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  1. DGEV you hit the throttle pedal once to set the the choke for a cold morning start, it will idle at abou 1800 rpm and as the engine warms up the idle will drop. If you want it off the fast idle cam tap the throttle. the fast idle cam has 2 positions, the largest is the fast idle at about 1800 rpm and the smaller step idles at about a 1000 rpm.
  2. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    A clamp that holds the heater hose bolts to the tab on the dip stick tube.
  3. Better explaination Mike, thank you.
  4. Truck is beautiful. The Nissan brake valve is design for a 1" rake front to back to work properly. If your brakes feel or work funny this is why. It might be most noticeable while braking on hills.
  5. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    These 80s 720s were California emissions trucks.
  6. Charlie69

    L16 to L20 swap

    Sure do wish Hainz would do videos on the KA, VG and VQ engines. His L motor videos wereand are very helpful. Thankyou for putting them out forall of us to benifit from.
  7. Mike you being retired has helped the Ratsun forum, we do not have to wait until you are off work to comment.
  8. Mike are you runnining a matchbox distributor?
  9. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    I have run both water cooled intake and non water cooled manifolds. the 1980 720 trucks I have owned always pinged in the summer time here in Phoenix. The intake manifold on the 1980 720s were married to the exhaust manifolds. I also had a 15o increase in operating temperature in the summer with the married manifolds here in the Phoenix area on 110o to 128o days. I always run 180o thermostats in my vehicles. I believe that divorced manifolds are the way to go on the L motor. Water cooled manifolds did not make the engine run better in hot ambient temperatures this is why I do not bother to run them. Now in a colder climate I can see that the water cooled manifolds would help in the winter time. I feel that the married manifolds were completely flawed engineering.
  10. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    For my purposes which is mainly drive-ability I have always run the U67 heads. I ran an A87 peanut a while back and it was ok but I did not see any performance difference worth seeking out the A87 head. Also had to run premium gas with the A87. That is not a problem to me as I run premium gas in all my vehicles.
  11. Charlie69

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Put your file for the stickers to print shop that prints stickers and has the printer that cuts the stickers out. Also are you going to change the colors to black and gold?
  12. Therer is a seller on Austalian ebay that has new 720 beds. STYLESIDE TUB TRAY for DATSUN NISSAN 720 SINGLE CAB UTE PICKUP 5 HOOK Same seller also has new 620 4 or 5 hook beds. Please let us know what the shipping is if you buy one.
  13. Charlie69

    Reverse light stay on

    The switches will stick from old sticky trans oil. Try pulling the switch and reinstalling. If this does not work install new switch. Many of the trucks I have had over the years trans oil looks like it has never been changed.
  14. I have used the ones on ebay and they are OK. I buy them from a ebay seller in Britain. This is the seller I have purchased from. 720 fuel pump replacement
  15. problems I see. 1 The fuel pump. Run a used 720 pump. Or Facet Gold Flo FEP60SV Electric Fuel Pump Kit Universal Petrol & Diesel Electric Fuel Cylinder Pump. 2 Run the pump closest to the fuel tank. Pumps push fuel better than pull the fuel. 3 Put the fuel filter back in between the tank and the pump. Also a return line to the tank for excess fuel keps the fuel to the carb cooler helping to avoid vapor locks in the summer. Also Datsuns carbs will evaporate gas if not driven on a regular basis. So run the fuel pump for 10 to 20 seconds before trying to start the truck to allow the fuel bowl to fill before cranking the engine for start.
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