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  1. I loved my steelies, but I like stopping better.
  2. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    At the advice of Ratsun (mostly Mike), I hooked my PCV back up with some NOS parts:
  3. I mean, all you need is some Scooby snacks.
  4. That van is pretty cool. She clearly has better taste than you. Today was our monthly cars and coffee but it got postponed due to weather.
  5. Cream color steelies.
  6. Damn, that reminds me, my roadster needs rockers too.
  7. That's what I was envisioning as well. Dave, I just fired off an email to you for some panels.
  8. I think it's Pennzoil 10w30 conventional. I refuse to run synthetic in either of my Datsuns. Even today's conventional oil performance far exceeds what they used to get back in the 60's and 70's because of the additives that they have in them today. I also add in some Lucas ZDDP, more so on the roadster R16, since it's a flat tappet engine. Less critical on the L16.
  9. I have the shittiest-looking plastic washer on my drain plug and it doesn't leak a drop.
  10. What the balls is M16.4 x 1.33? Is that like a standard thread that they converted directly to metric?
  11. Damn, I need a set of these. Will be contacting you shortly.
  12. It’s hard teaching someone online about ignition if they don’t know what they’re looking at. Kid needs to get help from someone local. If he has a 75 Camaro too, maybe he knows his way around.
  13. Mechanical fuel pumps will leak gas directly into the head if the diaphragm has a hole in it.
  14. mainer311

    What are these parts?

    C'mon, I'm not a "boarder" brother. 😞 Honestly, the reason I put an air filter on my PCV tube was because the original hose was rotting and falling off. It's a PITA trying to rig up a hose with two different sized ends on it. I think I may have found a NOS one a moment ago. Waiting on an invoice.
  15. mainer311

    What are these parts?

    There’s zero oily mess, zero smell, and I have zero evidence of condensation of any sort. Not to mention the vacuum lost on that circuit that could be flowing through the carb. The point of the PCV is for emissions, and let’s face it: a catless Datsun from the 70’s is moving smog.
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