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  1. G-Duax

    Bent valve?

    DITTO !! One of the first things I change when a new vehicle enters my collection are all the inexpensive, easy to change ignition parts. plugs, wires, cap & rotor, and points if it has them. To keep chasing a miss, or dead cylinder without doing this, is just plain silly, especially if you can get shocked by putting your hand on the distributor.
  2. God, I was hoping never to see that glued together, oblong, home brew gear ever again........ Mike, you are like a little kid, who took a dump in the toilet for the first time, and run to tell everyone to come see it. Let it drop, it isn't anything to be proud of doing. Did OK on the replacement though.
  3. Have seen them on both on eBay, and on Yahoo-Japan. P/N 32703-86402 is what I found mine under. New ones are not cheap, I had $85 into mine when I bought it 5-6 years ago. None on either sight right now. Also possible to use a 22t from an Mazda, but you have to get the gear off the Mazda shaft, and put it on the Nissan shaft. But you will need access to a lathe to do it. Or go to 5% larger rear tires.
  4. G-Duax

    Bent valve?

    At least you did it right....... Never, ever diagnose possible ignition issues by touching them yourself, always have a friend (male or female) do it for you. "Honey, can you please hold this wire while I try to start this".
  5. That isn't mine, that is a nice pristine, factory made one. Too lazy to dig mine out to take a picture, and post it on photobucket ... Besides, that one I posted is a 19mm (stamped right on the top), not the 17mm. The 19mm is for a Benz diesel, but the 17 looks identical.
  6. One of these 17mm wrenches make life a lot easier when adjusting the valves on an L-series. I cheated, and took a torch to a no-name open end wrench, and welded a socket on the top.
  7. Too small for a 2 Liter. Go find a Toyota SC12 (early MR2), it can easily do 7 psi. I laugh every time I see that text from superchargerunlimited.... (2012 AMR500 discussion) It was copied directly from my eBay listings when I was selling them years before they ever were involved with supercharging anything. (the landscaping people I spoke of earlier)
  8. Don't ask them about a listing if it isn't theirs, they might just take issue with that. Tell them you want to re-jet a carb you already have to work on the engine you have. Phone calls get a lot better results than e-mails, or just looking at someone's list of jets.
  9. G-Duax

    Bent valve?

    More information than we wanted to know.... Find another mechanic, and forget anything about a small block. Flat top pistons, OK, but forget small block mentality, and shy away from anyone who has never worked on a Datsun, and prays to a chevy bowtie every morning.
  10. The trouble with doing an armature turbo installation just because you don't see it at shows, is because anyone in the know will look at it and think 'what a waste', or 'that won't make any real power'. The other reason you probably don't see them at shows, is it's a can of worms. And if you do run into problems, which you probably will, seeing you don't have any turbo engine building experience, then you will be out an engine, or into a lot of replacement parts expense. Someone like hosestop, or Stoffrgren, or myself or a dozen other people on here could do it, but we have years of experience, and probably would never use that pos turbo manifold to attempt it. Do this, go buy a book on turbocharging, there are several out there. Spend time reading it, and get to understand all that is involved with such a conversion.
  11. G-Duax

    Front Chin

    Not sure on the 510, but the 'glass one I have for my 620 is attached to the lower sheet metal, with screws or pop rivets. That's the reason I haven't put it on yet... My son's 510 has a full blown track sheet metal front air dam, and it is pop riveted on. Personally I like the looks of them.
  12. I'm in Texas, but this is a whole lot different than those other states you listed. And probably farther south than you also.
  13. I run 2-1/2" pipe all the way to the back, and I think they may be about the same height as originals, if not a little taller, they were installed a long time ago, and I forget what the originals were like.... But Urethane cuts easily.
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