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Wrecking Yard Report

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Damm is'nt this a U 520????


This car HAS to be bought back from that yard & saved. Never seen one in the states & it's LHD !! Jefe what yard was it at?


it's in lemoore , ca. I think the yard is called economy wrecking. I almost bought it a couple years ago when it was mostly complete. The bottom is pretty beat up from being moved around with the forklift. I was going to pluck the metal dash for my 521 but he wanted $70 for it. I got him down to $50 but I was only willing to pay $40.

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The 520 was Crabbyone's :) There should have been a near perfect D side fender in the back. In fact, I still have the P side fender here that he bought off Ted for it. At some point, we were going to make a deal for the really nice 520 bumper I have :) He's sure enjoying the comfort of his Vue now! :)

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Because it vibrated, probably driveline, so bad that it shattered the 40 year old fuse block and left me walking to a stress test for my heart at 6 am. The engine and trans are from an 81 510, and have approx 10,000 mi on the rings and bearings. As I told mkoltz, I think I finally outgrew my Datsun habit. Make Mike an offer for the fender, or the bumper, if you wish. I have no further interest in the thing. :) But I'm still gonna look at 'em a little. And, since Mike hasn't got anything else to do, I will pass stewardship of the Japanese Trucking Association to him....laughing



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LKQ Portland, St Johns on Columbia ave

Today, Saturday Apr 4


Still has most of these left:

- Green 521, the one I posted 2 months ago in Sighted, SE Portland by the pancake house

- black 521


- Datsun 1200, now stripped pretty good. All glass is left. Windshield has two rock chips

Has 4-speed, driveshaft and diff. All the engine. Brakes, including nice master cylinders

TWO NICE DOORS, nice black leatherette headliner. New muffler (very rare, can't find a new one)



- B210 coupe looked like a nice car, running gear is all ther, 4-speed is already out sitting there. Mostly the dash and seats are missing.


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Damm is'nt this a U 520????


This car HAS to be bought back from that yard & saved. Never seen one in the states & it's LHD !! Jefe what yard was it at?


Crapola dudes this is totally rare! Holy cow! LHD, in the states, I've never seen one. Someone get it!!!

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Guest DatsuNoob

Some neat ol rigs out there for sure. I dig that old honda on the roof too. Too bad wreckers will rarely sell 'em. Going out to Parkland pull-a-part today, will come back with an update.

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pull a part parkland

77 kingcab delux, 5spd, near perfect dash, couldn't get it pulled w/leatherman. nice blue interior & buckets


pre 78 620 standard cab, some jack ass broke the dash all up pulling clock or tack, other wise looks fairly complete


several 720's


early z getting processed with swastika wheels


several 300zx's


don't remember seeing any datsun cars.

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Datsun 620 at the Norwalk/santa fe springs ecology yard. The dash is cracked but the INSTRUMENT CLUSTER in clean so get it. The chain cover is taken so are the windshields and doors. Head and some AC stuff there.

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Went to the Seargent's Towing auction this morning to bid on this car. LKQ wanted it way worse than me. It will be in their yard soon. Not a straight panel on it. No engine/trans/driveline. Dash rough. No interior panels. Half the trim gone. Pretty rust free.


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