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  1. G-Duax

    Best transmission

    I'm just about finished with my conversion to stick an HPI close ratio S15R 6-speed into my Toyota, just needs welding of the new front adaptor plate to the shortened FS6R92A front case. It will be off to a welding shop Monday. The adaptor plate simply bolts to a Toyota auto bell housing. The S15 6-speed is known to not take the abuse of a 2-liter turbo engine, but HPI builds them with the Nismo close ratio gear set, and other internal mods to take over 400 HP. (more than the Nismo version of the same trans, and way more than the Toyota W58, which I was going to stick in the car. I would have no qualm about putting a stock S15 trans behind an L4, what so ever. One of the reasons I went with this trans was that people have stuck it behind an L6 successfully, with minor internal improvements. Somewhere I have links to those conversions. So now that this swap is coming to an end, I will be looking at locating a 71C for my 620. Mike has posted about the L-series to 71C conversion many times, and I've been saving all that info :) Or.... I may just put the Toyota W58 into the truck, since I have a freshly rebuilt unit taking up space in my shop.
  2. G-Duax

    620 Land Speed Record

    Good Luck !
  3. G-Duax

    What hard-to-find parts should I stash?

  4. G-Duax

    LED headlights

    I hate HIDs, with their jittering elements. I just installed my first pair of Hella conversion housings, and PIAA LEDs. Couldn't be happier with the results. I had eCheesy conversion housings, with H4 standard bulbs, and couldn't see shitz. Plus the El-Cheapo conversion housings chipped easily. Guess the chinese have no idea how to make good glass...Just like people are finding out on 620 windshields.
  5. G-Duax

    620 Land Speed Record

    Detonation won't pop a whole through a ceramic coated dome, but it will still kill a piston. In this case, melted the aluminum above the ring, the aluminum smeared onto the bore, and locked the ring up, allowing bore flame to pass down the skirt. When I pulled the head off, there was no visible damage, just a couple of aluminum beads, the size of grains of salt at the edge of the piston. If it hadn't been coated, it would have holed the piston, and wouldn't been able to drive it home from the Texas Mile. I actually drove this for a week before pulling it down. No smoke, just a persistent ticking noise, which I thought was a cam lobe going flat.
  6. G-Duax

    620 Land Speed Record

    Isn't 13.5:1 a little on the lean side? I roast pistons if my Toyota goes that far off 12:1, and I'm only running 12:1 compression.
  7. When you stop posting to just run your post count up......
  8. G-Duax

    Whaty are people using to host images.

    18+ years with photobucket. Yes, I wasn't cheap azz, and paid them $25 a year (now costs me like $35). What does godaddy cost ?
  9. G-Duax

    Twin Weber 40 DCOE length

    Mikuni short manifold:
  10. G-Duax

    510 Spooks, Alternate Material(s) to FG? - Comments

    Yeah, clicking on the old image button was just too difficult.....
  11. G-Duax

    510 Spooks, Alternate Material(s) to FG? - Comments

    Yeah, a hot air tig......called a 'plastic welder'. How the fuck do you add pictures in this screwed up mess ?? Don't care, here is the link: plastic welder
  12. G-Duax

    510 Spooks, Alternate Material(s) to FG? - Comments

    Most car bumpers today are plastic, and accept paint just fine. They also make special plastic welding rods, and filler for them.
  13. G-Duax

    What rims are these?

    Sure looks like the SSR mesh pattern to me.
  14. G-Duax

    73 620 rear end issues!

    I know, a little late to the party, as I don't come here much after the change to the new & improved forum format. You won't see the shims, as they are between the bearing & the diff, not between the outer race & housing like modern diffs. Don't mix up the races, as it may change the gear mesh. Want quick & cheap, have the diff welded up (locked diff).
  15. G-Duax

    620 Land Speed Record

    You might try getting the air flow for the carbs from the very front, as something is going on with where the carbs are able to pick up salt from the engine bay / wheel area. Or weld some tabs on that intake header thing, so you can build a sheet metal shield, so only air from the windshield area can get to the carbs, not any turbulence from around the wheel area.

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