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  1. Scrub a dub dub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Needed for complete protection. 20 days is right on target.
  3. ''64 ? I'm going by the tail lights.
  4. Clear and unequival decisions are delayed indefinitely by air head politicians and so called do gooders. Why should a well reasoned decision on basic constitutional rights escape such delays ? Kudos to the gutsy judge.
  5. Beautiful in flight, but a bitch to manually control !
  6. Certainly Senior Citizen friendly.
  7. Front fenders ? Use 520 or 521 units. Some of them have the slots for the front turn signals bridging the seam to the front apron rather than being solid [the RL411 has the front parking / turn signal lamps embeded in the apron], if so, fabricate sheet metal or fiberglas cloth patches and finish blending in with light weight Bondo. The result will be indistinguishable from an original 411 fender'
  8. Hey Lieutenant, we'll have you back in the air by dawn tomorrow!
  9. I fabricated a replacement exhaust manifold gasket to the rest of the exhaust piping on my RL411 by cutting 2 [real, not later pretenders] 510 gaskets and piecing them togethed. A dab of Muffler Mender to hold them in place while alignihg the mamifold flange and the rest of the exhaust and all is well.
  10. With "clergy" tag on the dashboard ?
  11. I don't do facebook or other sites. Leave a message for me on this site. I have found other vehicle parts that are either direct fits or easily modified. Every thing from 1970 455cu Buick Electrics to Kia Sephias. I bought my RL411 on 10 March 1968 and kept it runnung ever since.
  12. Nissan used to stock a replacement kit [looked to be universal] of water pump shaft seal and bearing. Might still be available. Only trick is the dissasembly of the water pump housing. Getting the impeller off the shaft without breaking the cast iron is a bear.
  13. Try standard Roberk replacement mirrors. I found near exact ones that mimic my factory 411 mirrors and even exactly fit the factory mounting plates.
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