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DON'T Use Photobucket on Ratsun

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There is more than one type of Postimage, I can post as many photos as I want using Postimage on another Datsun forum that has Postimage integrated into the forum, I didn't even have to open an account, it takes my photos from my computer and publishes straight to the reply, obviously it is hosting them somewhere and I cannot go there and copy or delete them, if I want to copy/delete them I have to do it to each photo one at a time.

I had to open a Postimage account to post photos here, I don't like these types of accounts, they can change stuff or start wanting money like what happened with Photolame, the only way to keep that from happening is to have your own personal hosting site which I suspect is cheaper than what Photolame wants per year.

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I am trying to use postimageio  to share images, but every time I try to post an image it gives me a "this file type not supported by this community error". So I just haven't been able to share any photos since the photobucket thing. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Well I read that Photolame had said they would keep their paid accounts open till the end of the year(2017), then all have to pay the $399.00 for 3rd party hosting, we are almost there.

I am also wondering when the image replacing the photos will disappear, and then there will be nothing, will the unpaid accounts be deleted and all the photos will be gone forever?

We are talking 3 more days here, it has been said if the company backs down it will piss off their loyal customers, so they cannot back down, I just don't see that image replacing the photos being there forever.

I also read that if even one out of a hundred pay that is $400 million in their pockets, that is how many have been using their service, I also read that only 50 some employees ran the company, not a lot of overhead there.

I would also agree with the article I read that if the company had offered a tier type program where light users paid less than heavy users it might have been easier to swallow, but whether you hosted thousands of photos or less than a 100 photos with them, you were treated the same, $399.00 or nothing, if you were paying them anything before the policy change you were good till the end of 2017, at least this is what I have read.

We shall see what happens very soon, I will not be paying, I have not really used there service much since the last change(late 2013?), this could be another big hit to the forums all over the world in less than a week when the next big change happens/if it happens, personally I am tired of looking at their image and will be happy when it is gone.

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I haven't been there in months till just now. Took forever to load and 'get in. Once again things have changed slightly, I couldn't load any picture like I used to and did I mention it's so slow?. WTF is their problem. Always changing something that causes problems.

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"said they would keep their paid accounts open till the end of the year(2017), then all have to pay the $399.00 for 3rd party hosting, we are almost there."

Not true wayno


I've had a paid account for nearly 20 years, and my yearly charge has been about $25 for at least the past 5-10.

(can't remember back more than that)

I've had their Tier-20 program since the beginning.

Just got a notice that my fees will now be $35, but with no loss of service.


I can still go in, and load images just fine once I've signed in (that's a pain due to pop-ups).

So I just never sign out. The only time I  have to sign back in is about once a week when I clear my cookies, and rebut the system.

But they are no harder to sign into than most forums, like SupraMania, Honda-Tech, etc..


I don't use them to store all my images, I have a real hard drive to do that.


Guessing that they take care of long time paid users......or.....

They are having a change of hart ?

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I've been on it all morning....seriously....since about 3:30am.  It's actually been working great for me.  The "download" option has been working .....or maybe is a download app....either way, it's been playing nicely all morning.  I had previously saved out all of the pics, but I couldn't get it to do anything with the vids.  I was able to do the vids this morning....more or less one at a time.  I think I've gotten the majority of them saved out, just in case.


The info I got from them said that I had until Dec of 2018.  I have that chrome app running that someone here did for use so we can see PB pics.  I'm not sure if my PB links work in the threads or not.  Can you guys see the pics in my threads?  http://community.ratsun.net/topic/8175-mklotz70-project-mend/


Time to do something else.  I was also converting CAD files from my old program to fusion360.....had to do it via solidworks.......I'm computer numb right now!!!

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Unless everyone has the embed fix extension for Chrome or whatever they call the one for Firefox a lot of members on here cannot see the photos, there are threads about this issue here on Ratsun that I guess you tend to ignore because it doesn't fit into your agenda Matt, there was a suspension thread recently about rear independent suspensions that I went to Bob3s MX520 thread and I copied one of his photos and pasted it in that thread, I believe one of the members in this thread said he could not see the photo, I fixed it once Postimage was working again by saving the 2 photos to my computer and then hosting his image in my Postimage account.


We shall see how this all turns out over the next year, I used this article for a lot of the info I posted a few posts back,


Another article says that PB is a ghost of what it used to be inside the Denver headquarters, they used to employ almost 60, it was less than half of that when that article was written, another article suggests things would likely have been better if they(PB) had just told it's users it costs money to host photos and we need to start charging something, well that is not how CEO Tom Munro did it, we all know what happened,  millions of people on forums know what happened.


There is yet another article that suggests that forum owners are going to have to start hosting the photos as eventually any forum owner that doesn't will end up with broken links when free hosting is finally history, I actually suggested this once here and received a less than enthusiastic response, all the other forums I frequent either host there own photos(MGE/Nissandiesel) or are using a single host for the forum even though some just continue to use whatever hosting account they have, I really don't frequent a lot of forums.

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