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  1. Not sure. It also had an overdrive. Fun playing with it, 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse ! Not the way it was ntended to be used but a hell of a lot of fun.
  2. A very long time ago I owned a 1949 Mercury. The owner's manual specified that for Alaska the manual transmission should be thoroughly cleaned and well lubricated with Kerosene for winter service. Yes, Kerosens for transmission lube [after all we are talking Alaska].
  3. 562 is torquoise even for the 411 series. Like mine. It's a long way from Robin's Egg Blue !
  4. That reaction may mean that you are alergic to eggs. Flu vaccine is grown in eggs. Anaphylactic shock is no laughing matter.
  5. Of course 666 is a play on Nero. In Greek that is. Politics in the first century AD.
  6. Say your girl friend gets pregnant. [Now how did that happen.] You are not ready for parenthood and urge an abortion. She refuses with the old saw "It's my body not yours. I alone am responsible for my body. You have no say!" Does this mean that she has given up all claim to support for raising the child?
  7. Year, make and model ?
  8. For appearances sake [and ghetto cred] ther are "Neuticles" inserted into the scrotum to give the appearance of non neutered to fixed males. Dogs that is.
  9. Emphasis on the "WERE". This posting has been hijacked by 510 fan[atic]s. Let's get back to the 411 of the original posting.
  10. Reminds me of W C Field's comment on children. "Properly prepared, they are quite delicious."
  11. Triump TR series started out with engineoil lube of transmission.
  12. What's the source of your sauce ?
  13. Chisai chichi are etter than no chichi at all. Nice butt though !
  14. No! That is NOT a hermaphrodite !
  15. More like 6000 WRL411 wagons imported into North America. Most were Borg Warner auto transmissions. By now does anyone care ? 400 number is [mis]quoted in order to create illusion of scarcity and drive up the price of units offered for sale.
  16. Aluminum and steel in contact is a recipe for electrolytic corrosion ! Ask owners of original Shelby Cobras. They had to drill out the pop rivits holding the Aluminum body to the steel frame and upsize to larger rivits frequently.
  17. Ideally that sweatshirt would have a Rolling Stones logl.
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