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  1. Place a 2x4 or block of wood on inside portion of face and pound that with a big hammer. They'll come out
  2. Air hammer. I used an air hammer once to remove the bearing long time ago in a galaxy far away. Easy peasy
  3. ^^^^^ nice. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Fiberglass. The outside frame is metal. Aluminum I think. Lightweight.......
  5. This one is in a 521. I can't remember what I pulled it out of. Maybe a ford f150 ? If you get one from a full size you can always cut down to exact fit. Fairly cheap at the yards during their sale. Does help with stuff sliding around.
  6. I had some Nissan hardbody stocks with caps similar to those back in the day.
  7. 1959-62 I think. Any spare parts for sale?
  8. You wouldn't happen to have a part number for that hub would you?
  9. Water tower at the park behind Ed Dena's?
  10. I believe they are called flying horse. Mesh type wheel similar to ssr ex-c. They sort of look like these but in 6 lug. Nice deep lips with no step. I'll try and get a pic up. Photobucket acting up.
  11. ^^^^^^^^ Cool, thanks. I actually stumbled across that willtheyfit site a couple of days ago. Looks like the wheels I'll be getting will poke out some so it might be time for a fender pull. 15x8.5 -32 **deep breath/fingers crossed**
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