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  1. jefe de jefes

    Need help on my SSR meshies rebuild...

    Place a 2x4 or block of wood on inside portion of face and pound that with a big hammer. They'll come out
  2. jefe de jefes

    a supid support/carrier bearing question

    Air hammer. I used an air hammer once to remove the bearing long time ago in a galaxy far away. Easy peasy
  3. jefe de jefes

    Problema con medidores de gasolina y tempreatura

    Esto posiblemente te puede ayudar hermano.
  4. jefe de jefes

    My $130 R-160 LSD

    ^^^^^ nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. jefe de jefes

    *Giveaway* - KA521 Motor Mounts

  6. jefe de jefes

    521 rubber bed mat?

    Fiberglass. The outside frame is metal. Aluminum I think. Lightweight.......
  7. jefe de jefes

    521 rubber bed mat?

    This one is in a 521. I can't remember what I pulled it out of. Maybe a ford f150 ? If you get one from a full size you can always cut down to exact fit. Fairly cheap at the yards during their sale. Does help with stuff sliding around.
  8. jefe de jefes

    Are these Nissan wheels?

    I had some Nissan hardbody stocks with caps similar to those back in the day.
  9. jefe de jefes

    1960 Datsun PLG- 222 Same cab !

    1959-62 I think. Any spare parts for sale?
  10. jefe de jefes

    Crazy cool JDM truck wheels

    HORY SHET, I hope these fit.
  11. jefe de jefes

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Cool man. Whoosh!
  12. jefe de jefes


    You wouldn't happen to have a part number for that hub would you?
  13. jefe de jefes

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Water tower at the park behind Ed Dena's?
  14. jefe de jefes

    Wheel calculator

    I believe they are called flying horse. Mesh type wheel similar to ssr ex-c. They sort of look like these but in 6 lug. Nice deep lips with no step. I'll try and get a pic up. Photobucket acting up.
  15. jefe de jefes

    Wheel calculator

    ^^^^^^^^ Cool, thanks. I actually stumbled across that willtheyfit site a couple of days ago. Looks like the wheels I'll be getting will poke out some so it might be time for a fender pull. 15x8.5 -32 **deep breath/fingers crossed**

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