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  1. that body looks like it's been beat on hard
  2. That car has been passed around a lot. I think it was on LI before this seller. Pretty sure this person has had it for less than a year.
  3. I wonder how that blue 521 would look if you washed it. I wish there were more pictures.
  4. I'm in the process of doing a couple upgrades on the suspension of the 510 and I'm looking for some guidance regarding brakes. So far I've ordered the rear coilovers and the front weld on kit for the 280zx struts. Right now for an engine I'm running an L20b with dual Mikuni 40's but at some point in the future I may upgrade to a Ka. I've heard some people say the 300mm rotors that could with the big brake kit won't fit the watanbe's I have which are 15x6.5 while some people say it's very tight. You can see my wheels here: watanbe wheels My questions are: 1) Will I notice a big difference in performance between the two rotor sizes if I'm just casually driving the car with some canyon cruising? Eventually, I'd like to try autox and swap in a more powerful engine but not if 300 vs 276mm for rotor size is splitting hairs for my application. 2) Should I be looking somewhere else besides t3 for a front brake kit on 280zx struts? 3) Should I just get new 280zx pads, rotors, and calipers and call it a day? I figured the cost for all that stuff isn't too far off from buying new/more modern stuff. Please let me know if there is something else I should be thinking about.
  5. B^2

    Mikuni 44's

    Yea, these sold a bit ago
  6. How's your shop holding up during the shelter in place, hopefully you and your family are staying safe.
  7. What are you working on these days?
  8. B^2

    Mikuni 44's

    Did you ever sell this set up?
  9. Looking to pick up an old 1994 Ford 7.3L diesel van to tow the datsun with and I'm wondering if anyone can run a carfax for me. The vin is: 1FTJS34M4RHA32302 Cheers, Will
  10. B^2

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Awesome, when the weather is better we will have to go for a cruise.
  11. B^2

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Where in MA are you? I'm in Somerville but my 510 is pretty much done until the spring.
  12. So the issue happened to me three more times on the way home which was essentially a 11mile drive. I'd be driving with good voltage and then out of nowhere the engine would start to die. The car itself has some funky wiring from the previous owner so I installed a quick disconnect switch on one of the battery terminals to disengage the battery when not in use. I've got a trickle charger from when I use to have a motorcycle that should in theory tell me how charged the car battery is, my next plan is to use that to diagnose how "healthy" they battery is.
  13. Took the Datsun to work yesterday and had some issues that I was hoping people could help me figure out. It's a 1970 510 with an L20B and a dog leg 5 speed. Was coming down a slight hill and the car just lost power, I was in gear at the time but no response from the gas or switching gears. Had to coast to a stop. Keep in mind, my volts were showing solidly in the green at the time. I go to restart it and the volts are not right on the edge of yellow/red. Couldn't get the engine to catch until I used jumper cables, at which point the volts immediately go into the green. Trouble shooting it, I know it's not the battery because I replaced it last year. Fuel gauge shows a quarter of a tank so I don't think it's a fuel problem either. Pretty sure it's the alternator in which case I'll need a recommendation on what to replace it with. Cheers, Will
  14. there is an sr20 510 for sale locally in MA, I believe it's on ebay too. Don't think he is on here or the 510 realm.
  15. For some reason I can't post the link but there are two 620's for sale in the Jacksonville/Daytona beach craigslist. One is a roller and the other has a blown head gasket but the guy only wants $2500 for both.
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