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  1. sebpv

    Just bought a 1979 620

    i bought mine on ebay. Type: jdm 6x137.9
  2. Your inquiries go in the classifieds only
  3. Got hailed and bought a kit. Personally the kit works ok, but you gotta be careful when removing the hot glue. My plastic scraper could scratch the paint. Sometimes I would have to do it 3 times to get the dent a tad visible. I ended up going the conventional way with body filler.
  4. Shiiiit. Not the kind of news im used to. Sorry for your loss man
  5. add a filler piece. make the gap as little as possible. It will save you time on the grinding/sanding step
  6. do you have the bench with no indent in it?
  7. Also, find paint that matches the bottom part of that air filter 🙂
  8. Disconnect the battery, protect labels of all kind and the alternator. Then a bit of Simple Green, pressure wash over the engine bay and she's gonna look almost like new.
  9. unfortunately from what i gather the harness grommet only comes with the harness. It is also my desite to change it. The other grommets I ordered on various websites: rockauto, amazon, parts train.
  10. For starters: google it, check how its been done on other vehicles. We can't always feed you the cookies...
  11. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    oups. I thought i read it right on the first webpage. Been a while since I had headlights on my truck ?
  12. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    From the diagram, on LOW: h2 and h3 are ON. When on HIGH: all lights are ON.
  13. sebpv

    Headlights Problem

    read up on here http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=620_Headlight_Wiring
  14. add a zipper on the seam line and you'll have the perfect access port for the strut tour ?
  15. He mentioned that it's his daughter's choice of color
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