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  1. MikeRL411

    My 1971 521

    When I rebuilt my bucket seats I went to my local Move it yourself store and bought some of the plastic foam "cloth": that movers use to cushion dishes when they get packed. The sheets are pre perforated and are a good fit for the butt end of the bucket seat. Put the plastic directly on the springs, then the jute padding. Problem solved.
  2. If you do not register, and you do not act like an ass hole, you should have no problems. "They" can't search for and seize that which they cannot document. A legal search warrant must be issued by a judge upon the statement of a witness [not a phone call from a beat cop or politician], citing the premises to be searched and the items to be seized. See the US Constitution, which most politicians obviously have not bothered to check. Buy enough ammunition and a reloading tool and accessories before the government adds them to their shopping list. Old wheel weights make good bullets in a bolt action rifle or revolver. In semi-automatics not so good. Now I suppose some Gov hack will add wheel weights to the registration "wish list".
  3. "Good" and "Cheap" are often mutually exclusive . You usually get [almost] what you pay for.
  4. My dad's uncle had 29 children. It took him 4 wives [in succession, he was not a Mormon]. I have more cousins than there are people in many towns. The four wives points out the inherent risks in child birth.
  5. Damn ! That/s a breath takingly long sentence . Your sixth grade English teacher would not approve.
  6. Domestic intelligence gathering was the sole domain of the FBI in President Truman's directive establishing the No Such Agency. Any intelligence gathering that disclosed domestic ties was immediately turned over to the FBI.
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