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  1. PM the address you would like me to send it to.
  2. Yes, they should be common to both sides.
  3. Ok there’s the picture. Let me check.
  4. Post a picture so I know exactly what you need: I may have one...If I do, I’ll send it to you.
  5. HELP section at Autozone, perhaps...
  6. Let that serve as a guide to the procedure of adjusting them. As you have, both new shoes and drums, do the above and back it off until you feel good about what you’re feeling when you spin that wheel/drum. It may be 12 or it may be... You’ll learn what’s what by doing.
  7. Turn the drum around backwards and try putting it on over that stud and then the rest and see if they engage the holes. If yes, you’ve got something else going on...If no, replace the suspect stud.
  8. Try backing your adjuster off...Maybe that will help you.
  9. Your best friend, here, is patience...And, of course, having the right tools. No, you don’t need to pull the hub. It’s been a while since I’ve done front drum brakes. If I remember right, my trick was to install the two big springs onto the shoes and then install the shoes onto the adjusters. And then install little bottom spring. I believe that’s the way I used to do it...But, again: No need to remove the hub.
  10. This last picture you can see the degree of the curve relative to the wall.
  11. They’re curved, not flat.
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