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  1. I am talking when you are welding motor mounts to the frame and modding transmission mount for an engine swap. If you do not get the engine centred and the proper angle, yes most engines are installed with a 6 to 12 degree angle to the back of the engine. This helps to drain oil out of the heads. Next time I level my 66 520 chassis I will take pictures of a level on the L20B valve cover and on the intake manifold carb mount area. The engine is tilted back and the cab mount is level. The center of the crankshaft is also in a perfect straight line all the way to the ce
  2. Do you have a fuel return to the tank? On the L20B and the 720 Z20, 22, &24 engine all have a fuel return Y pipe that the return has a metered orifice the allows about 3.5 lbs fuel pressure at the carb. This is a late720 hard line. First picture is L20B and the rest are Z24
  3. And if you have the radiator recored you will still be lower invested than the value of the truck. Could be why you got the truck so cheap.
  4. That only works if: The height of the front and back of the truck is stock and not sagging The wheels & tires are all the same size The truck is parked on level ground
  5. Naval Jelly is good stuff. Great paint remover also. Be careful using it it will eat you skin. Dress up like you are entering a Covid ward in a hospital before using it.
  6. Do not buy a Remanufactured Matchbox from Rock Auto as they are shit. I bought 2 just to be sure the distributors were shit. Half ass cleaned, shitty rattle can paint over grease, All factory electronics removed (the good stuff), replaced with the cheapest Chinese parts available. The distributorrebuild service through Rock Auto are the same people turning out the shitty rebuilt matchbox distributors Rock Auto sells. That would be A1 Cardone/Cardone. I have not tried the rebuild service from Rock Auto's Autoline. If I want a Distributor done I will get a hold of dis
  7. Those look like DGEV adapter studs.
  8. Charlie69

    66 Datsun 520

    If you go through my 66 build thread you will be able to get a good idea of what you are up against. Click on the orange link below. You can also follow Wayno's 66 520 build thread. 1966 datsun 520 kingcab project, act 2
  9. Get with Jake Makes and he might be able to make some. Jake Makes profile
  10. Those housing look good, are you still wanting another set?
  11. Charlie69

    66 Datsun 520

    Actually Mike you cut off the front J13 mounts, bolt on the L motor mounts cut out of another vehicle, bolt to the motor brackets with the rubber mounts, set the engine in the engine compartment, bolt up the trans to the engine. Center and level the engine and trans. and weld the mounts to the frame. Then you can figure what you are going to build for a transmission mount. I suggest using a 720 transmission mount and fab a bracket for it.
  12. Not sure what you purchased for an electronic distributors but I always run matchbox electronic distribubors pulled from other Datsun L20B Engines.
  13. Life got in the way of tearing my Weber apart I will not be able to get to it until Saturday now. Here are the specs I have on my other Webers. I will fill in the other 2 carb specs as I get time to tear down the carbs.
  14. I have done rattle can paint jobs in abandon warehouse parking lots. You get a lot of texture in you paint if the wind comes up. When this happens it is Rhino Lined!!! LOL
  15. Did you replace the rotor with the cap? I buy the cap and rotor as a set for all of my NAPS Z Engines. I have had problems in the past with diffrenrent manufacturers parts not working together like the should. Different designs.
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