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  1. British wat to snoop out those watching TV without paying the BBC tax.
  2. If you look, the spacing is adjustable.
  3. Try the checkout line at Vons/Safeway or any other grocery store. You might be surprised at what you find in those large grab boxes.
  4. Related Federal gun charges were not filed. Would have locked him up for a long time. Typical lazy attitude on local authorities, let's get this over with minimum effort on our part.
  5. Quite common these days for regional dealers to sponsor one common body shop.
  6. About 15 years ago a motorcycle pulled out from behind me and passed me on the left Run straight into one of those "flag" mirrors, Quite a mess. Should have looked and maybe ducked ?
  7. Got to be Italian ! Beautful cars, ugly planes. Engine screams Caproni.
  8. YES! SAAB did use the Ford industrial V4 engine.
  9. BW35M still in use in Europe. I have a reuild kit made for Sweedish Cars. See my posting in tranmission section for part numbers etc. All parts listed except for bands.
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