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  1. Don't know anything about this hot rod....but darn it looks pretty stout from here... https://www.motorbiscuit.com/miata-based-datsun-brings-new-meaning-to-the-term-sport-truck/ I bet this keeps up with the flow of traffic.... MikeC
  2. Don't know if this is the correct part or not... https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mog-k9218?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqfz6BRD8ARIsAIXQCf0PmXcwErhnRkQunqB-SMuC2SUgiPic7F9gXk9GJ78dwiBjYBB0C5EaAuzHEALw_wcB it is worth a shot I think... MikeC
  3. Hope you can get a garage / shop up and running and get those Datsuns back home so you can tinker on them... MikeC
  4. Hey KenP19 A little too much motor for me but still a crazy cool build...congrats on getting it up and running...it looks awesome from here...another Northeast Datsun saved from the crusher.... MikeC
  5. Man o Man...that totally stinks...a vintage race car with all that work saving it and then getting it wadded up like you did...damn damn damn...I spent many years racing in circles and when you have those days...sometimes you gotta wonder why you keep doing it...but...adrenaline is worse drug than alcohol... Good luck on the rebuild... MikeC
  6. mikec4193


    I do have to say....Idaho sheet metal looks way less cheese like than the upstate New York stuff does...good luck with the sale.. MikeC
  7. mikec4193

    Moss covered 521

    love the finish on your truck...cant wait to see how the daily driver works out for you... I am following along with this project... MikeC
  8. DanielC.... Man o man....you re knocking it out of the park with this build thread...I am amazed at the detail you are putting into this little truck...the folks at Nissan I hope are watching this thread as well... That little truck is gonna be better than when it was new....I would be very proud of this project... Thanks for sharing the journey with us... MikeC
  9. Hey Daniel C Everytime I log on here and I read about the more stock Datsun truck stuff being built and rebuilt...and then I see the pictures of the various parts that make up the old Datsun trucks...it makes me smile...takes me back to the 1980's when all I drove was a Datsun truck.... Love it love it love it... Thanks for posting all the progress on your awesome little truck... MikeC
  10. Looks good from here...good luck with your project... MikeC
  11. Not sure who else follows the Car & Driver crowd but this popped up on there website late last year... https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a25654581/1986-nissan-pickup-goes-home-tennessee/ if this is in the wrong place please admin feel free to move or delete. MikeC
  12. I had a 1980's Dodge pickup truck once and the windshield wiper motor stopped working...I was at a loss until my dad came over and figured out we were getting power but we somehow lost the ground on it. He made up a neat little ground wire...cleaned off both mounting surfaces too and we were off and running... So maybe make sure you have a good ground on it.... Nothing like electrical gremlins to drive you batty... MikeC
  13. I have been told the same thing...I have 2 guys at work that both married Asians...they both would agree with you in this one... MikeC
  14. This should be posted on every old car forum on the internet...the sad part is...most of these younger folk don't want to know anything except can they text and drive at the same time..and that and they always need to go around you so they can turn in front of you... MikeC
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