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  1. Mike, my ‘75 service bulletin is showing that 1974 was the last of the dealer installed A/C units in the 620. 1975 and on they were all installed at the factory before shipment of the vehicle. As per the bulletin, this was done to eliminate the possibility of deterioration in emission control performance, due to an incorrect mounting of the A/C in the field.
  2. I Love the '64s, especially the dash! Thanks Angela! Thanks! And I agree on the factory suicide doors: they're great! Thanks man!
  3. Thanks! Yeah my driveway is getting crowded, I told my brother we can put his C10 in the backyard...lol
  4. I just picked this up. I've wanted one of these for a very long time, and found this one by accident and decided I wanted it. I'm really excited about this one, and I have a few ideas that I'm going to do. It's a 1968 and it has the more powerful 460 in it.
  5. Jersey

    New to ratsun.net

    As a matter of fact, that picture was taken at the very last one I attended. That's when I met you and got some shirts from you...I need more shirts! I would definitely stop by and say hello if I was there: I hope to attend the next one...So save me a couple of XL shirts...Jersey.
  6. Picked up a totaled '72 Eldorado on Friday. It has all the options my coupe doesn't, so I'm going to swap everything over. It also has a low mile 500 in it, which I'm going to drop in my '64 when I get it. I all ready swapped the passenger mirror over and also installed the driver window motor, now my window works!
  7. Jersey

    New 620 owner :)

    I had to run an H4 harness on mine, because I kept blowing the fuse when I ran my high beams...Now it's not a problem.
  8. It would be great if there were more successful V8 swaps out there. There might be an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with all that's involved: Maybe even get to ride in it...Then you'd have an informed opinion as to whether you want to go down that path...For me, when I was younger...I too, wanted to have a V8 620 (I had a friend that had a V8 LUV)...it just never happened. Years later, I test drove a V8 Z: And it just didn't feel right to me...After having driven my friend's Z many times: I preferred that to the V8 Z. Good luck with whatever you decide: Ultimately, it's your ride and your decision. Jersey.
  9. Jersey

    New to ratsun.net

    Thank you! No I had it made, it's made out of convertible top material, not vinyl.
  10. The only fender mirrors that I like are on my Freightliner. Other than that: I'm not a fan. As my Aunt Fern used to say: To each his own.
  11. Jersey

    New to ratsun.net

    Welcome! Nice truck! Here's a shot of mine, along with my brothers (behind mine). Taken on Hollywood Blvd, we had just come from the Eaglerock show.
  12. The last California Truck Jamboree that I attended in Irvine, there was a guy that had a standard cab that had a 350 in it. I talked to him and one of the things that I remember, it no longer had a heater...This truck, however, was extremely clean with a beautiful black paint job on it and the bed was radiused. It also had a cab extender on it. I know I have a picture of it and will post it when I find it. I also have his business card with contact info and will post that too. This was about 15 years ago, who knows, maybe (if he still has it...) he'd part with it...doesn't hurt to ask. This was a truck that was very Beautiful and done right. His license plate: V8URGE.
  13. I sold the wagon to make room in the driveway for the Caddy. The wagon didn't have A/C. The Caddy is the one that has it and I just need to convert it over. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. It looks like a '79 to me...in the top picture you can see the intermittent wiper amplifier.
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