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  1. Badass Marines. flying suit or both? I vote for both!
  2. Sorry. Misread Ratsun for Russian, not enough coffee before surfing.
  3. Russian guy ? No. the sign is not in Cyrillic.
  4. They are expecting an "amnesty" bill [which will ruin the landlords]. The houses will be sold through bankruptcy court, torn down and rebuilt as rent control free housing leaving a great number of hopefulls out on the street. Not a pessimist, just a realist.
  5. Fairly soon some people are going to find that "moratorium" does not mean "forgiveness" and that past rent is now due.
  6. Similar cannon were installed at Ft MacArthur in San Pedro CA, Fired at least once, broke windows all around the fort. "Hidden" in a tunnel on rail road tracks. Traces of the tunnel can still be found.
  7. Surely this is not intended to patrol the Republic of lreland / Ulster border
  8. Standard ANCO wipers and replacement arms will fit. The wiper blades will be slightly longer than original JDM if that"s what your vehicle had but a little finagling and cussing will get proper timing and stop / start positioning.
  9. Naval jelly is a thick goop that disolves iron rust. Very caustic Both my parents were from Ireland, Cavan and Monaghan. My maternal Grandmother was raised Gaelic speaking. No English was allowed in her home town.
  10. And the P51 Mustang had a wimpier oficial name. [Mustang was originally the RAF designation] Grizzly Bear was the pilot's slang derived from its profile. Brummy Bar actually only applied to the trainer and this modified 2 man night fighter version. It would try to infiltrate echelon flights and shoot the allied bombers from within the formation.
  11. Looks like a captured Brummy Baer. Grizzly Bear when translated from the German.
  12. If you have to replace the oil pressure sender don't forget the BPT to SAE adapter! They sell for about $4 and can be found in the car parts stores at the aftermarket oil pressure meters section.
  13. Small block early Chevrolet V8 do this.
  14. Those hokey add on plastic side and front bumper bits detract from the superb Porsche design !
  15. She's holding a "Davai Guitar" so called by Russian troups as the advanced across Eastern Europe. Davai meand "Give". So gimme or I will play a tune for you. Yes, it's a PPSH. And she has 2 magnificent magazines there.
  16. Many many years ago the city of Utica NY had an answer. Applicants for relief got 2 weeks to find a job. Lack of success gave them a "City job", cleaning the shoulders and gutters of city and state roads of the winter accumulation of trash and tree limbs. Many found a job by day 13.
  17. Naval Jelly. Preferably with a mat to prevent leakage and severe paint runs. Rinse well later and apply good primer and matching paint. Slainte and Caed Mille Failte/
  18. The only thing I have seen that was weirder was the "Forest Fighter" blimp. A surplus ZPG blimp bag, a steel under structure and 4 Sikorsky choppers at the corners of the structure. It crashed on the first flight attempt.
  19. Another poster who assumes you know what he needs and gives no details.
  20. When I visit traveling copies of thw wall I need to walk to the far left of the wall. In 1962 I was briefly attached to [and I type this with a straight face] the "Third Radio Research Organization of the Department of Defence Pacific Research Organization" , DODPACRO, at Thon Sohn Nuit and Phubai. The unit had just had what might have been the first admitted combat casualty. [The USA had taken over the French advisory roll as early as 1955 after Dienbenphu's fall and the Frech withdrawal. Any casualties were in Advisory roll.] Specialist Davis had taken a group of ARVN trainees out with a
  21. $9,000 ? Let's get real. "Restored" firearms are worth less than the same firearm in original unrestored condition.
  22. Too bad you're not near Long Beach CA, there are several forklife rebuild faciities there. I visited one looking for engine thermostat housings for my RL411. No sucess but the foreman gave me several good suggestions. Look in your neighborhood yellow pages for forklift repair ststions. You may find one.
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