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  1. My oil sender reads about the same. If it’s really hot, at 1000rpm I still get about 35. It seems a little high to me.
  2. Thanks man, but I think I’m all set. My e-codes are more than I need already. $140 for all 4 and their light output is stunning. I spent all my dough on mirrors this year.
  3. I’m assuming the Marchals are like Hella e-codes, but I’m not sure. The e-codes have an extremely sharp low beam cutoff for a reflector. It also has something to do with the shape of the glass. High beam is just mind blowing.
  4. By ricer, I just meant the blue tinted ones. Hell, even silver stars are blue. I just find it odd that you’d put LED bulbs in relatively rare Marchal lights.
  5. So if you wanted blue headlights, why don’t you just put ricer bulbs in your Marchals? Those LED bulbs don’t even align the emitter correctly with the light’s reflector.
  6. Those LED headlight bulbs just end up blinding the fuck out of everyone.
  7. Now that’s an EV I’d drive!
  8. The Datsun roadster guys are always looking for that windshield trim. Rarer than a hen's tooth. The factory stuff used to fall off, since it was just sort of pinched onto the rubber.
  9. Hahaha, that's awesome.
  10. I bought a cheap ($5) cup holder from PepBoys, and used some industrial velcro to stick it to the vinyl liner on top of the trans tunnel just in front of the shifter. Works great. I did have to mod it a little bit so that it would sit flat, but all it took was a pair of tin snips.
  11. What's that giant horn looking thing behind your coil? That dash is...unique.
  12. Yeah, same here. It's just a line of gibberish.
  13. Is it just me, or are the links to all the pics broken? They're all missing the "g" in .jpg
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