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  1. G-Duax

    Are Autometer gauges worth the money?

    Always been a VDO fan myself. Not digital, but old fashion analog type. Have had them in my Cressida for 15 years, and never a failure. Had put some cheap-asz sun-pro in my 620, and they started falling apart within a couple of years, so when the gauge pods go back in, they will have VDO, except for my Tomei A/F, and my HKS EGT, which are both 25 years old, and going strong.
  2. G-Duax

    anyone wanna throw me a bone here?

    Isn't that the truth !
  3. G-Duax

    Were have all the.....

    Well, because of their larger piston area, it turned my OS Giken twin plate from an on-off switch, back to feeling like a stock clutch. And yes, I'm running an external bleeder. Funny thing is, when looking into how to hook up the hydraulics to the Datsun hard line, I happen to have spare Earls SS brake lines for my Cressida, that was the exact length, and had the exact ends to match up to the 620 stock hard line, to the #4 US threaded adaptor in the throw-out.
  4. G-Duax

    Were have all the.....

    I've seen pictures of a guy in Japan, that replaces that thick washer or thrust washer under the 5th gear, with a thrust bearing. Looks like the one under your speedo gear. I may have to try that when I get around to rebuilding the one that was in the truck. (it did have the nut back off, and cause problems) Is your nut right hand, or left hand ?
  5. G-Duax

    Were have all the.....

    So, where did all the flowers go ? Replace 'flowers' with 'broken bits of plastic shifter bushings'. If you replace yours, really dig around in the shifter casting to make sure you get all of the chunks out. I just picked up a 280Z trans because the one in my 620 took a dump. Looked in pretty good condition, so we threw it in last weekend. Drove it around the neighborhood a little, all was good. Took off for work Monday, got out on the freeway, and no 5th. Crapola ! Figured the nut had backed off the main shaft, and it was going to have to come out. I had today off, so out came the trans, and off came the tail housing. Nut was in place (but not tight, off course), so that wasn't the problem. Took a look at the tail housing, and there was a bunch of crushed plastic packed into the shifter casting, on both ends of the shaft head that the shift lever sticks into, blocking full travel of the shaft. After about a half hour with a dental pick, vacuum, and solvent managed to un-wedge all the bits. I think the guy figured he was selling me a bad trans, probably why I got it for $100. And it would have went bad if I hadn't gone in, and found that nut loose. It went in another 1/4 turn before reaching the 125 ft/lb point. I did take the nut all the way off the threads, clean the everything, applied a good helping of Loctite, and re-staked. All is back together now except the header, and intake manifold. Moral of the story is if you have those plastic shifter bushings come apart, ask yourself 'Where did all the flowers go?' Oh, and last week end my Quartermaster coaxial throw-out went in. Love that ! No more external slave, arm, or springs to deal with ! By the way, those nuts for the main shaft are impossible to find. I'm thinking about buying some hex stock, and making a few, maybe with a set screw to help them from loosening, maybe making them thinner, and double nutting.
  6. A 2-way locks equally under accel & decel. A 1.5 locks half under decel, as it does under acceleration. The 1-way only locks under acceleration, not at all under decal. Except.... Initial spring load on the plates then figures into the equation. I set up my 620 2-way with zero spring pressure, so it doesn't get tail happy in the rain, and I can push it around curves if I need to. For road racing, I prefer a 1.5-way, as they seem to enter corners a little more glued to the pavement.
  7. G-Duax

    Were have all the.....

    Probably before many members births, but people like Mike maybe will remember this... Where have all the flowers gone? Since I'm in the middle of curing several problems, I will come back later to explain how this relates to the FS5W71b....
  8. G-Duax

    Carb advice for 620 w/ L20b

    I'm getting tired of the DGV steadily going off, and have dealt with SUs before, both UK cars, and Datsuns. Never seen a carb wear the choke shaft holes oblong like the DGV has done. The SUs definitely ran more consistent, and didn't seem to eat themselves as quick as the Weber. Thought about the 38/38, but it's kind of silly putting that much carb on a stock manifold, and throwing a new aftermarket manifold on, with only slightly better flow didn't seem worth it.
  9. Strut braces work on strut equipped cars, when big sticky race rubber is used. Street cars, with little street rubber, not...... Rear spoilers work when not mounted low, out of the air flow, like a 4" high wing on a 510. Hood pins are required by many race organizations, as are catch cans. But.... What works better, a finned diff cover, or a diff cooler set up ? I bet a diff cooler, with pump, fan, and air ducted in from somewhere besides the underside of the car works way better than a few fins, that are behind the diff, and just getting a little turbulent hot air. So yeah, nice snow job by banks.....
  10. G-Duax

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    So that explains why I've been a little dizzy since I started using them 45+ years ago.... I thought it was because I used drugs in my youth....
  11. G-Duax

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    I buy a lot of used name brand measuring tools off eBay (industrial section). Scored a full set of gauge blocks, .050" to 4.000", made of solid carbide for $75.
  12. G-Duax

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    See the post just above yours. Audi Vacuum Pump is what I use on 2 different vehicles, along with about a 1 quart reservoir. They run around $50 on eBay for a real nice one, and $65-100 for a chinese one. Personally, I'd rather run a used one from Europe, than some POS out of china.
  13. G-Duax

    Weber 32/36 dgev

    Weber sold the DGV with a cable bell crank, so someone like Red Line should have both the bracket & bell crank. And I've seen kits for putting ball bearings on that carb. Thought about ordering a set, since mine are worn, and causing idle speed issues, but I'm about to put my bike carbs on, so I said screw it...
  14. G-Duax

    "EBAY" worley aluminum radiator (yup one of those

    I just installed a Griffin aluminum radiator in my 620, and it's made in the US, and only cost $175. P/N 1-25181-XS Was a little more to the adaptation, but well worth it.
  15. G-Duax

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    I had bought no-logo center caps, and they just plain looked out of place, and like you said, stuck way out too far. I use them in my parts washer now to hold nuts & bolts that I want to let soak.... Just didn't have the ambition to machine some custom ones from bar stock, so I just cleaned and painted the hubs, and exposed axle surfaces, and run nice fresh front bearing caps. Interested in what Mike comes up with.

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