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  1. L18 - 5-bolt L20b - 6-bolt
  2. LoL ! Flowbastards, that is what we call them around the house also. Was always intrigued by the Hooker Aero Chamber design, but have never tried one.
  3. My 2.5", all stainless system, with 18" SS muffler, and SS pre-muffler, is nice and quiet....... with my ear plugs in.... :-)
  4. It means worn rings at minimum. Doesn't mean you need a new engine, just a rebuild. If you are not going to rebuild, but going to buy a fresh engine, sell me the L18, I could use a spare one.
  5. Agreed on both Mike's view of the world, and advantages of 'snake oils'. I'm sure there are compounds in SeaFoam that help penetrate, and dissolve deposits, just not the only way to de-carbon an engine.
  6. Mike is right, SeaFoam is not anything special. Just about any fluid poured down the carb while it's running will destroy carbon build up. First learned about de-carbonizing an old engine while getting my Associates Degree, and being poor as shit. Bought an old Vega for $50, that the owner thought the engine was shot, because it had a bad hammering sound coming from that joke of an engine. Was about to pull the thing to go after bearings or broken pistons, when a friend suggested trying a 'Coke bottle tune-up'. He said to get the engine up to running temp, then pour a Coke bottle of water down thee carb, while manually holding the throttle open far enough to keep it running. I did, that piece of shit engine sent a billowing cloud of black smoke, and chunks of carbon out the tail pipe, and stopped hammering ! The issue wasn't worn out or broken parts, it was the carbon build up on the pistons, and head, that were making contact.
  7. Hope you are not driving it without oil, if that is the issue.
  8. I have made hundreds of gaskets from poster card stock, and even old breakfast cereal boxes.
  9. Well, not quite. The bleed hole in the return line won't pass a whole lot of flow, so be careful.
  10. You could box your scrap, with fake shipping labels, then leave one box at a time on your doorstep, and let people steal it....
  11. Hm, my '73 620 has a return line. Oh, and Holley pumps suck the most (figuratively). Newer Carter pumps (now made in china) suck almost as bad...... The Z-car FI pump doesn't suck, it just puts out way too much pressure for a carburetor, unless you replace the relieve valve spring with something much lighter. Older Carter performance pumps don't suck, if you can find old stock, but must be run with a low pressure bypass regulator. I miss the simplicity of gravity feed, like my race bikes had, no frigging pump needed......
  12. G-Duax

    Aftermarket headlights

    Bite me ass hole......
  13. G-Duax

    3-4" lowering U-bolts

    Isn't the angle of the pinion shaft supposed to stay parallel with the trans shaft? What you really need to be concerned with is keeping the front & rear drive shafts in line as much as possible, and that means raising the center bearing up. I run 1" spacers under mine.
  14. My very first Datsun was a 510 wagon/L16, and I ran just water injection on it, not for power, but for mileage. Allowed me to run more advance than without it. Activated with throttle switch.
  15. Nope, leaking wheel cylinder. Brake fluid acts as paint remover......... Quick way to know what size tap drill you need for ANY metric screw is to subtract the pitch, from the bolt size. So 8mm minus 1.25mm = 6.75mm drill. And a lot of times drums come off hard because they are worn where the shoes contact them, and over the years people keep adjusting the brakes, so when you go to remove them, the shoes are sitting inside a larger diameter than the unworn area. I always adjust them down before I try to remove a drum, make life a lot simpler.
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