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  1. A quick update on Shiro (that's her name). I've been doing little repairs here and there and just driving the hell out of it. Back in February I drove her to Tucson from Denver to attend the roadkill zip tie drags. People were a little confused seeing a minitruck with a roof top tent mounted to it. After selling the tent I realized I needed some sort of sleeping solution for a few trips I have planned this summer. Found a topper on CL for 100 bucks and built a bed platform for a 3700 mile round trip to South Georgia. The trip went well with only a couple minor issues. I currently have every ball joint and bushing new in the shop waiting to get installed so it'll stop trying to change lanes when I hit the brakes. Front brakes will probably be soon after that and maybe I can find the time to rebuild the weber 38 I have for her. Until next time.
  2. Started a new build thread when I last worked on it. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/65380-madness-521-originally-project-diy/?fromsearch=1
  3. I think I paid a fair price on it at $3600. The mechanical maintenance could have been better but it's hard to find one that has been aesthetically taken care of. The bumper isn't even the factory one from 83. It looks like the truck was hit and the bumper replaced with an aftermarket unit. I'm keeping it through the winter for a little added protection to the body. Replaced the front shocks with pinto KYB excel G's and mounted a set of snow tires. Rides like a dream now. Pictures to come.
  4. My 720 has had issues since I bought it and I'm starting to realize that the previous owners took care of the appearances but not much was done maintenance wise. So far I have set timing back to the 3-5 degree advance as recommended. Replaced plugs with the proper part numbers per side. Checked firing order and confirmed wire placement. I have experimented with the air fuel mixture on the carb by ear and with a vacuum gauge. Cooling system flush with new t-stat and cap. Issues: I've had backfire and hard start issues when hot and cold, choke open and closed. Backfiring through the exhaust between shifts and when quickly letting off the throttle. Strong full throttle pulls to redline in first and second but it will fall on its face and misfire horribly when shifting into third. Extremely light throttle is required to recover. Random missfire at idle. Lagging and sluggish during easy driving but will randomly recover and run strong. Free revving while not under load seems fine. Choke operates flawlessly. I am hearing tapping from the top end so I think it's safe to assume it's time for a valve adjustment and head bolt re torque and I am at 5200 ft in altitude but this truck is originally from Texas so I'm not sure if jetting could be the issue. Myself and the lead tech have gone over this truck and can't seem to find the smoking gun. Any of you guys could venture a guess?
  5. Been doing some little things here and there. Finished the tailgate. Painted and put on the rear bumper that came with the truck. (Not 100% sure I'll leave it though) Made my mooneyes badge a little more legit using a 2 part epoxy drip. Found some swanky chrome mirrors that looked just like the black plastic ones that came on the truck. And did a way overdue coolant flush with a new thermostat, radiator cap, and Toyota red coolant. Not pictured is a new exhaust due to its temporary state. The factory muffler fell off during a test drive after new wheel bearings where installed on both front corners. This thing may bleed me dry.
  6. I would love the cluster but I'm completely broke. It tough being a starving artist.
  7. That thing is a stiff wind away from being a pile of rust on the shop floor. It may not be pure anymore but they gave it life again. (I think it was swapped when they bought it)
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