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  1. mainer311

    521 with G35X AWD

    There was a kid at Japanese Car Day this year with those same exact bucket seats in his 620. It was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat in.
  2. I wanted something that looked original, and this was the only option. I’m running a stock Hitachi, and it seems to be keeping up with the carb just fine. For the price, I figured I’d just buy a couple spares.
  3. I've been running one all summer. So far so good. I resorted to using it after I couldn't find a rebuild kit for my Nikki.
  4. What are you doing different with the front end? The last picture I saw, you could eat off of it.
  5. I’m about 1.5 hours out. Leaving around 7-7:15. Should be at the meeting spot a little before 9. Truck got a new sticker and a rinse today.
  6. Are you on instagram at all? If you are, follow a user called "shant67datsun". He's running Konig Rewinds, which are Watanabe knock-offs, and don't come in a size that will fit stock roadsters. As far as I know, he cut his rear fenders, but he's also running flares. His car looks really good with them. Just something to consider.
  7. It looks like he cut the rear fender such that it matches the roundness of the rear wheel. It doesn't look too bad.
  8. Hi Rich, I just emailed you. I'm local and interested. Thanks, Jordan
  9. I'm on the 311 forum and I can't see the links either. Imgur has been the easiest to use for hosting pictures, in my opinion, especially for mobile users. I can tell you that there are a lot of purists on 311s.org, and some of the stuff you're talking about doing certainly isn't "pure." I would avoid vinyl letters on the hood. Maybe if it was a racecar it would look okay. Dean sells reproduction letters for the hood in chromed molded plastic for short money. Maybe that's the way to go? The asshole previous owner before me removed all mine and filled the holes with bondo before repainting the car, so I don't have any. To answer your question about wheels, yes, it's the fitment that drastically limits our options. Roadsters came with very narrow rims to begin with. What also makes it worse is that we have to clear the rear leafs, and tuck the rear wheels into the back fenders. Front fitment isn't half as bad. A good size rim is a 15x7 in a +15 to +18. You can extrapolate other sizes from there. Tire selections in 15" are way better than in 14", so most people go up to that size. If you're going to start chopping your car up and glue on some shakotan flares, then obviously you can run whatever you want. That site can be a huge help for anything mechanical though, and the teck wiki is constantly being updated with a lot of useful information. Classic roadsters are usually not "ratted" out at much as some of the other Datsun models. Maybe that's why you're getting a lot of pushback.
  10. Never thought I’d buy a bag of pretzels for $11, but, here I am.
  11. A couple tips: -Soldering is easy. Just use some good flux core tin/lead solder and a good soldering iron. Tin the tip often, or else it will burn and nothing will stick. I used to repair circuit boards in a former job. If you use good tools, there’s nothing to it. -Use RED LED’s behind RED lenses. There’s a common misconception that you can use white LED’s behind red lenses, but it doesn’t work very well.
  12. I made custom LED taillights for my 2008 Frontier back when I still had it. I used perfboard and 5050 diodes. I used one circuit in each 5050 for the running lights, and when I hit the brakes, the 2nd and 3rd diode in each package lit up. It was a total nightmare of a project, since the taillights are sonically welded together. I had to dremel the backs of the lights off, glue the boards in, and then glue the back of the housings back on with silicone. The 521 lights would probably be easier.
  13. Daniel, those are discontinued.
  14. Haha, the reviews on Amazon are funny.
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