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  1. G-Duax

    My 1jz 620

    Oh, I have plenty of visions, do out side the box stuff all the time. Have won a lot of trophies, and a national championship by doing things other people never thought of in all sorts of motor sports, and solving industrial problems. Maybe I pre-judged you, prove me wrong, finish it, make it awesome. Hope it can out run a built KA, or K20, or 3SG Beams swap. Please figure out how to use a PC, and post progress pictures, like how you fit the JZ oil pan around the 620 suspension & cross member
  2. G-Duax

    My 1jz 620

    Nothing awesome about it, until it runs, and works, and doesn't look like a hack job. So you butchered a pretty nice 620, to put a 2.5L Toyota in it, when a KA24 would have been with in 4% of being the same displacement, without loosing space for a radiator, or chopping up the floor. And now, you just have to get it to run, something that I see 50% of the people putting the same engine into other cars fail to do. How did you get that long ass A340E into it, did you cut up the cross member on the frame ? Do you have a working ECU for the 1J ? Most of them have failing capacitors by the time the engine gets pulled in Japan. Are you already on the Supra & Cressida forums asking stupid questions ? I see a part-out in your future.....
  3. G-Duax

    My 1jz 620

    Too late.... What are you going to do for rear suspension ? If I can snap leaf springs with a warmed over, nearly stock engine, you are going to be hurting to keep your axle to stay in place.
  4. G-Duax

    Cammed 210 head

    I deal with the lack of low end due to a cam on my puny L18 by punching the throttle before dumping the clutch. Even when I don't leave from a stand still that way, I'm not too far up in the rev range when full throttle results in tire spin. But then, I don't haul loads of fire wood up mountain passes either..... I do think the limiting factor running a 38 is that the stock manifold runners are way too small for that much carb to see full benefit of it. Also know as when the throttling point isn't the throttle.
  5. G-Duax

    L18 block build

    The 'W' block is a heavier casting. No good at all, I'll give you $50 for it . . . . :)
  6. G-Duax

    Hot LZ23

    Sunken valves on the bronze seats could also be due to too high of exhaust temp due to out of tune engine. My bronze seats hold up just fine, and I roll up 1500 miles a month, mostly above 75 mph freeway miles, or equally hard stop light pulls. Said head that's on the engine now:
  7. G-Duax

    Stub axle removal

    Slide hammer.
  8. G-Duax

    Info on long runner manifold.

    Mount them independently. Never had an issue with linkage, as many L6 manifolds have linkage shaft mounts on the front & rear pairs.
  9. G-Duax

    Hot LZ23

    On the subject of valve seats, I'm running 44mm stainless valves on the 'bronze' seats with no issues with pump gas. And they are absolutely necessary for titanium valves, which I have, thanks to Nazkar race teams dumping good parts after one dyno run, or one event on eBay. I just have to cut the stems, re-grove, cut the heads to 44mm, and put in custom guides or sleeve the stock guides to fit 5/16" stems. Hell, they only cost $40 for a set of 8 intakes, so I have extras to play with.
  10. G-Duax

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    Seen several MkIII Supra guys remove their rectangle head lamps, and fab a box to hold a pair of small round high intensity spot lamps off some modern car. It was somewhere on SupraForums.com a year or two ago. Was a lot of work to come up with some way to adjust them. But would look cool on a 720 having 8 front bulbs.
  11. G-Duax

    Info on long runner manifold.

    Yup, done it myself several times when I picked up a 'broken' L6 manifold out of Japan. Think I still have a center section around here somewhere.
  12. G-Duax

    One six industries

    People in Japan have been using crank angle sensors off the SR20 for a long time. But you have to be able to do a little machine work to make the pedestal, and add female splines to the distributor drive shaft, or use the splined shaft from Kameari.
  13. G-Duax

    Info on long runner manifold.

    Or cow magnets taped to a fuel line......
  14. G-Duax

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    Sorry for the delay, took a while to find the old box...... PIAA LEH100
  15. G-Duax

    Info on long runner manifold.

    I can think of other places to donate them......

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