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  1. This information applies to a 2wd truck. The front is usually done by re-indexing the torsion bars. If you change to 84 to 86 vented rotor front disc brakes you can get 2" drop spindles from Belltech and other manufactures. The rear is done by using 4x4 rear leaf springs which will drop the back of you truck approximately 1.5" to 2". I have a 1980 720 2wd reg cab and short bed chassis under my 66 520 pickup. I have Belltech 2" drop spindles on the front and 4x4 springs in the rear. The rear is not low enough for me so when I get the exhaust done on the truck I will
  2. Like Matt posted this is a Tension Control Rod, Strut Rod, or Radius rod. The factory bushing still show available from Nissan. If you go to a Nissan parts place to order them be sure to take you VIN # with you. This is because it is a motorhome chassis. They are available from Rock Auto in rubber and poly. My preferenece is the rubber smoother ride and not noisy like the polly. One thing that may help in these bushings going bad is upper and lower control arm bushings, if these are worn out change them at the same time as the you do the strut rod bushings.
  3. I ran these for a short time on my 86 king cab while waiting for tires for the factory 720 ST wheels in the second picture.
  4. These bushings are "wear" parts and required maintenance is replacing as needed. Myself I prefer the rubber over poly on my trucks. The simple changing of bushings from time to time gives me a chance to check all the other wear parts on my trucks. This to me is just part of routine maintenance required to keep my trucks in a safe condition for driving.
  5. Tension control rod to frame (bushing end) the torque is 118 to 157 ft lbs. The bolts to the control arms have a torque setting of 38 to 52 ft lbs. On my trucks I torque the bolts to a torque the is in the middle of the torque range. For example the TC rod nut is 118 to 157 so the difference is 39 so I round 39 up to 40 the nearest even number and divide by 2 giving me 20 and I add that to the low torque number of 118 which gives me the torque of 138. To simplify this more for setting my torque wrench I again round 138 up to 140. I always torque in 3 steps meaning i
  6. It will be tight but doable I believe. It will be later this year before I get to it. I will post a write up with pictures.
  7. This is the correct NAPSZ 20/22/24 Manifold. https://www.piercemanifolds.com/NISSAN_NAP_Z_MANIFOLD_LINKAGE_99003_831_p/99003.831.htm
  8. I am working on installing a 2009 Nissan Versus electric steering in my 86 720 king cab. My 84 king cab ST and my 66 520 will eventually get electric power steering also.
  9. I have a few the same Mike do you want pictures? 84-85 tilt 2wd colomns the same and are power steering. The 1980 non tilt 2wd columns all look alike and are manual steering also.
  10. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    Would you do that to your BMW or your wife's Mercedes?
  11. Mike is correct about using the rubber over poly. I put polly on one of my trucks and was changing it to rubber the next weekend. Too damn stiff.
  12. Here is the factory part # 54476-01W00 still available from Nissan special order.
  13. The above Summit link is wrong I am sorry. I am trying to locate the Moog #.
  14. Summit Racing Moog parts https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mog-k8122?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvvKBBhCXARIsACTePW84E7espVacFn7v7Q6_RiKRt-TI-FpUGTCEJXxBGdUOfdOMtA7ja_YaAtZ9EALw_wcB
  15. A little info on the lash pads, do not romp the throttle repeatedly on a cold engine as the lash pads have a tendency of falling out.
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