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  1. Is there an advantage to getting some nicer slotted rotors over something like centrics?
  2. I'm already running a 15/16 master cylinder from when I swapped the rear brakes over to the Maxima conversion. I'm inclined to just stick with the s12 brakes until I have a need for something bigger. The brakes/pads/rotors can be had for relatively inexpensive compared to getting a four piston set up. I was thinking Porterfield for pads, where is the best place to get some nice s12 rotors? Thinking I'll just get some RAYBESTOS calipers off rock auto unless there is a better s12 option.
  3. Looks like 90mm and the holes are not threaded, does that help?
  4. The plan is to have them powdercoated but here are the struts/coilovers.
  5. How much longer is the casing on the 280zx strut tube vs the s12 200SX tube? I bought the DIY coilover kit from T3 and I know they generally recommend cutting 20-30mm off as part of the conversion. That was the plan before I realized I had S12 200SX struts so I'm not sure how much lower the car will be. Just trying to understand all the different pieces I'm going to need so when I go to put everything together, I'm not duplicating efforts at a later date.
  6. I was going off what was said in this thread regarding the need for spacers:
  7. So it turns out I have S12 200SX struts and not 280zx struts which I'm turning into coilovers. The pads/rotors on the struts are completely toast so I want to upgrade them to something a little better. I did a few searches on here and it looks like you can upgrade to a 4 piston caliper if you run bump steerer spacers. I could use some help piecing together the correct rotors, pads, and spacers. Most of the threads I found on this topic are 5+ years old so I wasn't sure if I can get most of the parts from somewhere like Rock Auto. No idea where to get the spacers for. Not sure if it matte
  8. that body looks like it's been beat on hard
  9. That car has been passed around a lot. I think it was on LI before this seller. Pretty sure this person has had it for less than a year.
  10. I wonder how that blue 521 would look if you washed it. I wish there were more pictures.
  11. I'm in the process of doing a couple upgrades on the suspension of the 510 and I'm looking for some guidance regarding brakes. So far I've ordered the rear coilovers and the front weld on kit for the 280zx struts. Right now for an engine I'm running an L20b with dual Mikuni 40's but at some point in the future I may upgrade to a Ka. I've heard some people say the 300mm rotors that could with the big brake kit won't fit the watanbe's I have which are 15x6.5 while some people say it's very tight. You can see my wheels here: watanbe wheels My questions are: 1) Will I notice a big difference
  12. B^2

    Mikuni 44's

    Yea, these sold a bit ago
  13. How's your shop holding up during the shelter in place, hopefully you and your family are staying safe.
  14. B^2

    Mikuni 44's

    Did you ever sell this set up?
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