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  1. If I win these 620 KA mounts they will go to Shawn Drawdy's wife Becka's 620 that is slowly getting started on. I may throw in a rebuildable KA & 5 speed to help the build get along.
  2. Buy 2 of the woodruff keys and pulleys so if it fails again you will have them when you rebuild your engine and replace the crank.
  3. The piece pictured above under the dash is a metal piece. They look nice but are a time looser if you need under the dash on the drivers side. I pull mine off and never put them back on. Just me.
  4. Pay PhotoBucket money. Or switch to another picture hosting site. I left Photobucket years ago when they held my pictures ransom. I use PostImage now. The best way is to Have your own website to host your pictures on.
  5. You can buy a replacement key cylinder from Rock Auto unless they broke the the aluminum housing. If you measure the length of the wire from the switch to the cut off piece I can send you a long enough pigtail with the plug for the switch from a 1980 720 parts harness I have. Mike is correct you want to solder the connections becuase of the high power draw through those wires. They cut the antenna to be asshole/assholes
  6. They also cover the side dash bolts that you can see with the door open.
  7. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    Ya you are Weber bound with the Offenhauser manifold. I prefer the Cannon manifolds, they have larger ports.
  8. Charlie69

    My 521

    Get that 521 out of the rain!!! It will shrink! LOL
  9. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    Is this on TDC on the compression stroke?
  10. Charlie69

    My 521

    What happened to your truck?
  11. I'm in these will look good on my shelf next to The Redeye 521 mounts I won. LOL Redeye is honest!!!!
  12. Looks good! I use non corrugated carboard like cereal boxes for making templates.
  13. 2 bolts is not enough the bracket will eventually break. Getting there though. 1980 720 L20B had an AC mounted under the air pump on the drivers side of the engine.
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