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  1. So when I bought this project I thought it would be simple fix the rusty stuff and put it back together but the more I dug into it the more stuff didnt make sense...someone got ahold of this car after JB Davis ran it in 1966 and tried to upgrade it and then stopped... they hacked the firewall flat and put angle iron supports in it and welded and screwed pieced of sheet metal to the front cowl area.... When I bought this project the guy threw in some extra parts...one was a stock cowl for it... I borrowed the wife's painters tape...did a lot of chin scratchin
  2. The last time I had one of these old Fords it was the last 1970's or early 1980's and I guess I didn't remember anything from that era...when I bought this project it had a Ford front axle under it...I was told it was 1948 Ford...well stupid me I went to the Pete and Jakes catalog and I ordered a pair of front shocks and mounts and thought we would be done...nothing really fit the way I thought it should...I even roughed up the new shock mounts to looks older... I am thankful I didnt throw out the old shock mounts from I got the car...still nothing would fit...lots of chin scratchi
  3. It has been cold long winter here in upstate NY...the last of the snow left my woods last weekend...I have tried to stay on task with this project...I was really bad tho...I blew a weeks pay on some cool new shoes for the old man.....8" wide Towel City tires and 2 brandy new 8" wide Vintiques steel wheels...hard to write that check but it looks cool...
  4. Dear Ratsun Community I was just thinking about the Datsuns that I have owned and how did I start with them over 40 years ago....my dad was into Mercedes Benz's and VW's too (so it was not from him)...I was loving the whole street rod scene at the time in the 1970's...I got a subscription to Street Rodder Magazine and Rod Action too...I was a teenage kid at the time...vintage Ford stuff even for a teenager was still pricey even back then...then I read about the whole "Mini Truck" scene out on the West coast and I was hooked (affordable fun)...still love the old Fords but all the Da
  5. Hi Duncan... Yes these are original 1940 Ford floor pans...well what is left of them...I have added numerous patches to it...I was thinking about putting new pans in it but this is a vintage Jalopy...a new floor pan would ruin the whole feel of this build...one of the most favorite parts of this model car is...you can gets tons of aftermarket parts for it...the pictures attached are as it showed up at my door...
  6. Most of the previous posts were from 2019 when I really going to town on this old heap....but I have to share the whole seat deal I am working on now...the first picture is the original race car seat as it came in the car...a piece of c channel and a matching piece of I-beam...also it was bolted to the rusted out floor pan.... I took it right down to nothing and mocked it back up as it would have been in the car only on the garage floor...I couldn't put it back in like that... So in the third picture is what I thought would work a little better and still be rusty and cr
  7. The floor was a little wonky...I had some scrap laying around..tried to make it a little better...
  8. I wanted to show the crazy cage mounts...made me wince...my first roundy round car was a 1967 Camaro that I ran in 1979...the cage mounts were not much better but a little...the last picture is of the new black iron cage I hired out to get done...I wont ever race this...probably wont drive it either but it looks a little better from here...
  9. The Pete and Jakes rear shock kit didn't really come with any instructions...I guess at this stage in the game if I am buying this kit I should be able to mount it up...well it took 3 tries but we got it...the first 2 are how not to mount shocks...the 3rd one is how it works. Everything is still tacked in place...I would like to get a motor and tranny in it so I can set the pinion angle...then we will fire up the old welder and make things more permanent....
  10. I found some vinyl runner material to cover this stuff up...almost looks like it belongs here...this build is such a hodge podge...
  11. The old heap had running boards and it appears as those the rules at the time they must had to keep them on the car so someone added heavy steel angle iron...I thought I would try and find something like the original picture of the car from 1963??...those running boards were pretty beat up...the original builder didn't remember if he had done this modification or not..I was already upside down on this build so I tried to fix what was there...I spent many a day cutting and chopping out old rusty 1940 Henry Ford sheet metal and mig welding in new stuff...
  12. Prayers coming your way Mr. Gene... MikeC
  13. Hey Stoffregen Motorsports....Thanks for the insight... I don't plan on driving it more up to the inspection station if I even get it that far.... I know that original axle was out of an old Ford truck and it seems like a beast from the East...I don't know anything about them but almost all the local street stock guys out here run those 9" Ford rear ends...I am hoping from reading your post I did not warp it...how can I tell if I did wreck it?? thanks in advance. MikeC P.S. driving these old cars has never been a fun thing for me...
  14. The front end I thought would have been a 1940 Ford...nope...ended up being a 1948...I was wondering why some parts didn't fit...I did find a fellow in Minn that had a stock 1940 axle for it...the front spring I am still not sure what it came from...the wish bones were all cobbled up...Pete and Jakes to rescue again...I don't think the shock mounts fit the build...I think they will be going away in the near future...I never split wish bones before...I found a fellow in Minn again also who had a set 1940 Ford wish bones...he shipped them out to me...looks like it as made for it now...I ended up
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