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  1. Check with a good bicycle shop. They repair 7 speed gear shifts so can fabricate replacement cable shift [and so heater] cables.
  2. A limited number of 520 and 521 body parts can be altered to fit 410 and 411. Not doors ! The doors are too tall . Ditto windshield and door glass.
  3. With all the cars I have owned, once I have settled on a dimmer level I never adjust it again. My 411 has had thesame setting for 52 years.
  4. Then their lawyer will sue the maker of the cutter device. "If it wasn't so sharp my clients wuld not have been able to cut the fence and would still be alive."
  5. The RL411 comes with an alternetor, don't know about the PL 411 but suspect it also has an alternator. Mitsubishi made mine. There are also Hitachi alternators lurking in the shadows.
  6. Now that's a Teen Aged Mutant Turtle !
  7. Use spark plug covers and a little RTV.
  8. They look very much like packaging spacers in shipping containers for large XEROX copiers. The XEROX spacers are strong structural nylon.
  9. Good old Shotgun starters! Reminds me of the B57 Canberra. I lost a lot of hearing listening to 20 or so B57 starting up everymorning at Yokota Air Base.
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