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  1. Really early U2 bird. Note the Ford wagon and "NACA" not NASA markings.
  2. For what vehicle and year ? We are not mind readers.
  3. Like that bull nose chrome strip. Reminds me of the 1950s.
  4. Dr Hohman is a stickler for details, the unit he was involved with was restored to flight condition [but for sure the Canadians didn't let him take it up for a check flight]. As far as I know it was a WW2 plane. He was obviously type certified but his Luftwaffe pilot's licence must have expired by then.
  5. Canada restored one about 20 [maybe less] years ago with the assistance of the Aerospace Corporation Dr. Hohman who was the test pilot on the number two aircraft. Boy, do we have experts on manned rocket flight !
  6. When all else fails, look into Pinto pulleys. Their engines were made in Brazil and are metric. Length of "pull" to the block will determine if useable.
  7. 69 or 70 to my recollection.
  8. Chevy Camaro Rally Sport with the sliding headlight covers had a vacuum pump under the hood to operate the slides. I don't know the capacity but it should be enough to operate a brake booster. I don't remember whether it was belt or 12 volt driven but I think it was 12 volt. Check it out. If looking in a junk yard beware. Many wannabes put the sliding cover front on ordinary Camaros and sold the result to unwary buyers at a premium. Look under the hood !
  9. By the way, Hudson cars were 2 wheel rear mechanical brakes with 4 wheel hydraulic over ride. They worked very well .
  10. Jaguar used to put an emergency/parking disc brake on the drive shaft just forward of the differential. Might be an idea to pursue.
  11. Real planes except maybe the A10 Warthog have propellers.
  12. Nice ! And with wing windows .
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