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  1. mainer311

    NM 521

    Cool, I’ll get it out this week. The main reason that I save stuff is because I know someone else will need it eventually.
  2. mainer311

    NM 521

    Freebie. Same address?
  3. mainer311

    NM 521

    I’ll ship you my old Hitachi if you want it. Truck ran great when I pulled it off, and had very minimal runtime after I rebuilt it.
  4. Out with the funk: In with the new hotness: No more clippies:
  5. I’ll send you a set of wires. I bought an 8-pack for a Chebby muscle man car and only used half. Maybe if you’ve been a good boy this year I’ll cut them to the same length as mine and send them.
  6. Wires around the front, dude. PM MD_machine and get a front inspection cover with the wire holder. You don't leave smeg all over your dick, do you? Clean that shit up.
  7. None that I know of. My 521 has always turned like a bus though, so maybe I do. The tie rods that I bought were both listed for the 521. I got one from Rock Auto and one from Amazon, since RA didn't have it. ACDelco 45A2013 (left), and 45A2012 (right)
  8. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    Coconut husk matting prior to foam. Fuck that shit though. It breaks apart and gets everywhere. Exhaust sounds decent. What muffler did you end up using?
  9. mainer311

    NM 521

    The original accelerator pump plunger in a stock Hitachi is made out of leather and lasts a long time. The rebuilt kit comes with a Viton plunger which will last a while, but is inferior. Either way it doesn’t matter, since original parts can’t be found for it. The check springs and balls get crudded up too, and new ones should be in the kit. Way back, I rebuilt my Hitachi and the only things that really needed replacing were the gaskets and the accelerator pump. The other 4 million parts were fine.
  10. mainer311

    NM 521

    Hmmm, I think you’ve inspired me to clean mine too. The inside of the glass is getting dirty.
  11. A while back I bought new ones, but it looks like I only got the left one from RA. ACDelco P/N 45A2013. It has a bit of a twist to it. Maybe that’s why there is R/L.
  12. Interesting. Both of mine are perfectly straight.
  13. Aren’t they the same between left and right?
  14. My wife’s family had a Brittany named Buddy, and he was absolutely crazy.
  15. I pulled them off to have a look.
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