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  1. B50 with air refueling mods? Looks like a concept for the KC97 as modified by the Air National Guard . The Guard pulled jet engines off bone yard B50s and installed them on their KC97s in order to keep up with jet fighter refueling without having to refuel in a dive configuration. The KC97 wings were just like the B50 down to piping for the add on jet engines.
  2. If "it works" then why change ? "I just want it" is a poor reason.
  3. By the way, these eggs are 45 years old. They were punctured and the innards blown out. Water colors, India Ink and an old Decco-rEgger go a long way. R2's legs are a popsicle stick.
  4. With a little imagination, Easter eggs don't have to be boring. Frere Jaques, Bunny and R2Degg. Postimage is not cooperating today
  5. The next thing just might be requiring all multi story private residences to install elevators [and back up power sources] on the future possibility that a disabled or elderly occupant would move in. Not too outlandish and possibly desirable, but how many existing 2 story houses have elevators ? Or stand by power sources. I bought a single story house and I am 82 years young going on 120..
  6. I went to USC with a guy who was with this unit, detached informally from US Army Air Force and later had his deployment record "altered" to skip over that period. He kept all his clearances. I also worked with a guy who did "the right thing", resigned and flew for the Israeli Air Force in 1947 . He was "rewarded" for his honest years later when the US government denied him a security clearance for serving in a foreign armed force. He did manage to keep his MP43 and used it as his side arm while flying [later] for the US Navy off a carrier during the Korean war. Said it really beat a .45 pistol.
  7. Chicago politicians used to say "Our voters are so patriotic that they keep voting for 20 years after they die."
  8. A rear wheel and engine Willys ! Interlagos per the steering wheel or is that an aftermarket brand wheel?
  9. Post war Germans visiting Britain were amazed. "I thought we lost the war!"
  10. MikeRL411

    1968 520 for sale

    Using a pix service is the only way to go. Listing a picture that is on your hard drive is a no - no. If I could access a picture on your computer I would have the opportunity to do much mischief.
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