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  1. mainer311

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    I have a Thrush on mine and while it sounds nice, it’s a bit too loud. Remember that you can always add a resonator somewhere further down the line and make it quieter. Most resonators are a straight through design, so it won’t be restrictive. In my past experience with other vehicles, Magnaflow mufflers are “glasspack” type and flow pretty well, but drone horribly at certain RPM’s, especially if the muffler is undersized. You can usually see straight through them. Flowmasters have more of a true muffler baffle construction, but again won’t sound right if too small. I don’t have any experience with the Walkers. If you want quiet, always get a bigger muffler. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t flow well. My roadster is a fairly straight shot with a small Magnaflow on it and it drones pretty bad. Sounds good though. My plan is to put a resonator on it this summer on the last piece of tailpipe.
  2. mainer311

    mrbigtankers 521

    So the shock is precompressed to get it to physically fit into where it is?
  3. mainer311

    mrbigtankers 521

    Billet aluminum crossmember? Pretty slick.
  4. mainer311

    new member, first post.

    Honestly, that area gets so hot anyway, the heat shield probably doesn’t do much. If you don’t use it, use the left and center gaskets. Use the gasket with the divided center between the phenolic and the carb. Below the phenolic, either of the outer gaskets could be used.
  5. mainer311

    Matt's 521

    What do par trees grow? Golf balls?
  6. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Well, I’ve been sick with something, it’s been cold, and work has gotten in the way. Life happens. I’ve been using the “inside time” to finish my Datsun truck model while I wait for parts to show up. Notched and linked rearend. Side exit exhaust. Lowered front end. Rear axle was lost by the cat, so I had to scratch build that. Had some silver stripe decals left over from a Shelby GT350, so I put them on the sides. Didn’t have any low-pro tires so used what it came with. Made a little filler panel between the taillights. Hand painting the letters was fun. Front lip was designed and 3D printed. Made the fender mirrors from scratch. Hood and roof were polished all the way to 12000 grit. Didn’t have the patience to do the rest of it.
  7. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    The splines leaked on the x-fer case of my 2012 Xterra, so definitely possible. It's definitely a blown seal on the 521 though. Probably never been changed.
  8. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Definitely has companion flanges on both ends. Would be weird to have a slip yoke with a flange on the end, but you never know. I crawled under there the other night, and it looks like the flange bolts are really fun to get to. Everything is above the torsion bar cross member. So, this image doesn't show the slip yoke, but definitely flanged on both ends shown here: https://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1965-1972/power-train/propeller-shaft/l16 And here is the splined flange, lower right: https://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1965-1972/power-train/transmission-gear/from-oct-65
  9. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Anyone know the difference between an output shaft seal and an extension seal on the 4 speed? If oil flows from the main case into the tail shaft extension, why would there be an output shaft seal? Both are listed on RockAuto. I bought both just for the hell of it. My 4 speed is leaking like crazy from behind the companion flange, so it's one of the things I'm rebuilding while it's out.
  10. mainer311

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    We got lucky late last year because they salted, but then we got a lot of rain in December so it extended the “season” a little bit. I usually start getting the itch around April and flog the roadster around the block a couple times. In Maine we call late March/early April “mud season.” It comes after winter and before spring.
  11. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Got my little coolant hose from Nissan today. Perfect fit. No adapters. No bullshit.
  12. mainer311

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Maybe yours. With a couple electro-mechanical upgrades, these things run awesome with little upkeep. My roadster broke down once, and I fixed it with a flat head screwdriver (clogged fuel filter).
  13. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Well, I got some prep work done on the truck today. Pulled the dizzy and starter motor off. Drained the transmission. Then I started pulling the original oil pump, which was an absolute nightmare. Two of the bolt heads snapped off, and luckily the other two came out with a lot of heat. They were all seized in the aluminum pump casting. I have a D21 pump coming tomorrow, but now I’ll need to find new bolts. I pulled the inspection plate off and didn’t see any coolant on the flywheel, but I decided to pull the trans anyway. There are too many seals leaking and things to spruce up.
  14. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Yeah, I had that problem after first buying the truck. What I ended up doing in the end was just cutting the jiggle valve out and calling it a day. Everything was fine after that.
  15. mainer311

    Just bought a 521

    Yeah Mike, that’s not what we’re talking about. I just need the hose that sits below the fuel pump. I’m not bypassing anything.

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