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  1. sebpv

    Rust repair

    cab mounts recess(front, middle and rear) cab mount reinforcement(underneath) license plate(rust or damage)
  2. My bad I guess, I was under the impression you were waiting for shit to ensue
  3. Dont listen to Debbie Downer here, Im reading your thread with excitement and cant wait to see it running!
  4. sebpv

    620 Land Speed Record

    Issa joke...right?
  5. I saw, I cried, I smiled and I drooled. Thats impressive work I see there. Cant wait for the end result :)
  6. sebpv

    From France to USA : help please!

    About the rust on the bed, I suspect the rust to go through so you will need to cut and patch. To do so, drill out the spot welds first. If my memory serves me right, you will have to move the bed to get to the front welds. My other concern is the battery tray. Again, drill the spot welds of the tray then fix accordingly. Nice find. Remove the canopy, change the seals and the center tie rod link. Fix the body, paint it and enjoy your ride!
  7. sebpv

    "Zeke"- '72 510 2Dr

    If you apply clear on top of the marker you could make it last longer
  8. sebpv

    Revival of the Chickenhawk...

    didnt think about the bottoms
  9. sebpv

    Revival of the Chickenhawk...

    I might be alone in this, but I feel a rack with a smaller gap with the roof would look better. Wouldnt look as much "vintage" but there is so much we already do to improve our rides...I would cut those just above the clips and weld the rack straight onto the legs, or perhaps cut in shorter halves and weld them together and reuse the threaded holes. Otherwise I wonder how malleable the aluminum? can be.
  10. sebpv

    Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

    might as well secure them together to prevent movement if you ever encounter a rock or crack...
  11. sebpv

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I have seen you heat up the metal with a propane bottle and cool it down with air. Do you suggest doing it?
  12. sebpv

    Spuds 76 620 Project

    go on imgur. easier than photobucket
  13. sebpv

    Spuds 76 620 Project

    We cant see your pictures anymore :/. And Im on my phone, so no photobucket fix for me...
  14. sebpv

    DIY Make a Hakosuka Spoiler

    fiberglass resin. Part 2 when he applies the gelcoat+activator
  15. sebpv

    Well, now what am I gonna do with this?

    brake cleaner?

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