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  1. sebpv

    Ratson Rod

    Great skills and nice progress. I only wish I could drop my truck but our regs wont allow it. I wonder if a full custom floor would pose certains issues.
  2. sebpv

    Brandon's Bluebird Project

    use paint stripper or a sandblast like you mentioned. Reach the corners with a Q-tip, knife tip, needle or tiny screwdriver. Plasti-dip it. If its metal then just lay it flat on a fine sand paper and that should bring out the details?
  3. sebpv

    Brandon's Bluebird Project

    for the texture I would consider plasti-dip. Then a silver marker for the details.
  4. sebpv

    Any tips for starting 620 after sitting for 7 years?

    have you attempted to turn it over by hand with a breaker bar on the crankshaft wheel? from experience I would have just drained the fuel tank and start fresh. New spark plugs maybe after it fired up.
  5. sebpv

    79 620 aquired today

    an air gun wont turn it?
  6. sebpv

    StreetFighter 620

    ya i meant the tubs
  7. sebpv

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    you could simply use cargo straps to hold the muffler on one side and another strap to pull the exhaust away from the shock. Then pry the exhaust end to its original position EDIT: nevermind. I missed a part. Carry on with the exhaust shop
  8. sebpv

    StreetFighter 620

    what do you think about extending the wheel wells for a stock look? also any work done on the cab floor?
  9. sebpv

    New user. Hi. That kind of thing.

    same pic got me on this forum as well. Initially i wanted to bag my truck, but its turning into a full stock resto.
  10. sebpv

    Rust repair

    cab mounts recess(front, middle and rear) cab mount reinforcement(underneath) license plate(rust or damage)
  11. My bad I guess, I was under the impression you were waiting for shit to ensue
  12. Dont listen to Debbie Downer here, Im reading your thread with excitement and cant wait to see it running!
  13. sebpv

    620 Land Speed Record

    Issa joke...right?
  14. I saw, I cried, I smiled and I drooled. Thats impressive work I see there. Cant wait for the end result :)
  15. sebpv

    From France to USA : help please!

    About the rust on the bed, I suspect the rust to go through so you will need to cut and patch. To do so, drill out the spot welds first. If my memory serves me right, you will have to move the bed to get to the front welds. My other concern is the battery tray. Again, drill the spot welds of the tray then fix accordingly. Nice find. Remove the canopy, change the seals and the center tie rod link. Fix the body, paint it and enjoy your ride!

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