupolov's Concordsky. The snow and slush on the ground are icing on the cake [yes, a play on words].
  7. Rule of thumb. If your phone starts ringing at 9AM or shortly thereafter it's a robo dialed call.
  8. True but if the ultimate customer is USA based a diligent [yeah non intuitive] FCC employee could fine the ultimate USA sender. I used to get woken up at 2 or 4 in the morning by FAX junk mail senders using overnight lower long distance rates. I printed out the messages, sent the load by snail mail to the FCC and guess what. After 4 months the FAX phone went silent at night. I guess $49K per call finally struck home. BTW, each fax had a phone number to call for the [usually] penny stock broker behind the call.
  9. If you do answer, ask "If we are interrupted, what number should I call you back on?" then file a do not call violation with the FCC. The penalty is $40 thousand per call, not per violation. The phone number is likely a fake, but the firm ID should be enough for the FCC to take action. When I inform the caller that he should set aside $40,000 if he wants to continue talking the phone line goes silent.
  10. Once you got a B36 into the air, they could fly for a long time. Once they landed, God knows when they were able to fly again.
  11. Several years ago in Long Beach CA a White woman was assaulted by a group of Black women. Noted by his absence was "Rev Al" not standing on his soap box in front of city hall demanding his regular mantra of immediate jailing of the obviously racist perpertrators of this heinous act. Selective vision ?
  12. Martin Mars. One of them used to be beached at Long Beach NAS.
  13. With all those markers, this is obviously a filmed release test. Air launched cruise missile?
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