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  1. Silicon bronze TIG welding the seams seems to be the way to go. Its a softer material so easy to grind. Depending on the depth of the weld, you could keep the seam visible. In the future, I plan on doing exactly that. In order to avoid rust from forming in between the panels, I will cut as much of the back panel pinch as possible once welded.
  2. sebpv

    replacing rims ?

    type jdm 6x139.7 on ebay. You may find other wheels that better match our pickup trucks
  3. I woul be. Mine has the recess in the middle though.
  4. sebpv

    Slamming a 620..

    or weld 4x stands around the notch area to hold it and 2x at the frame end. Then cut away at the notch
  5. sebpv

    620 Widebody on Youtube

    as I saw them sawzall the cowl, all I could think why not just drilling out the spot welds...
  6. sebpv

    620 Widebody on Youtube

    RIP windshield and back window. They must be pitted like crazy by now. Also RIP Datsun 620. Might as well buy replacement panels and mount them up on a frame...
  7. sebpv

    79 620

    Theres a spot on the left side of the tailgate that is square. Could it be that said sticker that wore out?
  8. Just a thought here. Is it possible that the different thermodynamics from the dissimilar metals eventually cause the paint bond to weaken? Like paint would stretch more on one metal than the other and prematurely fail...Though that doesn't explain why lead works better. I would need to know what the brazing material is to compare the expansion coefficients
  9. sebpv


    thats exactly the end result Im hoping for with mine and I wouldnt even go as high as $10K USD...
  10. sebpv

    StreetFighter 620

    nice rocket box. got the same😎🤫
  11. sebpv

    Just bought a 1979 620

    i bought mine on ebay. Type: jdm 6x137.9
  12. Your inquiries go in the classifieds only
  13. Got hailed and bought a kit. Personally the kit works ok, but you gotta be careful when removing the hot glue. My plastic scraper could scratch the paint. Sometimes I would have to do it 3 times to get the dent a tad visible. I ended up going the conventional way with body filler.
  14. Shiiiit. Not the kind of news im used to. Sorry for your loss man
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