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  1. mrbigtanker


    It’s not in a million pieces maybe 250,000 pieces.
  2. mrbigtanker


    nothing, good to see you till have it.
  3. If its the back brakes please make sure the parking brake is not pulled. You be surprised how many people forget that. And a good hammer with some non love taps and it should come off, if the brakes are old they should be worn down were there not binding on drums. Or like LockLeaf said back off the adjusters on the back side.
  4. mrbigtanker

    NM 521

    Order an adjustable one. So much better in the long run
  5. Wow look at you back in full force.
  6. mrbigtanker

    NM 521

    Hey you got them looking real good. I’m glad you like them. Now let’s see them installed.
  7. Oh there is still laughter in the air. But if it’s under 950.00. It’s stolen. Lol
  8. Alright I have nothing to report right now. Lol
  9. Thank you brother. Wait till the truck is done.
  10. No looking for one partially built or newer and drivable.
  11. I am in fact looking for a single cab chevy now. OBS/Square Body my favorite or a C10. I would not mind a 3100 also but want cool factor but with the intent of loading shit in the bed as well.
  12. Well I am building the truck for me and not you or anyone else, you sound triggered by the word RED .
  13. Thats my guy. Red belongs on everything. Black is also my other favorite but don't want to clean anymore.
  14. mrbigtanker

    NM 521

    Check your message box and text me I have what you need
  15. mrbigtanker

    NM 521

    Ok give me a few let me see if I still have anything left.
  16. mrbigtanker

    NM 521

    You need taillight housings ? I might have a spare set in decent condition and some lens and at least one good frame. Let me know.
  17. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr
  18. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr
  19. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr That looks like it came from he factory. Almost there.
  20. Yes Arizona and Nevada as well to name a few however you need to fill out some forms pay for the tax stamp and wait like 30 plus days before you can pick up.
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