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  1. G-Duax

    Bigger carbs and timing chain parts

    If your timing chain is getting noisy, that means you have a worn engine, and has a lot more wrong with it than that. Things like rings, valves, rod & crank bearings (which leads to low oil pressure, and thus less pressure to hold the chain tensioner tight). Fist, you probably will gain back power that you didn't realize you were missing, but also you should never try to make more power with add-ons, and a old, worn engine. It just increases the chance of a total engine failure.
  2. G-Duax

    How to remove 71B striking lever lock pin

    I cheated. Drilled and tapped a 1/4" NPT hole into the side, so I could get a strait shot at it with a punch but did leave the nut on it. After it was put back in, just plugged the hole with an aluminum pipe plug.
  3. G-Duax


    Every 6-lug wheel I've brought in from Japan had a center bore either 108mm or 110mm. The register on a 620 only 90mm, so most likely, you won't have to have them machined. But if you do, have someone machine them. A router turns way too fast, and router bits are meant for wood. Using them on aluminum will just fuck everything up, including the bit, and probably the router. Even with correct machinery, machining aluminum requires coolant to bee constantly fed onto the surface being cut, and the cutting bit.
  4. G-Duax

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    Ah, wrong....... I had one of my Toyota 6-cylinder builds seize a rod bearing at nearly 8000 rpm, due the a Fram filter collapse. screwed up one Eagle rod, and the crank. Thankfully, the Eagle rod didn't come apart, and ventilate the block. A stock rod would have. Like Fetch, I had used them for years. After the failure, went on-line and found out about the quality issues. Not sure if I would trust one for just painting a block. I only use the Mobil-1 filters now. Fetch, I didn't think anyone ever drove 55 in Texas, but I only moved here in 84.
  5. G-Duax

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    That is almost a must Mike, and only use abrasive paper, or stainless wire brush type tools. And do it just before you weld. If you do it one day, let it set over night, the aluminum will start to oxidize, and cause problems.
  6. G-Duax

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    I've always been able to track down someone local that would weld up one of my aluminum projects. Something small, like a 4-cylinder manifold is typically $50 - $75. The blower manifold for my 6-cyl Toyota was $100 (20 years ago, so figure $200 these days). Still cheap for a one off, that I see hot rod shops charge $1000 for a pre built one for a pig-iron V8. Just have everything pre-cut & fitted before taking it to them, and if alignment is critical, then everything marked, or a pre-made jig of some sort. And don't use steel cutting tools for any surface to be welded, or if that is the only way you can, take abrasive paper to the surface that needs to be welded. Microscopic iron particles raise hell with Tig welding aluminum.
  7. G-Duax

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    The pig-iron V8 in the background ruined it for me..... And it looks as though the cam belt is almost touching it's self just above the crank. Wonder how much the head & block were cut?
  8. G-Duax

    Timing chain wedge

    I always find stuff 2 weeks later, when I'm looking for something else....
  9. G-Duax

    I gots Chinesed!

    More like broker of surplus auto parts. Ever wonder why you hardly ever get something from RA, that ships from the same address twice ? Do they have huge inventory warehouses all over the USA ? No, they are constantly searching for old, or close out inventory, and sell it off for the people who actually have it. Or so the conspiracy theory goes.....
  10. G-Duax

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Vetteguy, Don't mind Mike, he still thinks the earth is flat, and probably buys stock size tires when they are on sale at pep boys. Mike, the early Cusco 2-piece strut bars had an aluminum adjustment turn buckle in the center of the bar, with aluminum nuts. I had stopped importing used ones out of Japan, after every one I got in had either split nuts, or the turn buckle was broke. Now that is all steel on the new ones, due to the mystery forces that you won't acknowledge being there. So in modern scientific terms, less just call it DARK STRUT TOWER MOVEMENT, or DSTM for short. For those of us who really push our cars, and have tires a little softer than charcoal, strut towers, and 510 steering box braces are beneficial.
  11. G-Duax

    I gots Chinesed!

    Rock Auto is famous for showing one thing, and shipping another.
  12. G-Duax

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Only if you have one custom made. But running a cage on the street is quite dangerous due to the driver not having a helmet, and any altercation without head protection can cause head injuries when the skull, with only a floppy neck holding it, swings around & contacts a piece of tubing, even if you have foam padding on it. Imagine someone hitting you with a base ball bat, wrapped in 1/2" of poly foam... It isn't going to help much, is it. I really don't think, that with street tires, you will need any chassis stiffening, due to the lack of grip. And if you bolt on track tires for an event, you can also bolt in a cage. The 6-point Cusco/Safety-21 cages are FIA certified, and bolt-in. Is it as good as a full tube chassis car ? No, but they are for 200 mph wall impalements, which you don't need for auto-x. In fact, I doubt if a cage is even necessary in a 510. My son barrel rolled his one night while kicking a Camaro's ass, and hit a water running across the street just as he hit 4th, got sideways, then hit dry pavement. There wasn't much left of the car, but he was just as little sore for a few days. What type of power are you going to ?
  13. G-Duax

    Timing chain wedge

    We are just bored, and you seemed like fresh meat......
  14. G-Duax

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    I've seen several V8 powered 510s, without any extra done to them other than a cage. These were all out track ready cars, with sticky track tires, not some treaded street rubber. Flat add-on sub-frames never add as much stiffness as a light weight cage, even bolt-in. But you seem to have already made up your mind on using a poorly designed hay wagon approach, so I ask you.......... Why are you asking us ?
  15. G-Duax

    Timing chain wedge

    By the way, there are a lot of people selling the Z-series wedges that are shorter.

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