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  1. Right. It fits the 521 really well, but you need to take measurements and cut notches in the corners so that it will turn right angles. It’s pretty easy.
  2. Nissan still sells this stuff. It’s pricey, but very nice. H0335-89931
  3. Well, my first kid loves bicycles already, so there’s at least some chance. And I hope they hate cars, so they don’t want to drive mine. We’ll be on Ricki Lake tomorrow to see who the real dad is.
  4. Well, the latest future mountain biker/Datsun lover is here:
  5. My center bearing was dry as a bone and rusty. Since I didn’t have any immediate solutions, I repacked mine with tons of grease and then reinstalled the shields. And yes, the rubber is fairly worn out. I’m going to look into doing this fix now that you posted it.
  6. mainer311

    Heater duct

    Same guy. He probably just doesn’t have any left right now. I think he prints them out of some rubber-like material.
  7. mainer311

    Heater duct

    @Jakes Makes made some once upon a time. See if he still has any.
  8. The price on those has been going astronomical. What year?
  9. mainer311


    It’s currently in a million pieces….and red.
  10. I was waiting for you to bite. It’s my SCX10ii.
  11. Picked up some new wheels for my truck yesterday.
  12. mainer311

    NM 521

    Did you put a higher amp alternator in? If so, I suggest upgrading both of those wires to something larger.
  13. mainer311

    NM 521

    It’s the return line from the intake manifold. It feeds back into the water pump inlet by connecting the hardline to a nipple on the side fitting.
  14. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    Huh? He has the most JDM wheels you can get on his truck right now. 3-piece Deerfields.
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