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A 521 in Massachusetts


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So here we go. This is my 1972 Datsun 521 with an l16 .pictures will follow as soon as I figure out how. For now I just wanted to get my post started. I revived this truck about 15 years ago in San Diego CA from some guys back yard..... fast forward and I ended up back home in Massachusetts with my 521... yes it was my only mode of transportation at the time.. sad note I bought a 62 320 at the same time had to leave her behind.... gave to a friend... 521 ran and drove... 320 had a bad engine suspension etc and no title....

so i came home in august of 2005 and I will say my 521 didn't like the next winter... so my girlfriend now wife let me park it in her garage where it sat for 8 years, now the datsun got moved into what i call my work shop i was able to convert 2 garages into one giving me a 20 x 20 foot work area. at this point my almost 2 year old son would follow me into the garage while I worked on other stuff, he'd pretend to drive the datsun while i worked.. every day I'd look at the 521 and would say some day.... that's day came when my son started to speak. His first words were Mama, Dada and then dats... Around December of 2013 this happened and I couldn't wait anymore.... wife gave me the go ahead and it got started.... well the entire truck was disassembled much more than i ever wanted to do but that's what happened so every system was replaced or overhauled.. I am a back yard mechanic and never attempted this before... so now 3 years later i have a completely rebuild driveline and I am ready to put the 4 wheels back on the ground and put the cab back on.. and thanks to the ratsun community this has been a great sight for info.. I have some things I've done which I can't wait to share. Some problems I had and how I solved them. Next post I will get some of the before pics up and her current state. ... thanks to all

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Load pics to photobucket.


From PC...specific picture: click IMG code, it will say copied. Paste that code here.


From phone/photobucket app...click SHARE icon. Click Copy Link To Clipboard. Again, click the IMG code to copy. Paste that code here.



It is that easy. Can't wait to see your 521!!!


Welcome to Ratsun.

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Thanks I will check that out....

As I am sure everyone else had to deal with photo bucket wanting money... this was the best way I could to fix my pics quickly and easily....

If anyone wants to see a better pic just let me know and I'll try to find and post the original.... thanks for looking...

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Thanks for the concern.... ya its seperate and in back of the house. Old carriage barn with 6 bays... all sperated by a wall each one is 10ft wide by 20 ft long.... I turned the middle 2 into a 20 ft x 20ft shop.... you can sort of see it in the picture with my frame and cab.... and I am spraying por 15 which I believe is even worse than regular auto pant to spray... I had full respirator and suit on.. definitely a must....

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This is a deluxe 411 instrument cluster with the chrome trim that Charlie put in his 520, the 520 had amber turn signal indicators, otherwise it looks exactly like a 521 instrument cluster with the green turn signal indicators like you have, the 520 and 521 clusters are interchangeable, the 411 cluster has to have the 520/521 mount hardware installed on it to mount it in a 520/521.


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The black and chrome plastic is from the deluxe 411 as Wayno stated.


I did a L20B automatic swap in my 66 520 and I am using a 1980 720 wiring harness modified to work with the 520 lights and gauges.


Back side of my 520 instrument cluster modded to work with the 1980 720 wiring harness.



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