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  1. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Yeah, I think I figured it out. Basically they use an intermediate spacer plate that is drilled and tapped for 1/4 NPT from the side, and then use a special gasket that redirects those ports. The guy was rambling on about “preconfigured kits,” and how certain carbs come with special adapters and additional machining if it’s required. He said in the K657 kit, those two ports are unfinished. The crappy part is that I’m adapting it to this Offy manifold, so half of the parts in the kit don’t work anyway. The good news is that it’s already jetted to all of the right specs, which I verified.
  2. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    I picked up an air horn from Pegasus Racing for the DGV. For the money, it’s a pretty nice piece of machined aluminum, and full radius to boot.
  3. My brother fell asleep coming home from work one morning in his V6 Altima. He plowed through an ice cream stand, took out one of those exterior ice chest things, and blew a hole through the front of a country store. Luckily no one was injured. He didn't wake up until it was all over. Not a scratch on him.
  4. Holy crap. Rolled a vert and lived to tell about it.
  5. mainer311

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    If you’re on an iPhone, Imgur is far and away the best image hosting site. I bet those steelies would have looked better if the truck was lower and they weren’t boring silver.
  6. mainer311

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    Oh, yeah, late model Chevy stuff is all positive.
  7. mainer311

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    Can you post a picture of the Chevy wheels that were on it? Are/were they steel wheels? The popular Chevy “rallye” steelies had a 0 offset, but I guess it could have been something else.
  8. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    @datzenmike I got a reply back from Weber. I think his grammar is worse than that of Ratsun! "these of no concernif you chose to seal them with a gasket which is commonhowever in common plenum manifolds ( large open Tub plenum if you will)they are used for things like additional timed vacume or power breakfittings and PCV." So, it looks like I'm just going to seal them over. He even said that on the DGV, most of the time the cast cylinders aren't even finished, so they aren't even cross-drilled or anthing.
  9. mainer311

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    Yes to both, or you could also run a narrower tire. My tires are slightly stretched w/o looking dumb. I stuck with 205 tires, which are a little bit too narrow for a 8" rim, but since my offset is -19, they stick out a little bit too far anyway.
  10. mainer311

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    This is a great website that lets you plug in what you currently have vs. what you are looking at getting. The visualization graphic is a great tool for tire width as well. I believe the D21 hub mating flange does stick out a tad farther than the stock hub does. @mklotz70 would probably know. Using the below calculator, and your two wheels, the 17x8.5's will stick out 24.7mm farther, so almost 1" wider, and you will have exactly the same clearance on the back side. For shits I plugged in my wheels, which do poke a little bit (15x8, -19). My wheels actually stick out 30mm farther than the 17x8.5's, but I have more clearance on the inside. With that said, I think you should be able to run them no problem in terms of fender clearance, as long as you don't run a huge tire. The only thing I would be concerned about in your case is the clearance between the caliper and the back face of the rim. https://www.willtheyfit.com/
  11. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    I had to scour the net for a while, but I found that the power valve vac port is to the outside edge of the secondary venturi. So now I’m wondering if these are just for casting purposes. I wish I could see to the bottom of them, but I can’t. Either way, these holes are going to sit directly on the rib of the manifold that separates the two circuits.
  12. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Weber showed up today. I turned the studs to the right length and loctited them into the manifold. Then I threw the carb on to make sure it fits. Of course, the install kit doesn’t come with a gasket that works, so I may just cut my own. One question though for any Weber gurus out there. This Offy is a split-plane, so I want to make sure the two circuits are separated, however this DGV has two holes in the middle. Is it okay to plug these?
  13. It's the same as a roadster or 240Z. Spline count should be identical. Amazon sent me one by accident and I test fit it on both my Datsuns and it was a match for both. It's made by Grant (if you want the whole hub and adapter together). Easiest to use a Grant steering wheel with it, as it's already drilled and tapped for the right hole pattern.
  14. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Well, stupid me broke the stock steel tubing for the manifold coolant return line. I heat it up red hot and tried bending it and it cracked, so I made a whole new line out of 3/8” heating oil fuel tubing. It has a flare fitting on the manifold and just slides into the stock rubber elbow on the pump side. I then cut the ugly orange plastic off of it. I used a “P” clip on the stock front stud to support the middle. I then managed to stretch my NOS PCV hose over to the new location on the Offy manifold. There’s a closer fitting, but it’s on the primary side in the back. I’d rather have it in the middle where it’s evenly distributed by the cylinders. I was asking about the fitment of the RockAuto radiator hoses a while back. Well, the lower Gates brand one fits awesome with the aftermarket radiator.
  15. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Weber is on its way. Other than that, time will tell. I usually just make it as reliable as I can and then have fun with it. I think my next focus will be on the interior.
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