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  1. Advice? Stay away from the guys missing one or more fingers....
  2. G-Duax

    KA with sidedrafts

    Don't think so, as engine oil vapors kept penetrating the silicone crank case vent hoses on my Toyota. Oil droplets would form on the outside of the hose. Had to finally accept that I couldn't run the pretty hose, and just went back to plain old black hose.
  3. G-Duax

    KA with sidedrafts

    Big mistake......... Silicone does not get along with any petroleum product. Plain old radiator hose will mot start to disintegrate, silicone will not stand up, not even on valve cover breathers. Have used radiator hose for decades, and is cheap, just buy a strait piece at any auto store, and cut it into sections.
  4. Kind of like the guy here that posts a new link to YouBoob when ever he puts a new bolt in his GT3 240SX build. Only his skills are not up the level of the Binky guys.
  5. No suspension mod will do a thing about too wide of wheels, other than what you already said you don't want to do (radical camber change) There is no magic pill to correct wheels that are too wide, other than major surgery. Sell the wheels, find ones that fit, or buy wider flares. I have seen them all the way up to 100mm (4 inch).
  6. Cure: Cut the fenders, errr, I mean 'guards' out to clear the wrong choice in wheels/tires, then add fender flares, or bubbles, or what ever you call them south of the equator. Available in bolt-on, bond-on, and weld-on all over the planet, maybe even on Mars.
  7. Should be a rule about posting BMW parts on Ratsun......
  8. Add to the list: Sport Compact Car
  9. Damn, the only mag that ever had my Toyota in it...
  10. I just buy the used Hella units (meant for Audi) off eBay, used from $25-$50. Never had one fail yet.
  11. G-Duax

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    Or just buy a quart of any of the many tire softeners sold in race car shops.
  12. Love the 'fail-pro' reference. Been using them for years, and never had issues. I have seen people prep a block or head, and thought they had it clean, but when I looked at it I saw compacted head gasket stuck to the surface, that they managed to make shinny with their pathetic scraping. And who knows how screwed the head is by a short stint without coolant.
  13. Deposits on the intake valves & ports is from junk boiling out of 'run of the mill' pump gas, and sticking to everything. Normal pump gas is full of low grade stock they dump into good stock, to lower octane to the pump advertised rating. That low grade crap even gunks up the workings of gas pumps you use to fill your tank with. If you were to run strait toluene, you would have zero deposits, but is very expensive, and very high octane, meaning it probably wouldn't even light off in cold weather. Real F1 cars (not this watered down green planet crap cars of today) used to run upwards of 84% toluene (cut with a zero-octane additive) to get under the mandated 102 octane rules of the FIA, but had to have a heated fuel system to get the engines to start, and run correctly. Toluene it's self is 114 octane. No way around getting deposits on the intake valves when running pump gas, especially if you try to find the best price per gallon. Remember, you get what you pay for....
  14. I think the Offy would have been a better manifold without that damn thick web running down the port runners to do the 'Dual-Plane' BS. They really were meant to be a bolt-on for a stock engine. Wouldn't even think of going to a single discharge accelerator nozzle. Maybe one with smaller orifices in it, if you get into a rich while accelerating issue, but not a single. Why ? It can lead to pockets of lean air fuel mixture to some cylinders, depending on how good of flow distribution your manifold has. I was running a dual nozzle on my DVG, and had zero issues with it, and was getting 22 mpg with 4.6 gears, and 264 cam, and I drove it hard all the time.
  15. Holy 10 year old thread has risen from the grave...
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