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  1. Charlie69

    Exciting 720

    Take the drive line a part. There is a large staked nut that you remove with an impact wrench. Then you simply tap off the old bearing and rubber. Not the direction it is on there. Buy a new one and install it in reverse order. Be sure to restake the nut.
  2. Tire diameter can change a lot. When I buy tires for my trucks I buy tires that are as close to OEM diameter as I can find. I use this a lot for finding different tire sizes that are close in diameter. Tire Size Comparison Here are different type of drivelines and how to measure them. Pick which one meets your drive line scenario. I have purchased several parts from this eBay seller all good. The Z Connexion
  3. Charlie69

    1971 Datsun 521

    Just a suggestion, I have found that as old as these trucks are if you find a part you need buy it because it might be a while before the part shows up again.
  4. At least you have a purpose for the bikes
  5. I was not talking about you. Although I am surprised you can get both of your arms and both thighs in your 521 with the racing seats.
  6. It is a necessary mod for fat people!
  7. That rabbit looks like a good meal to me! LOLO
  8. You can only ride one at a time!!! LOL
  9. Charlie69

    Exciting 720

    ST Sport Truck model. More bells and whistles! LOL I run a 180 In the desert.
  10. Very nice Mr Tanker, we do expect the bar to be raised every time you do something to your 521.
  11. Charlie69

    1971 Datsun 521

    My 66 520 had straight shackles not the like the ones pictured above
  12. Charlie69

    1971 Datsun 521

    The 521 leaf spring bushings used to be on eBay all the time. Now they show up once in a while. If I remember cxorrectly the 521 takes long and short bushings. 521 leaf spring bushings
  13. Charlie69

    1971 Datsun 521

    The shackle bolt diameter is larger on the 521 than the 720. Gene Knight was having a local spring shop custom make them for his 521. The rear spring shackles on a 521 are different from any other Datsun/Nissan trucks.
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