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  1. I might have v6 200sx struts for sale
  2. NIcoya. I might know how to get a new 620 windshield.
  3. Looking for a carburator for an l series or a weber 32/36. thanks
  4. I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRRR. I logged in just to say this. Look under your radiator cap. If the rubber is ripped or missing. The engine will create pressure that it will just throw all the water away from the resavour.
  5. I think we might have what you need. Can you send us a picture of what it looks like?
  6. I need the mudflaps for the v6 if it has it. Maybe look into taking the front ac vents that i really need. Hmmmm OH! Also the window regulator switch if you can if its in good shape. Mine is poop!. I own a 1987 se v6 200sx. ......
  7. That is why you don't see me going to jccs JOHN. Even people who spend money on their car don't even win. I have seen the cleanest z's and cars and they never win. People who have won before, wont even get considered again. As one previous best of show participant of jccs one said. "i spend hours, money and time on my car. I made it totally different for 2013 with new parts and accessories. Their excuse for not letting him win this year was. "let someone else win"". So if by that idea. JCCS is a sham. For rich or poor, your only buying the idea that your car is "cool" by socializing with the correct people. I rather just drive my cars and enjoy it. puts a smile on my face instead of dealing with this. I don't care if my cars or trucks win or not. I am already ahead by not attending.
  8. from what i heard they want to make it a classy event and to me that is not what Ratsun represents at all. Since jccs, I noticed the price of j-tin parts have skyrocketed. if this continues, our cars are not going to be any better than expensive cars to look at. My 400 truck is not worth 2k or above now for example.
  9. Can I see the rules? I think its funny that you cannot bring old rusty J-tin, most of our cars are not in very good shape. It is usually a place to meet up and talk. If you take that away, lot of the magic that was there is going to disappear forever.
  10. sun valley they also have 2 200sx s12 coupes. Got me some parts.... the head on that 710 is a u67 i think. was there on friday...
  11. I honestly don't care when people talk bad about the 300zx. More cars and parts for me. The prices for the s30 are fucken ridiculous and getting much more rare. I had an s30 and when I started to do the math on how much money i needed to make it "decent" and drive-able. I fucken sold it... Pretty happy with my new S12 with the vg30 engine. Just did the water pump and timing belt on her and deleted the no working AC.... For the price I sold the s30 (no engine or trans) I got a driving 1987 200sx v6 and some extra cash.... Honestly some coil-overs, poly bushings, some good rims and tires, and gutting it is all you need for a nice canyon/track car. Just read that your a college student. As one that is going to graduate on the fall and have gone threw a big datsun project. A good DD that you can work on the weekends is a nice feeling...
  12. My buddy's z31 on some Work CR kai. It tucks I believe they are 18 by 9 in the front and 10 and 1/2 in the rear. Trust this car can grip. That is why I say z31... The engine is fucken tits and if you build it right like this guy did. You wont go wrong for a 900 project.
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