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  1. My 1997 Infiniti won third place in the Neo Nissan/Infiniti class.
  2. The Japanese Nostalgic Car site usually has a very comprehensive photo coverage much sooner than the JCCS site.
  3. The original concept was not a starter per se. It was an accessory to pull a stalled vehicle off the tracks before being hit by an oncoming train. Then the idea of a self starter vs hand cranking hit home.
  4. The "TR" version of the U-2. Has a side looking radar or Infrared port and a radome. Here's looking at you !
  5. Like the Cobra frames "found" by Carol Shelby in the desert? He made new frames and lied about their age. He even let them "age" to show some wear from "storage".
  6. And, for a bonus you get to drive by the almost invisible Los Angeles Air Force Base ! Yes, it does exist.
  7. And, on Sundays they offer rides in their museum pieces. Cool way to be sure the engines get sufficient turnover.
  8. Or on your hard drive only.
  9. Roberk makes a series of door mount mirrors that mimic the factory door or fender ones. Plus they can be adjusted without removing from the base to access the locking screw.
  10. FWIW Sentra trunk locks pretty much look to be universally modifiable to fit anything. Replace the factory "tang" and the guts look like any other lock.
  11. I believe the Ryan vertijet shown is at the Air Force museum at Wright Patterson AFB and the propeller driven in previous posting is the one at Balboa park ????? It makes sense that the AF museum would feature the Air Force version and the San Diego Navy centered museum would feature the Navy marked version.
  12. Some head gaskets are supposed to have a copper crusher gasket around the water to head gasket hole, but after market purveyors often "forget" this copper as a cost savings move. Close spacing to the number 4 cylinder may encourage small water leaks. I have also seen short lengths of copper tubing with a washer firmly attached to its middle to serve as a guide and water seal against the block and head. Also look for a chip-out in the rim of the cylinder at the head.
  13. The nicest old car I ever found was an abandoned Rambler [no, not the AMC late comer but an original] in Choteau MT in 1968. Its engine was frozen, but the leather "U Joints" were still flexible. Wish I had tracked down the owner of the gravel pad it was sitting on!
  14. I should buy a lottery ticket. My 2 JCCS entry forms are numbered 7 and 11!
  15. AKA "Pogo", it was stored in the Balboa Park San Diego CA the last I knew. Super scary to land.
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