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  1. Fired her up and took a drive, I believe there is some trash in the carb bowl the way it's driving.
  2. Cranked up and drove the two sedans and Goon today, also started to clean up the sand left by the masonry fella around the rotisserie. Now to move the rest of stuff from it as well.
  3. Got my exhaust manifold back gotta get some studs and nuts and some coating to put on it before I swap it. Also been driving her some I believe she needs a good run down the interstate and opened up some.
  4. Sorry about your farther. But those Goons look good I wish I had a straight one.
  5. Cool, I cranked and drove the Two Sedans and Goon around town Sunday and Monday. The Goon is running a little strange but I believe it's the carb. It probably needs a good run down the interstate and open her up.
  6. I believe I've seen them sold somewhere and I believe there nuts are brass, not a 100% sure but we'll see. And the nuts are longer than a normal nut. And Mike and all thanks for the info.
  7. Got the spare exhaust manifold back from my friend at the welding shop. He got the studs or what was left of them out in good order so now to locate a couple of set's of new ones for this manifold and the one I'm gonna take off to get the same thing done. I think the one on the car had a stud that was in poor shape and would not pull tight so letting it leak. I'll save it for the L20 B that will go in the 2 door sedan on the rotisserie. Any suggestions on where to get the set of studs with the long brass nuts.
  8. Used my favorite brake bleeding bottle.
  9. Put the small steering wheel on the Goon. And put the Original one in good shape in the 72 Sedan. Now to clean them up some.
  10. I got a set of these way back they have been inside for years . I want to know if what datsun caps may fit or is there a moon or dog dish type that will fit. Seems the size is 15x6. I'll have to paint them and such. It seems I've seen some used on other 510s.
  11. Getting the Goon running better but now working on exhaust manifold so the down pipe connection does not leak. And keeping the others running.
  12. edekalil

    Exhaust Thread

    I'll have to see if I can locate one or Three in my area to take care of my other cars.
  13. edekalil

    Exhaust Thread

    I had one of each of these around. Found out the preferred one has a hole in one pipe which a welder friend said he could brass it closed plus the studs at the down pipe connection are in bad shape. The other was in better shape with no hole. So I gave it to him to get the studs out. We'll see how it goes. I'll stop by and pass your info on about getting them out using your advice Mike. Thanks so hopefully somehow I'll have the exhaust leak fixed and go from there.
  14. edekalil

    Exhaust Thread

    Ok, I have to remove the old studs from a L16 exhaust manifold that connect to the down pipe. Any suggestions on how to go about it with out having to drill them out.
  15. Took the Goon out for coffee.
  16. It's not hitting any thing I cut it so it would hopefully close correctly, it's not hitting anything. The studs have threads but it seems not to close up flush. I have a manifold I plan to get the bad studs out and put new ones in and correct brass nuts for it later and make sure it works before I install it later. I'll probably just come up with a solution to make it work for now so it does not leak. There may be some sort of obstruction not letting it mate up correctly.
  17. Got a leak on the exhaust manifold to downpipe connection. It seems not to be seating good. I cut the exhaust after the downpipe and connected it before having the exhaust shop sleeving the cut part together. Seems downpipe and exhaust is not closing together correctly. I have one gasket between it. Any suggestions on what might correct it to close it tight and flush so not to leak. It is on my Goon 72 510. It is all old. I cut the pipe to get it to pull flush but I believe it is pulled to but on an slight angle causing it to leak.
  18. Been hearing a high pitch squeal that was comming and going, well today I found out what it was. I had just got back from getting the insurance and was going to go to the muffler shop for something small. Cranked her up and there goes that squealing. Got out and lifted the hood and noticed the alternator pulley not turning. So a replacement is on the way I should have this afternoon. Then next week off to the muffler shop.
  19. Adjusted the hot valve lash settings and a little more adjusting the carb and she runs real good now. I miss driving her.
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