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A 521 in Massachusetts


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A lot easier to work on this inside... my good wife allowed me to use the dinning room table after christmas lunch was done.


Cleaning up the harness....

Hey Crash420 


Did I miss something here???....looks like a brandy new / but still used harness to me...doesnt look like mine that have my 1971 Datsun truck...what was this one scavenged from??



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So gonna start with a quick question. When I turn the ignition on the charge light should come on right? but it doesnt... on the back of the altenator is the t plug.. the ground, output for power. And one more I tracked it to be the white white that goes to the regulator... if I unplug at the altenator the light comes on.. if I plug it in I hear the regulator click and the light goes out.... this is with out the truck running... a had the altenator check even thought it was new all good... regulator seems good... cleaned all the connections and inside is a full circuit board.... I am trying to break the motor in next weekend but am unsure if the charging system is proper.

And with everything wired and altenator in hand, and grounded can I spin it with a drill should I get reading or is it just to slow.....

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I hate the 521 charge system, I had my light slightly on for years, it was annoying at night, but I took it to the test guy and it was charging, the test guy was annoyed with the light also, but when it did quit charging I didn't know it, I barely made it home.

I finally converted over to an internally regulated alternator, everything was great for a while, then the light started to come on slightly again, drove me nuts, I bypassed all the stock charge system wiring and made my own, was great again till a few months ago, now my light comes on slightly again when I use the turn signals or headlights, otherwise it is fine.

I have come to the conclusion that light is there to annoy me and anyone else that owns one of these trucks, if the alt. tests good, then the issue is likely the regulator, and all the regulators being sold these days are crap, the best bet is to find someone that is converting over to an internally regulated alt and buy their good old regulator, hopefully they had a digital type one.

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