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  1. "The path to Hell is paved with good intention, but the streets of Hell are paved with Bishops."
  2. MikeRL411

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    English Electric Canberra, not the derivative rotary bomb door American version.
  3. MikeRL411

    vent window rubber compatibility

    I will try to remember to bring my 2 OEM window rubbers next year.
  4. MikeRL411

    vent window rubber compatibility

    I was flat on my back in an emergency room getting a blood clotremoved from my brain. Unfortunately some things take precedent over the JCCS meting.
  5. MikeRL411

    Car Porn

    Almost my RL411 aqua color !
  6. MikeRL411

    JCCS 2018 in new location

    Formal acceptance papers are out today.
  7. MikeRL411

    R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

    Damn! he was only year older than me. I guess i had better start listening to my doctor!
  8. MikeRL411

    Infiniti J30t

    SEE ou all at th jccS!
  9. MikeRL411

    Infiniti J30t

    Front [[mg]http://tinypic.com/5bsdep.jpg[/IMG] r
  10. MikeRL411

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    No, More likly you are topping out on the right hnd ipp pf the square juster, Back of a slight bit and go to the opposite wheel on that axel. Then go back always a good sugetion[ and ] retighten both wheel adjusters.. Kept my RL411 brakes well adjusted for 50 years using this approach.
  11. MikeRL411


    Unless ypu are bidding for a USPS RFD mail delivery contract, I see no true reason to burden yourself for the trans pacific conversion of a perfectly servicable vehicle into an amature try to duplicte a japanese domestic configuration. All will end up will end being qa crude approximation of a non attainable vehicle that no on else will be willing to pay more than scrap metal for..
  12. MikeRL411

    510 rear drum brake adjuster disassembly?

    I use a quarter inch drive socket set and a quarter inch Allen wrench. Perfect fit and no rounding. Invert the quarter inch socket and slip over the square end of the adjuster then use the Allen wrench to turn the shaft.
  13. MikeRL411

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    US version started out as the US Army CV2 Caribou. USAF took them over and redesignated them as something I choose not to remember.
  14. Hi Mike, regarding oil pan removal in the RL411, do I need to remove the engine? could you give me some advice before I get started.

    thank you. 

    1. MikeRL411


      Yes, you need to remove the engine [and transmission as a unit per Nisan] The front crossmember does not allow for vertical drop of the oil pan.  Removal is easier if you first remove the cast valve cover due to wiper motor interferrance.

    2. reza


      Thank you! and bummer! 

    3. MikeRL411


      Further caution if you have the automatic transmission.  There is a socket molded into the lor driver's side of the engine block and a corresponding socket attached to the left front rail.  They are for the complicated automatic transmission shift lever mechanism. and have rubber boots.  Be careful and don't loose the boots.


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