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  1. Your post is a slap in the face to all of the Ratsun members that took the time to help you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Those of us on here love our Datsun's and we love our L series. I’ve been turning wrenches since I was 12 years old and started on my Dads ‘74 620. I listened, I learned and I became better. What I didn’t do was blame any of my Datsun’s for my failures as a mechanic...Like I said above: I became better. All I can say is: Your Datsun deserves better.
  2. Yeah it must be the rain water. I have bought 3 of them from TEP. Two shorties and a long tube for my 510. My 510 wagon is in the Bronx, so I don’t know how that one has held up. My 2 door is in Sacramento and I don’t know about that one either. However, my KC still has the same one on it from 2004. It hasn’t been coated or wrapped...Thankfully it’s held up.
  3. Top End Performance 21613 Marilla St Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-764-1901 This is where I get my headers from. He’s about 40 miles from San Gabriel. Ask for Steve.
  4. Everything before but: Negated. Your best option is to sell it before it turns into Scrapson...
  5. I once had a cam snap on my L18 just behind #3 cam tower. It still ran on the remaining 3 cylinders. That sprocket looks like you had zero dowel engagement...weird.
  6. As per my ‘77 FSM that is the correct order.
  7. “I didn’ttouch anything else besides the head and the manifolds.” Why would you feel you need to “reset the distributor”?
  8. L18: 14710-K2501 (manual) 14710-K2511 (auto)
  9. Mike, my ‘75 service bulletin is showing that 1974 was the last of the dealer installed A/C units in the 620. 1975 and on they were all installed at the factory before shipment of the vehicle. As per the bulletin, this was done to eliminate the possibility of deterioration in emission control performance, due to an incorrect mounting of the A/C in the field.
  10. I Love the '64s, especially the dash! Thanks Angela! Thanks! And I agree on the factory suicide doors: they're great! Thanks man!
  11. Thanks! Yeah my driveway is getting crowded, I told my brother we can put his C10 in the backyard...lol
  12. I just picked this up. I've wanted one of these for a very long time, and found this one by accident and decided I wanted it. I'm really excited about this one, and I have a few ideas that I'm going to do. It's a 1968 and it has the more powerful 460 in it.
  13. Jersey

    New to ratsun.net

    As a matter of fact, that picture was taken at the very last one I attended. That's when I met you and got some shirts from you...I need more shirts! I would definitely stop by and say hello if I was there: I hope to attend the next one...So save me a couple of XL shirts...Jersey.
  14. Picked up a totaled '72 Eldorado on Friday. It has all the options my coupe doesn't, so I'm going to swap everything over. It also has a low mile 500 in it, which I'm going to drop in my '64 when I get it. I all ready swapped the passenger mirror over and also installed the driver window motor, now my window works!
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