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  1. G-Duax


    I have bought stuff from Cyprus, and was very pleased with it. I bought upper & lower fulcrum shaft sets, and they were genuine Japanese parts. Is the autozone stuff US, Taiwan, or ching-chang crap ? Most of what I've bought lately from Rock Auto was ching-chang, and I sent it back. They have been substituting brands a lot lately, and it's enough to tick you off.
  2. Yes sir.... I haven't even installed my replacement booster diaphragm yet, and for the most part don't miss it, but every once in a while, I crest a hill at 85-90 mph, and find stopped traffic, and then I really miss it...
  3. I've seen them, but not sure where off the top of my head. So a quick trip to eBay found this: Superior adjustable vacuum switch Too bad it costs what I paid each of my Audi pumps, that have it built in....
  4. Yeah, somewhere around there. Is that an Audi pump, or from some other euro car?
  5. On the pump? Maybe burry it on the sea shore for a few months, so it ages, or polish up the rest of the engine bay to match it. I should talk, my engine bay was rattle can pained flat black over the original orange years before I bought it, and in the 15 years I've had it have made few half ass attempts to cure the on-going exposed orange poking out from where the black is flaking off.
  6. I have a small reservoir, and once that is pulled to nearly a full vacuum, those pumps shut off by themselves. Somewhere around 20 inches of vacuum, if memory serves me correctly.
  7. The vacuum pump is too shinny, doesn't go with the rest of the engine bay. Good job on the air filter set up.
  8. Just picked up these gems for my 620. 16x8, 0 offset Decem-10s. Now I can get rid of my 15x7, -15 offset Decem-10s, that wouldn't fit over my disk brake conversion, and the recently acquired 16x8, 0 offset SSR Spiel Stadt mesh, that are in need of refurbishing (that I have little time to work on).
  9. Maybe depends on how much Labatt Blue he has had.....
  10. See a lot of Nascar engines going smaller still, like Honda journal size. Might just be for qualifying engines, don't know. Hell, they even run titanium valves with 6mm stems on those large intake valves, again, may have been for qualifying. Bought a bunch of them for my Toyota, and a few sets of 5/16 stem valves for the Datsun, but need some undersize guides to run them. Did you consider building an extra engine to haul with you next year ?
  11. Not to be too negative here, but maybe just getting some successful runs on it before reinventing the wheel would be a better approach ? Stock L-series rod bearing diameter has been working just fine for many people, running 10K+ rpm in Japan for decades, But big bores have been a weak point, some blocks breaking through on the boring machine, as Stoffregen mentioned, and I have seen before.
  12. That's why you use custom length rods.... Stoffregen, I was afraid of going to 89mm bore on an L18... Did 88mm with a half fill on the block, and even then, that was scary thin in spots. Unfortunately, when I went to assemble it, I discovered the machine shop machined all the bores at an angle to the crank, and ruined my spare block. Been wanting to take the useless thing down to his shop, and epoxy it to the cement right in front of his door, with a note.
  13. I only use PIAA LED bulbs in Hella housings. Will burn the paint off the car in front of you. 99.999% of the stuff on eBay is chinese junk, but among all the junk, you may find PIAA bulbs, and Hella housings. Otherwise, just google them. But they are not cheap.....for that, you are stuck with the chinese.
  14. I hate you..... (joke)
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