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Wrecking Yard Report

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Sorry no pic.


5/72 1200 coupe at u-pull-it in Greensboro, NC. No motor/trans. Manual, rusty, pretty good glass (bubbles at bottom of the windshield). In fact it looks like someone bought some rear quarter glass NOS and put them in the trunk, not installed, they look really good. Grill with little dings. Has fold down rear seat. A nissan windshield washer bag with a kangaroo on it, ha. Brakes, suspension look good, front discs. I snagged the gas tank. 2 hudcaps, nice window chrome.

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santa fe springs pick a part half off today.


2 810's one coupe one wagon. a b210 and a 280zx (1980)

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Today, Monday June 15, 2009

Lynnwood + Arlington

Lynnwood Datsun 210 Coupe, 4speed A14



For sale $750 at PaP, clean Maxima



Also there was a 1977 620



ARLINGTON - 1976 B210 2-dr sedan



1972 620



Z 2+2 ?






1981 Datsun 210 "Jesus Freak" Coupe A15 short block (head and 5-speed gone)



1980 200SX - looks complete, must have just put it out. Complete EFI system.



521 with L16, good fender in the bed


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521 at the "BIG" PickaPart in Wilmington. complete body wise and window wise. Everything else is gone. 50% today and possibly tomorrow.

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Hey ggzilla...great job on the pics! I love bein able to see whats being talked about. Not like I can rush right over and get any parts but still.:cool:

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denver, find anything good lately. There was a pretty rough and striped 510 sitting out at u-pull-and-pay on 66th and they had a 521 a while ago but haven't seen anything otherwise.

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went to a few wrecking yards last week and found some cool stuff, the one on lombard had 2 620s,3 or 4 z cars and a 520 with a napz engine in it


the one in boring, the classics one had 3+ 620's, 2 wagons,3+720's

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I'm going to try to stop by the Tacoma yard today. 5pm or so :D

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went to pick a part today in turner, oregon and this was in the "bull pin" the cars you cant touch nor go in...



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pull a part tacoma


521 well picked over

few 720's

few maxima's

few z's

and a 210 2 dr


garraways in spannaway


68/69 510 4 dr

pulsar nx wagon

and some other nissan cars


rowlins in spanaway


1 620

a bunch of misc nissans

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(not pictured)

Two 2nd gen Maximas 85-88. No newer ones this time. Pre '91 Sentras, a 1984 or 85 300ZX. No MAS or radiator. 2-seater, non turbo, grey/blue. A 1987-89 Pulsar. sohc engine

green Pathfinder 4x4, V6. No rear axel (probably was LSD)



Tacoma pull a apart

1982 maxima, L24, 3-speed auto. no exhaust manifold. Rear disc brake brackets are the welded on type.



521, L16, 4-speed manual, dented up tailgate. bed not too bad. Lots of junk in the bed though so its hard to see fully



1982 310GX, FWD, sunroof, electric fan blowing on the carb! :D My first car was a red 310GX like this.



210 - driver's side is a bit more clean bodywise.



1978 280Z. no driver's door which is the one I need. white interrior, most of the L28 is still there.



1979 280ZX - 2 seater, slick top. cam removed, lots of the wiring harness has been clipped and picked through. Black dash with a couple small cracks but overall not too bad. Main gauges gone, tripple center gauges there with analog clock. Manual heater control system in place and ready to pull since the dash has already been pulled. underdash panels are black and in the hatch along with the dash. driver's fender is straight, hood is straight



1976? 280Z - appears straight until you look close. Looks like a major bondo job all around and then spray canned. complete L28, verified 5-speed! (still in car) the black door panel in the pic is mine :P


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Spent about 3 hours at this yard today. Lots of trucks, not much in the way of pre '80 Datsun cars, only saw a couple of Z's. Took these pics with my phone, sorry for the poor quality.


A & A Greenhill Auto Wreckers

92027 Green Hill Rd

Junction City, OR 97448-8419


(541) 689-6115










Plenty of 521 sunvisors, I ran out of room or would have grabbed a few. 3 good 521 tail lights, one complete set. Not the short style, the longer ones. I couldn't get them off, probably need an impact driver, or a drill to remove them.


I grabbed the easy stuff that I don't actually need, a rear view mirror, and a couple of extra sets of window winders and door handles.


This is sort of a family run yard, crawling in hornets, blackberries, and some sort of lilac stuff.


Prices are pretty decent. I picked up an AM radio from a 521, and AM/FM cassette from a later 510 wagon, and a Toyota truck radio just to see if it would fit in the Bee. Also pulled the later model alternator off the 520, the custom door seals that were in it, door handles & cranks, two 521 factory dome lamps, the accelerator cable and linkage from the 520, a set of 70's Ford F-150 tail lights, and a blower motor for my '91 F150, also the standard nuts/bolts and little stuff...$100 for all of it.


Didn't take any photos of the 620's, but I did see at least a couple of decent lower front valances and a nearly perfect front bumper.

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has anyone seen any 620's in the yard scense they combined domestic and import yards and also PnP bought out james auto wreckers on north antilope so prices went up.... sucks

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SOCAL PICKAPART IN ONTARIO today just put out a 100% complete 1974 Z L28 4speed with a set of 5 spoke wheels. Chrome or polished valve cover and PERFECT DASH. it had a car phone too. The only bad i saw is i pulled the valve cover off and the camshaft was rusted pretty bad as it sat for a looong time prob, but the motor turned

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Kelowna, BC, Canada (Pick-N-Pull)


Saw the third Bluebird 411 in my life this week, sorry no pics. PL411-048162

It wasn't in very good condition, most body and interior parts were bad, infested with wasps too. It had a manual transmission.

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Pull A Part in Lynnwood, WA. Was there today. One mostly complete b210. Had nice taillights. Bunch of 720's and hardbodys. Not much else worth mentioning.

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The upullit on Foster and 102? in portland had this yesterday....dang nice shape...too bad it's in here. The entire dash was already gone. Had a couple of stock rims with it. Tailgate was really straight, but had some rust holes. Windshield has one tiny chip and one small chip that I could see...definitely useable if careful with it. I got a chuckle out of the NOS parts laying in the front of it. Heater core did not appear to leak except for around the valve....which did turn.





















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A & A Greenhill Auto Wreckers

92027 Green Hill Rd

Junction City, OR 97448-8419

(541) 689-6115

























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there is a 1200 at portland auto wrecking now but its kinda picked over there is also a datsun 520 there!!!

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does anyone know when the next lkq 1/2 price sale is?



i bent the lower control arm on my toyota this morning and dont want to spend much on my $400 car


all holidays are 1/2 price days

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U-pull U-save out past boring had at least 5 620's and a 521 I never found the wagons I heard were in there, but I did find a saturn alt for my dime. One of the 620's looked like you could damn near drive it, if the trans was not laying in the bed. very complete

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Spotted a week ago today, Monday August 3rd, at Las Vegas P & P on North Lamb. I didn't have time or I definately would have removed these fenders. May still be there......






Anyone want to build a 720 dually?????


These are the first 720 dually fenders and wheels that I ever remember seeing. VERY RARE!!!!!!


There also was a complete ABS plastic bed liner and that vintage Perris Valley camper.

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Report: Aug 13, 2009


Lynnwood Pull-A-Part

* Datsun B210, 1978, complete except wheels, distributor, grille

* Datsun 620

* Datsun 720

* Nissan 720

* Nissan 300ZX

* Two pathfinders











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