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  1. Agricat plane, Polish radial engine, Russian registration number and Texas flag on the tail. Interesting!
  2. The registration number says that'the Hindenberg
  3. MikeRL411

    Happy Buy Day

    No external differences. Only add ons were a dash radio to replace radio delete plate, High Rear brake light to prevent stupid drivers from climbing into my trunk while texting or ass grabbing and a replacement outside mirror to replace fogged factory unit [Roberk unit - looks exactly like factory one except that adjustment to mirror tension is on the stem, not under the installed unit.] and replacement floor rugs, front and back. Roberk unit even fits the factory installed door mount.
  4. MikeRL411

    Happy Buy Day

    Bought my RL411 51 years ago today. Still runs well, best $1700 I ever spent.
  5. It has been in the LA Times since it broke. I guess the rest of the world thinks it's well deserved ?
  6. B57A in background, modified B57[probably B] with extended wings and closed in rear seat in foreground. Possible prototype for "Patricia Lynn" aircraft ?
  7. Be sure the R16 you buy is a sedan, not roadster, model. The unmodified roadster engine is too long to fit the 411 engine compartment. The straight roadster engine can be modified to fit but it is a long process.
  8. The spring metal clips on the black sheet metal insert that covers the open area on the top of the caliper is subject to deformation and might be rubbing on the rim of the disc.
  9. I was referring to the Datsun 411 series, but thanks for the info. BTW, if you bring a Datsun 411 to a dealer, his computer insists that the 411 is a VW.
  10. If the oil sender has been replaced this may be a case of SAE replacement threaded unit in the NISSAN block British Trade Standard engine block hole. Adapters are readily available.
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