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  1. So this is the window channel rubber with felt. And Nissan still sells it so I’ll check the local dealer parts department.
  2. I got this one back when it was offered, glad to hear about the rivets and such rusting so I’ll be doing as you suggest.
  3. I have some Chrysler window felt left from when I did my goon back in the mid 90’s, it still seems good been in a box. I have to do my goon and 2doors. I got it from Napa. I have to see if it’s still available and get some more. Got the info in the 510again quarterly’s way back.
  4. Glad to see your doing good, and love me some Kiwi.
  5. Who remembers these bottles and what they are for.
  6. Then back a few years ago sitting apart for 25 years. Now a couple years ago trying to get her going again.
  7. edekalil

    Y down pipe

    I looked at a 510 exhaust manifold, they should be good.
  8. edekalil

    Y down pipe

    I looked at it it should be ok.
  9. Cleaned up and tried to straighten up some but now I can get to most of my wood working machines and the bench and the L20B motor block that I want to be able to assemble free up some space. I have some space to walk through the shop now at least.
  10. The Goon at the welders shop.
  11. Took the Goon for a good ride in the country yesterday.
  12. Took the Goon for a good ride in the country yesterday.
  13. edekalil

    Y down pipe

    Well I got a few of the flanges. They are thicker than the stock flange and very close in design and should work. Now to search out the 2 into 1 that will work out. The fella had 7 I believe he said I got 3. I also believe Zcar Depot has them as well.
  14. Found out the other weekend ago that the heater fan and controls all work in the Goon . So now I’ll have to hook it up.
  15. I believe I remember seeing it in the 510 Again issues I used to get way back.
  16. Goon is running great now that I put the elec matchbox distributor on her. Fixed her exhaust leak at the down pipe connection and cleaned up and coated the exhaust manifold. Now trying to clean her up some.
  17. Now that some other cars are running good I’m trying to clean up around the 2door on the rotisserie to get back on it.
  18. The other day when I was in the Goon I wondered if the heater fan and controls still worked. I had redone it all before I the cutch broke way back an it was parked for ever and ever. I had thought it might had all rusted and froze up but it was a little stiff it acutely worked so now I will have to hook up the heater core and be able to use it when it gets cold if I take it out.
  19. Thought I’d put up some links to videos as the Goon progressed to now. befor the elec match box dizzy install. After matchbox dizzy install. Befor exhaust manifold swap and exhaust down pipe patch. As she is now way better running and sounding, I think I’ll have to check her valve lash adjustments next soon.
  20. Up with the Goon and drinking coffee. death the kid wallpaper
  21. Brought the Goon back to the muffler shop to patch a leak. Sorry no oics.
  22. edekalil

    Y down pipe

    I take it the fab guy did it all from scratch, the one shop told me they would use my upper part but they wanted a lot. I don’t mind paying for a completely fabed up one all new but to keep the old upper portion and create the lower half new for what they wanted local was not what I wanted. What price did y’all charge about to make one.
  23. edekalil

    Y down pipe

    Yes I would like some flanges that way I could give an old down pipe and flange to a shop and they should be able to copy it.
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