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  1. Here is another Nissan VIN decoder. https://nissanforum.com/forum/vindecoder.php
  2. I always order 85 720 parts for my 86 to avoid getting hardbody parts.
  3. Fix only what is broke! Other wise you just might go down the rabbit hole.
  4. I do not have mine plumbed that way but I would try using the EGR port and see how well it works. I have not had any time to work on my trucks for a few months now. When I do get freed up there is several things I want to try with my Webers and different set ups. I have a 1986 720 king cab that I have had a new Pierce Manifolds Weber DGEV on since 2011 just after I bought the truck. I have a 1984 720 King Cab that I have a rebuilt Z20 for and it will get a used Weber DGEV installed when the Z20 is in the 84. I also have my 1966 520 that I have a rebuilt L20B and a rebuilt automatic trans in that will get a new Carbs Unlimited Weber DGEV when I get the exhaust and wiring done. I have run Weber DGEVs on my Datsun/Nissans since the early 70s.
  5. It is good to see some general maintenance done. Nice work.
  6. Congrats man you deserve it!
  7. Use the thread locker on the allen bolts also. Anyting going into the intake manifold to mount the carb gets blue thread locker.
  8. What Mike said and I believe 86 was the year for 134A in Nissan trucks and if I am correct it started with the D21 Hardbodies.
  9. Here are a couple 720 dashes that nis720 did several years ago.
  10. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    Depends what position the eccentric lobe is.
  11. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    Simple and free would be check for vacuum leak.
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