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  1. I use an ordinary black plastic travel alarm clock with 2 sheet metal straps / hooks under the ash tray. It uses an AA battery and lasts much more than a year. Same size as the factory clock for the 411 and looks nearly original when in place. Also retains the alarm function if you are napping in a truck stop on a long trip.
  2. MikeRL411

    411 registry

    I bought my RL411 new 51 years ago. I will not list it and ask for it to be stolen! Exposing your vehicle is very risky, for example the 410 and 411 are becoming desirable in Japan. Conex box at the Long Beach harbor and you will never see it again.
  3. Pull does not flash high beam or directional lights if you mean continuous blinking. If you mean "flash to pass" pulling the stalk while on low beam, it does flash the high beams if just tapped. A steady pull will of course turn on the high beams.
  4. Use stick on mag wheel weights and center on the barrel rather than using inner and outer wheel weights.
  5. When servicing old teletype machines you would follow up this procedure with a few quick wipes of a piece of magazine cover to polish the contacts and prolong service life "Life magazine" was the cover most preferred.
  6. And fish oil [at least in the original formulation].
  7. Added for visibility when towing trailers or packing a camper shell.
  8. until

    Date ????????????????????
  9. F5 imitating Soviet fighter at Top Gun school.
  10. Upgraded USAF A1H Skyraider still with original Navy arresting hook [most probably an A1E in a former life] and a BUFF Big Ugly Fat F[ellow] in the background.
  11. B58 Hustler. Was to have launched the Airborne Ballistic Missile Skybolt for Great Britain.
  12. This weird relay actually has a valid reason for existence. If you are driving in city traffic you should not use high beams. So, put on your first position parking lamp . If you then toggle high beams you turn on your low beam lights. This cuts down on battery drain and gasoline waste at stop lights in high cost of gasoline Japan. This relay is impossible to find. If you follow the schematic of the relay in the above illustration it is possible to wire up an auxiliary printed circuit board with two 510 headlight relays to perform the same function.
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