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  1. This has been discussed before. Instead of changing Ratsun to disallow varying font sizes, Mike is playing Nanny. He doesn't like it.
  2. Use a B210 speedometer. It works with 5-speed no problem.
  3. Nissan Oreillys NAPA RockAuto
  4. Non-gas is best for a smooth ride. Gas shocks are only better on washboard surfaces.
  5. I agree no place on an inline six, which is such a thing of beauty it deserves nothing less than port fuel injection. Unless its in an early 1960s van then a Holley carb is the win.
  6. The 240/300 is a lot longer than the 144/170. And uses a different transmission...
  7. Don't use oil, as it messes up the torque specs.
  8. Take the old one with you and they will match it up for you. It needs to be the same diameter, height, etc. Get a modern type with jiggle valve, 180 degree.
  9. 13 psi. Available everywhere oreillys, nissan, napa, autozone, rockauto, etc.
  10. Pull it off the harness. Go down to oreillys or Napa and they'll match up a close fit
  11. Very early vans used that distinction. Later Econolines could be panel or window vans.
  12. Coils don't click. "with the coil removed the clicking stops" sounds like a wiring issue. What is powered by the coil wiring? On some 30 year old cars, previous owners have connected various devices to the coil, eg. electric choke. "the coil shouldn't fire" - does he mean "the coil shouldn't click" or "the coil shouldn't spark"? "Could it be the transistor ign unit?" -- Not unless you hear the click coming from under the dash where the TIU is located.
  13. Try finding a 510, it is impossible. Trucks are all I find.
  14. It used a low energy EI with a dual-ballast resistor. Problem is we don't know what the symptoms are. What he says is not stated in normal terms. By 'coil firing' I wonder if means 'engine tries to catch'. Or does he actually mean 'coil sparking'? Also I've never heard, nor heard of, a coil making noise when it 'fires'. The engine makes a noise when cranking yes, but not the coil. Maybe its the choke relay that is making the click. Or the starting injector timer.
  15. We all know what a 1973 510 looks like. Why do we need photos of yet another goon?
  16. Sounds like you are hard on alternators! My oldest Hitachi lasted 35 years.
  17. The 1962 came with either 144 or 170 (Mustang type engine). And the problem with those is the built-in small intake manifold. Very small.
  18. I thought they were Mercury Econoline??? Maybe just a C A thing. I was born in CA.
  19. You want to grease the bearing, not the hub. Do you have a repair manual?
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