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  1. I just can't blieve someone woul break the car and call me whinning!! I'm pissed bro!
  2. Get this! The guy who bought called me already and said the ignition was broken. It was fine when it left my house! Then he has the nerve to ask me to reimburse for the part! The worst part about that is that he already talked me down too! Never seling a datto to a non datto fan again!!!
  3. The car is now SOLD. Thanks for looking!
  4. OK I have lowered the price to 700 obo. PM me if interested.
  5. Crap I missed the spare tire well... Did you still want a pic of that?
  6. http://youtu.be/t6IOM9yLCXQ This is the video of the engine area, and me starting it up.
  7. Next video will have the engine compartment and I started it up as well.
  8. http://youtu.be/YBNn-S0xmn8 This is the first video.
  9. I just took a video... Give me a few minutes and I'll post the link.
  10. I'm actually bummed to let it go... But I don't think I'm going to ever get around to fixing it up, its been in the family for like 15 years I think.
  11. Yeah it runs great... It's a 5 speed as well. Still really fun to drive, just took it around the block. Just needs some TLC... Clear coat is starting to peel up a bit, the interior is decent... The roof covering is falling apart at bit... Good Washington tags until August. Lemme know.
  12. Runs and drives used as a daily driver. 800 cash OBO -- PM me me if interested.
  13. djt0ast

    620 near pefect dash 160.00 OBO

    It's all SOLD. Thanks for looking.

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