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  1. If it has a little bit of smoosh to it, I'd try it. If anything, it'll just act like the UCA bushing.
  2. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Just throwing this out there as a helpful tip: Barkeeper's Friend is a great product for scrubbing chrome. I take a piece of an old t-shirt, soak it with water, and then fill it up with Barkeeper's Friend. Scrub your chrome/stainless/whatever with it, then rinse with water. Works great!
  3. I generally don’t buy stuff from HF, but I have multiple friends with the Vulcan gas MIG welders from them, and they’ve held up really well. That’s probably the route that I’ll go. Then I just have to figure out where to get a bottle of stargon.
  4. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    Doesn’t have to be moly. Use whatever grease you have. Probably not worth it, but I always keep a tube of Royal Purple synthetic in my grease gun. For stuff like wheel bearings, I keep a big tub handy.
  5. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    Wait until it’s off the stand and install the new one that way. Just drive it in until it’s flush with the outside of the block. I’ve been meaning to buy a seal driver set for a long time. They do come in handy. Also, you mention timing above. I don’t think it’s that critical that you need a dial indicator. You should be able to eyeball it at the top. Then just leave it there while you install the front cover.
  6. Funny you mention weed killer. I just bought some because I have this shit growing in my yard called Creeping Charlie. It's wiping out all my grass.
  7. I doubt coilovers are in very high demand right now. I'd be lucky to get anything from Amazon inside of one week.
  8. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    There already are. Look at the auto manufacturers. Nobody is buying cars, so they're doing online purchases, 0% APR, and delayed payments for 90 days, along with cash back. It's crazy. I was seriously looking into trading my 2011 Sentra commuter car for a 2020 Sentra, but, I'm already paying for a Highlander.
  9. Nice. Looks like he changed his pricing around a little, but there's no one else out there making them. Just ordered a set w/o mats.
  10. Did you use any portion of the vinyl liner mat at all? Even up near the firewall? Also, how much was the loop carpet kit, if you don't mind me asking.
  11. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    It's 75" diagonally, so it says 65.4" wide. That should fit, but it depends on how wide the packaging is. If not, put the gate down, stand it up on end, and throw a ratchet strap behind it, and a couple over the top. It shouldn't go anywhere. The guy before me installed eye-bolts everywhere, so I have tie-down locations all over the place. Do you still have bed hooks?
  12. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    I usually just rub oil on the cylinder walls before popping the piston in, if you catch my drift.
  13. Did she pass on any of her racism?
  14. It's a good thing you have a crucifix on it. Jesus take the wheel.
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