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  1. I have been told the same thing...I have 2 guys at work that both married Asians...they both would agree with you in this one... MikeC
  2. This should be posted on every old car forum on the internet...the sad part is...most of these younger folk don't want to know anything except can they text and drive at the same time..and that and they always need to go around you so they can turn in front of you... MikeC
  3. Love your truck... Thanks for sharing on here. MikeC
  4. Hey Daniel Can't believe how well the old Datsun took all that weight. That is amazing. I think the ole truck likes getting loaded right up to the edge too. MikeC
  5. My grandfather was 15 years old and he tried....he got enlisted and he went thru basic training and then his dad came and pulled him out as he was not old enough to go to war...or so the story goes. I have a picture of him in his Army uniform and with big swollen lip and cheek from getting in a fight during basic training. Crazy war it was. MikeC
  6. I remember when I was really young, and the gang I hung out with was even younger (no drivers license) and they would ask for rides to someplace...I could take one in the cab and the rest had to ride like this...the police didn't even look twice back then... Fun times they were...gosh I miss the early 1980's... Thanks for posting... MikeC
  7. mikec4193

    Panels available?

    I would have to call them and make sure what they exactly intended on their website....I am hoping it is just a typo....they are more of American vintage replacement panel company...they probably dont even know the correct models are for Datsuns... MikeC
  8. I am with Biggs Those Datsun dashboards seem to all age and end up looking just like that...I would love to be able to learn how you fixed....so please show us the trick to saving it. MikeC
  9. mikec4193

    Panels available?

    Here is another place that sells rocker panels for the 1969-73(?) Datsun trucks....their quality is very good... https://www.c2cfabrication.com/collections/all/datsun MikeC
  10. mikec4193

    Panels available?

    I found these folks on ebay.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-NISSAN-520-521-PICKUP-1965-72-BED-SIDE-PANELS-WITH-TAIL-BODY-UPPER-CORNER/323515109840?hash=item4b5300d1d0:g:WUgAAOSwiJhb0EaD:rk:6:pf:0 MikeC
  11. mikec4193

    70 521 "lina bear"

    I saw this one on Facebook....man o man...totally stinks...glad you are ok... MikeC
  12. Oh my Gosh Datzenmike My dad would come in from the garage at 10:45 pm...make himself a cup of coffee, sit down and drink it while he watched the 11 pm news...take a shower at 11:30 and then off to sleep until 6 am the next day... I don't think he gave a crap either... I love your attitude...I gotta try it... thanks for sharing MikeC
  13. When I drank...I could always sleep...now that I am sober....not so well...
  14. Happy Thanksgiving (these are from the winter of 1981/82 in upstate NY) Been awake since 3am again...gotta love insomnia....NOT I HATE IT.... Dug up a couple of pics of a winter storm at my dad's house...this was my hot rod then...a 1971/72 Datsun truck .... Just was thinking about Datsuns and the awesome era when I drove them everyday.... MikeC
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