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  1. Run it the way it is. That is the only way to know if you have a problem or not.
  2. Looks good Mr Tanker. Check with a bearing belt, and chain place for the I believe it is 2" wide rubber belting to replace the old worn belting between the cab and the frame.
  3. looks like a Pinto with the tank in the rear! LOL
  4. Put a jack stand under it so i can't fall on you.
  5. Yes that is factory exhaust location on 520 & 521. The exhast turns from drivers side behind the transmission if I remember correctly. This so the exhaust is no near the fuel tank.
  6. Charlie69

    Exciting 720

    I buy hose clamps at NAPA. When I change out hose calmps next time I will change to the fuel injection hose clamps.
  7. Years ago I own aI think it was a 70 that had the stock rear coil springs. I replaced all the bushings in the rear and installed new springs and shocks all around. The reason for the bushing replace was they were shot and the rear end in corners (remember I drive my trucks like I stole them) felt like it shifted positions under the truck. This was worse with a load in the bed. After all the work on the truck it was better but still felt like the rear end shifted position in the corners. I ended up taking measurements of the rear end and went to the wrecking yard and found a swabar off I think it was an old Cadilac. I made brackets to install it on the rear end and this made cornering much better. Had a Blazer with rear coil springs also for a short time. It was lifted and I did not like it so I sold it. I made a profit on that one because I did not fix any thing on it prior to sale.
  8. If you have water in the oil or oil in the water do not start and run the engine you take a chance on having the bearings damaged. Wayno is trust worthy and he knows his Datsuns. Wayno if possible when you are there take pictures of the 2 521s he has, The 72 he is talking about scrapping will most likely sel in the Ratsun want adds that is if you do not take it home. Please post pictures of the trucks Wayno.
  9. Something I never thought of until now, when you install a higher amperage alternator should you increase the gauge of your positive and negative battery cables?
  10. 420n620 the picture Gene is using is of my 520 instrument cluster with the 411 SSS inner plastic bezel from the 411 SSS instrument cluster. The 411 cluster mounts differently than 52/521 clusters.
  11. Do not scrap the 521. Take some pictures and post it in the classified adds. Post your price or best offer and it will sell if it is not all rusted out. I would buy it if I was closer.
  12. He recently did another business name change, he has had somany over the years I cannot remember the new business name. Polished Turds I think it is!!! LOL
  13. Charlie69

    New 320 owner, 62?

    My 66 520 had that horn ring and button.
  14. Charlie69

    Red's 520

    I have a 510 SR swap aluminum radiator, shroud and 2 12" electric fans in my 520 but I have an L20B automatic, customized radiator support and custom firewall and trans tunnel in it also. The same radiator comes in a KA swao version that has the Inlet and outlets on the passenger side of the radiator. You could take your radiator to Mexico and have it done.
  15. I shortened my 520 column 7", It is a 720 non tilt column.
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