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  1. Put in the new speedo cable in the 72 Sedan now she has a working speedo. Also cranked and drove the 70 and 71 sedan and 72 Goon. Loving the ride.
  2. I believe I now have what I need except for some flat and lock washers.
  3. Very nice 2door Sedan.
  4. I've been collecting all the dust on me 510's to maybe put up on eBay some day.
  5. Picked up one of the speedo cables, now to install it.
  6. I think I got the last two sets they had, but I'm sure they will get more.
  7. Got a couple of packs of these brass nuts coming. Now to get some flat and lock washers.
  8. Looks like they fit. I still have to screw them in all the way. Thanks one and all.
  9. I take it you taped a thread in the part that feeds the heater coil to fit the plug, cool. Did you put a plug in the head where the connector is for the return to the head.
  10. Wish I had that Goon in my garage today in that shape.
  11. I picked up these at O'Riley's the other day . I'll find out if they will work Sunday or Monday.
  12. Digging driving her again for sure now that she's running great.
  13. Thank I got some 10mm but they where to big so my next was to get 8mm. Thank you all for the help I will post the results later.
  14. Those are the nuts I need they are on my 510 for sure, is there a source that has those nuts with the studs as a set of 3 together. Who might sell them like that. I plan to get about 4 sets.
  15. Ok I have to locate several sets of exhaust down pipe studs and the brass nuts for the 510's. I see some for Z cars but not sure if those are correct.
  16. Bought 2 aftermarket speedo cables, one for the 72 Sedan and a spare.
  17. Pulled the 72 Sedan's speedo cable and it is broke, found another in the garage and it was broke. Found another that worked but it's way longer than the others? It has this bump thing in it. I know I bought several replacement cables from NAPA way way back. I guess now to do some searching.
  18. This is one of the things I have to do to the Goon, I may need locate some parts to do it.
  19. Fired up the Goon running great now and pretended I was MrBigTanker racing through the streets of McComb,Ms to go get coffee. Loving how she is running now. Next to go figure out the speedo in the 72 Sedan today.
  20. What did you use to plug the water feed to the heater core on this part.
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