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  1. Wayno as I go through this build I will post pictures and ask for your suggestions are how you would approach certain problems that arise during the build. I plan on having 3 pieces 2" x 4" x .188" steel that we will cut and weld together in to a level and square work surface. It will have adjustble height legs in order to level the top on the concrete slab we will be working on. The with of the rails on this table will be the same as the 520/521 chassis. We will place the 2 cabs on the work table back to back and move them back and forth until the spacing between the cabs looks good to me. At this point we will make brackets And bolt each cab down before any cutting starts. By doing this I hope that this will help minimize the warpage from the wleding. The cabs will have cross bracing tacked in to help hold the cabs from warping when cutting. The setup for this will take some time and money.
  2. Clean 720 congrats and welcome.
  3. Come to the SWDP Barbecue in August you will see an assortment of trucks and also other Datsuns.
  4. One benifit I have on the fabrication is I draw a picture of what I need add dimensions to it give it to my brother and within a week or or even sooner I have the parts in my hands ready to weld together. He has a complete metal fab shop at his disposal. I do feel that the time frame you give Is a spot on time frame. One of the reasons I want the 4" to 6" "B" pillar is for 3 point seat bealts and to also be able to move the front set back about 2". I am sure that I will have many questions on this build as it progresses. We use the welding up holes tecnique when doing fish plates on frames. I am looking at this build as a fun learning experience. If I get tired or burnt out on it I will take a break and then start back on it when it is time. I will finish my 66 520 before much get done on this one.
  5. Tighten the rivet that holds wing window to wing window frame.
  6. Thank you Wayno. Good point about the curved back cab corners limiting the size of the windows. Wayno my thinking is to build the cab first then build the frame to match the cab please any sugestions will help.
  7. I had problems years ago with my Harleys running SUs. I would get up in the high country and the SU would start frosting up. When it got bad I would do like G-Duax said and pull over and let the heat of the engine thaw out the carb. Had this problem running Webers on my Harleys also.
  8. So is the sell price $1200 each?
  9. Here are a couple of pictures. My auto focus did not work.
  10. Weber stamps the base of the carb with the model and the size. All the guys above are correct.
  11. What you have done and are doing to your Weber is what I mean when I say "you need to get intimate with your Weber!" No one can tell you what jets you need as every engine and situation is different. Now this is not saying that there is no starting point this is what Weber sets the new carbs up stock with a staring point.
  12. I would find another used head and take it to your machine shop and have them go through it and be sure it is checked for cracks. If you buy a recondition head online you do not know what you are getting and if there is a problem it is a hassle at best to get anything done about it.
  13. Can you clean the rust and Por-15 over it or is it rusted through?
  14. Charlie69

    Timing chain ?

    You are not a pain in the ass. Remember the only stupid question is the one not asked. These guys are knowledgeable and are trying to help you to get it done without needless work and expense. Yo have five of the best people on Ratsun helping you, Hainz the "L' Motor God, Wayno who does all of his own work, Datzenmike the encyclopedia on Datsuns, and Draker another person that does all of his own repairs, and Crashtd420 is also knowledgeable in the art of Datsuns and does put out great experienced information and has an uncanny knowledge of the 521s. Not in any certain order. Combined in these 5 people you have well over a hundred years of Datsun experience helping you! Amazing when you think about it! And guys I am not calling you all old farts as that is my title! LOL
  15. I worked on the wiring diagram to change the routing of the wires for the head, front & rear combination, backup, license plate lights, AC compressor, carburetor choke & fuel cut solenoid, and coil and the distributor wires. When you figure that by doing this I have save over 5' to 8' length on each wire this has added up to many feet of wire savings. Yes I could have left it stock, but I do not understand why auto manufacturers waist so many feet of wire on every vehicle.
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