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  1. 610SSS

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Someone save the old girl.
  2. If u look hard enough u just might find a HKS l series turbo manifold.
  3. WOW, Been over a year since i last posted in here. In that time iv moved into my house and have 1 610 in the garage. The other parts car is still stored at my parents house. Been working on the body slowly and almost sold both 610's last year but couldnt let em go, Hopefully it will be running by the time im 30 :rofl:
  4. 610SSS

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Iv been lurking lol. Made no real progress, Just tidying up some filler.
  5. 610SSS

    My 610

    Nice coupe mate, Love the rear lights :wub:
  6. 610SSS

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Feeling good, Been sanding down alittle body filler on the 610 SSS with the sunroof, Not having power in the garage atm sucks.
  7. 610SSS

    FJ20 info

    Think this is a old fj20 t3.
  8. 610SSS

    FJ20 info

    Bit late :lol:
  9. 120Y/B210's look so sh#t with those bumpers.
  10. That 510 wagon is insane, Would never seen one in a u pull it over here unless it had major damage.
  11. Im with you on this one, Jealousy is a disease get well soon guys :lol:
  12. 610SSS

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Pretty sure its a 74. It got fix believe it or not. Found that pics on this site. http://members.iimetro.com.au/~marqrest/resources/index.php
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