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  1. add a filler piece. make the gap as little as possible. It will save you time on the grinding/sanding step
  2. do you have the bench with no indent in it?
  3. Also, find paint that matches the bottom part of that air filter 🙂
  4. Disconnect the battery, protect labels of all kind and the alternator. Then a bit of Simple Green, pressure wash over the engine bay and she's gonna look almost like new.
  5. unfortunately from what i gather the harness grommet only comes with the harness. It is also my desite to change it. The other grommets I ordered on various websites: rockauto, amazon, parts train.
  6. For starters: google it, check how its been done on other vehicles. We can't always feed you the cookies...
  7. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    oups. I thought i read it right on the first webpage. Been a while since I had headlights on my truck ?
  8. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    From the diagram, on LOW: h2 and h3 are ON. When on HIGH: all lights are ON.
  9. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    read up on here http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=620_Headlight_Wiring
  10. add a zipper on the seam line and you'll have the perfect access port for the strut tour ?
  11. He mentioned that it's his daughter's choice of color
  12. or have a welder MIG some aluminum back on it an tap the threads from inside out and sand flat
  13. sebpv

    My '79 620 in Jersey

    open it up and see what you might need. Most often its only a paper gasket
  14. sebpv

    Ratson Rod

    Great skills and nice progress. I only wish I could drop my truck but our regs wont allow it. I wonder if a full custom floor would pose certains issues.
  15. use paint stripper or a sandblast like you mentioned. Reach the corners with a Q-tip, knife tip, needle or tiny screwdriver. Plasti-dip it. If its metal then just lay it flat on a fine sand paper and that should bring out the details?
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