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  1. Something that just dawned on me: these L engines are mounted such that they're tilted backwards towards the firewall. Wouldn't this lean out the forward facing tube of each carb?
  2. These gaskets aren’t super compliant. They’re a really tough rubber on the verge of plastic. When I sprayed carb cleaner at the carb/manifold junctions, the engine was decreasing in RPM...on every carb tube. My issue started at very light throttle under high vac conditions within the transition circuit. Engine is leaning out from leaks and popping back through the carbs. The lean condition doesn’t jive with the idle jet I selected either, since I’m actually closed down to 1.5 turns vs. the baseline 2. We’ll see what happens now that it resealed. Might get the colortune out later to s
  3. I agree. Probably are.
  4. I pulled all the crap studs out, tapped the flanges all the way through, ran in those long studs pictures above, then smeared a little bit of black RTV on both sides of the gaskets. If it still leaks after this, I’d be shocked.
  5. Look at this bullshit stud from Pierce on the right. 3 whole threads. I should have swapped them out to begin with.
  6. Well shit. Now that everything is baked off and settled in, my carbs are leaking at the manifold. Sprayed with carb cleaner and the engine starts to slow way down. Noticed one stud pulled out of the manifold (great) and slight leaks with the other 3. Pulling everything back off tonight.
  7. New wheel came in. I like it. “D” shape for better knee room. Suede feels nice on my soft hands. 😂 The top half is bigger in radius, but still smaller than the stock tractor steering wheel. It even came with a better adapter than the one that I machined, so I swapped that out too.
  8. Hilarious. Went to Micky D’d on the way home today to get my kid some fries, and a 6 piece nuggets for the way home. (It’s one of the only things she’ll eat.) Pull up to the pick-up window and the girl is like 1 Big Mac, 1 chocolate shake, 1 strawberry shake, 3 large fries, blah blah blah. What? No bitch, I got 1 large fries and nuggets.
  9. I’ve had great luck with Riley. I’m a little disappointed to see that they’re cutting back.
  10. mainer311

    My 1971 521

    The only problem really is that grease, grime, and paint can increase impedances, and cause strange issues. I just make sure that the sheetmetal is clean, use dielectric grease, and paint is scraped off prior to running the ground.
  11. Parts counter people can't do shit w/o a VIN. And techs aren't mechanics anymore. They just do what the Consult computer tells them. If this Highlander didn't get free oil changes, I'd never be back at the dealership after the day I bought it. Already had a fuel pump recall though. At least they made it right. Nissan would just leave you high and dry just like they did with the "strawberry milkshake of death" starting in 2005. They had bad welds on the transmission coolant line running through the radiator. Coolant and ATF would mix, destroying the transmission. It took them years to make it r
  12. Renault did more than just kill off the vintage stuff. They killed all of Nissan. Carlos Ghosn really screwed the pooch as well. We've been a Nissan family for decades, but I just can't buy into their crap anymore. When it came time to upsize the family car, we ended up with a 2019 Highlander.
  13. Not to mention, we're on the east coast. We don't have Datsun brick and mortar anything besides the Nissan dealerships that look at us like we're crazy when we give them a part number.
  14. The idle jet sets your mixture all the way across the transition circuit. The idle screw only adjusts the amount of fuel flowing behind the butterfly when it's closed. As the butterfly opens, it uncovers the transition holes. If you run a very rich idle jet, your whole transition is going to be fat. Believe it or not, a lot of your cruising mixture comes from the transition circuit alone, so if you notice sooty plugs, you might want to step back a few sizes and just open the screw a little farther. 70 seems large to me, but 2 turns out was the sweet spot I thought? (I'm used to much smaller L
  15. Yeah, all the old stuff worked fine with the L16. When I built the L20b, I tried to use as much new stuff as possible so I could keep the L16 "whole." Grounds everywhere. I don't skimp on those. Even by themselves, the 2 senders are completely different impedances at room temp. I mentioned to Neil that my temp gauge cold half way up during a cold start, which makes sense if the impedance is higher to start. I read that the impedance goes down the hotter the sender gets.
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