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  1. Yes people come one come all. Come on out and have a good time.
  2. Mark post a pic of it installed
  3. The torque plate. Steering wheel well that another price.lol
  4. I guess for 350.00 you get that also. Lol
  5. This thread as been quiet. Usually the so called Canby thread is booming all year. Still going on right.
  6. I would like a little longer. The factory one hangs out or off in left front corner. Drives me crazy. But don’t have that problem no more.
  7. There 2 short. I have an NOS one and it’s sitting in a bag, were it will stay.
  8. Very nice. It’s running.
  9. So why can't you run the hose after the pcv valve mike ? Emissions is one thing and I agree if it's. a stock engine I would just leave it but if he makes him feel good and feel faster what's wrong with that.
  10. By the way love the hose clamps. Looking good. It's the little things.
  11. On my truck I ended up using a chevy truck cable. A lot longer but worked well. Love it. Looking good.
  12. Dude mount it if you want. Send the valve cover and case breather there. Run the lines clean. It’s up to you. I just got a 1300 valve cover so no more vent on valve cover. You don’t need it anyway. As far as case I have just run a k and n air cleaner on it. It’s up to you.
  13. That’s fj #1, I have FJ #2 in shop being fully built. I have 2 engine builds going at once. I’m a busy guy. I have a wagon also.
  14. Yes sir. I plan on driving more. My new Fj20 should be done with in a few months. So at a certain point it will be down again for entire drivetrain swap. Plus will clean up engine bay a little more. Looks like he’ll in there. .lol
  15. 15x8 0 offset will work but you will have to roll fenders of course. Tires are 195/50/15.
  16. Man she is looking good. Looks almost done.
  17. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr FJ20 for the win.
  18. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr So my custom made torque plate finally arrived. Engine will gain some steam now, even while I'm down. Its going to be one fast truck parked on a trailer.
  19. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr And my new rare 1300 valve cover. Might chrome not sure yet.
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