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  1. I like it simple ! Open the hood and understand what every thing is for. P.S. my 411 does not have 4 way flashers. One less can to worry about. I did add a high mount brake light to notify teen age drivers that I had stopped [easy job given the wiring diagram]. I live near a High School so teeny boppers on their Iphones, not watching traffic is a serious problem.
  2. Depends on the model and year. My 411 is hot wire switched. Fortunately the glove box drivers manual includes a wiring diagram as the last page. [It al;so has the adjustment proceedure for the SU carbs.] Driver's manual sure aren't what they used to be !
  3. MikeRL411

    JCCS 2021

    Crap ! And, no refund due to change of venue.
  4. Old saw, Men will look at a Brunet, stop for a Blond but back up for a Red Head!
  5. If you are trying to start it you have to pull the other way !
  6. Not sure. It also had an overdrive. Fun playing with it, 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse ! Not the way it was ntended to be used but a hell of a lot of fun.
  7. A very long time ago I owned a 1949 Mercury. The owner's manual specified that for Alaska the manual transmission should be thoroughly cleaned and well lubricated with Kerosene for winter service. Yes, Kerosens for transmission lube [after all we are talking Alaska].
  8. 562 is torquoise even for the 411 series. Like mine. It's a long way from Robin's Egg Blue !
  9. That reaction may mean that you are alergic to eggs. Flu vaccine is grown in eggs. Anaphylactic shock is no laughing matter.
  10. Of course 666 is a play on Nero. In Greek that is. Politics in the first century AD.
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