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  1. I don't have guns anymore. Because common sense. Just feel bad for my patriot friends who still have to deal with this tyranny.
  2. I'm gonna say it again. Shit's about to get rocky.
  3. Roll your own while you still can. Palmetto deals are tough to beat.
  4. Wow. Pages of Canadians, Aussies, and Californians debating American gun rights. Some real comedy gold right here.
  5. I did it on mine http://community.ratsun.net/topic/15889-just-another-wagon-thread/page-7. Not sure if my photos are available as I never did the PB workaround.
  6. Yup, Barry totally fixed the economy. Only cost about 10 trillion borrowed dollars. He and the peoples' party don't get all the credit though. Plenty of those Republicans stood by and watched. Hang em all and hang em high.
  7. Carry is very restricted in Portland. God help you if you ever pull a gun in that town. Ask Micheal Strickland when he gets out in 50 years.
  8. You win. Ban everything. Anyone wanna buy a 510 wagon?
  9. Fords and Corvairs are bad. But I'd never tell you you can't own one.
  10. You're insulted? Wow. How is that BS rhetoric? All I tried to point out is that those who are opposed to guns are never satisfied with what they take. They punish the law abiding owners for the sins of criminals. The cake analogy was probably presented better than mt Datsun analogy. I guess I could have added illustrations but I didn't want it to be insulting.
  11. Just trying to put it in a more relatable frame. My point is more death by a thousand cuts inflicted by those who know little about the tool and never seem to blame the individual.
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