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  1. Posted this accidentally in Crastd420's trhead. I see the best tech there is on the timing.
  2. You are correct to many windows open, I do apologize.
  3. If that is a 80 720 it will have a 1 year only hood with vents in the back of the hood by the windshield, providing it is stock hood.
  4. I see the best tech there is on the timing.
  5. Brakes look good! Do not run the engine much with the water/antifreeze in the oil, it will take out the bearings quick.
  6. I will try to get the motor tested tomorrow.
  7. Charlie69

    4x4 Nissan 720

    Nissan/Datsun is nit in randysworldwide.com webpage drop down menu for auto manufacturer selection.
  8. Charlie69

    4x4 Nissan 720

    There is a rare 3.33 ratio used in the mileage 720 ttrucks with the 720.
  9. Please loose the Photobucket haze and waterstamps on your pics. Thank you.
  10. When I was 16 fuel did not have the additives and actually had color to it. Regular was about $0.35 a gallon.
  11. If you have the aftermarket solid state fuel pump relay this might explain the fuel pump coming on with the ignition switch or the replacement relay is wired to bypass the safety features to cut power to the fuel in case of accident. Please post manufacturer and part # of replacement part as I would like to buy one for testing purposes.
  12. Charlie69

    620 Part # Thread

    Never had one just picturing what was available. copy the pictures and post a want ad in the Ratsun Classifieds.
  13. I have a couple of the wiper seals but they are hard as rocks and the center where the shaft goes through is worn out. Be happy to donate one for the purpose of manufacturing some new ones.
  14. Charlie69

    521 with Air

    Yes be careful. I have an under dash 521 AC some where in my garage.
  15. Daniel might have something also. Do not count him out he said he would have time on Thursday. Wayne is correct I put a 720 heater and AC in my 520. Big hammer, torch, welder, & imagination any thing will fit! LOL
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