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  1. British pipe thread has a different thread pitch than US Standard Pipe Thread so leaks are inevitable. Go toan auto parts store and look in the section that sells add on oil pressure gauges. You will find an adapter from BPT to NPT hanging alongside. They are brass. Thread this into your block carefully. If it goes in easily, you have BPT. If it binds, you have NPT. Should only cost 2 to 4 dollars to find out what you have.
  2. Leave the heater core installed and run with the heater "on", it's a free extra radiator capacity.
  3. MikeRL411


    It is surprisingly easy to rebuild seat bottom cushions. The only "trick" is getting access to a sewing machine with enough oomph to sew vinyl. If there is welting between the panels, vinyl welting is available but is usually slightly larger than factory sewn welting. You would not notice the difference. Cut foam to dimensions of seat bottom springs. Lay burlap on the springs. add padding. cut panels by laying material on top of original panels and cut one inch wider all around. Flip on back and staple together including welting. Sew and pull staples. Use hog rings to attach to seat structure. Embellishment , go to local move it yourself and buy some roll of thin white foam sheet used to put between plates when DIY moving. Place on springs before adding burlap. It keeps future burlap crud off your carpet.
  4. MikeRL411

    J13 engines

    A very common, but not iron clad, usage was to begin the chassis number with zero in the first year of manufacture and increment by one for each subsequent year model. To a certain extent this is carried over to the present day VIN first digit.
  5. MikeRL411

    J13 engines

    No 411 [or 410] had kingpins. P series 411 had four wheel drum brakes [with ball joint front suspension].. R series had Front wheel disc brakes designed after, but not fully interchangeable with, the 510 Lockheed disc brake system. This system uses wedge shaped pads and pivots about one corner of the caliper assembly. R series had a factory modified R16 engine to clear the radiator and fire wall of the shorter sedan engine compartment. The standard roadster engine was too long and interfered with the radiator and firewall / windshield wiper assembly. The SS Sport Sedan version was a JDM only version and was a factory version of hot rodded P series 411 that owners had retrofitted with the MG intake manifolds and dual SU type carbs. This retrofit began with the original 1500 series sport car's J15 engine [which had only 1 SU] and was carried over to cars that their owner wanted a "difference" from regular street vehicles. A stealth performance if you will.
  6. MikeRL411

    J13 engines

    There was also the 411SS [Sport Sedan], a J13 with dual Hitachi {SU type} carbs. JDM only product apparently. That intake manifold and exhaust would be a boon to many "can I put SUs on my old Datsun" questions, and without cutting a hole in the LF fender liner for the exhaust like the RL411.
  7. MikeRL411

    J13 engines

    The J13 came in many vehicle models. The forward mounts are sure to be model specific. What vehicle do you want the engine for ?
  8. Alternately "Live fast. Die young. Leave a good looking corpse."
  9. In a rush to get to the graveyard ?
  10. Porsches are not prom wagons !
  11. Distinct lack of "Hustle" from this B58 Hustler. Next time use the tail support prop. Good thing there was no Skybolt on the belly.
  12. Now open and site is manned. I will be bringing 2 cars this year, my 67RL411 and my 97J30T.
  13. The rear floor attach points for the 411 front seat belts is factory stock.
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