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  1. Mike I was going to use the Z24 distributor in this Z20 because the wiring on the Z20 distributor does not match my 86 wiring. Do you see any problem with me running the Z24 distributor?
  2. My 84, 85, 86 STs do not have a headlamp on chime or buzzer. But I do believe I will wire one up on my 86 daily driver.
  3. Z20 install did not happen, parts order not here yet.
  4. If all goes right this weekend the Z20 and low mileage transmission will be going into my 86 720 king cab.
  5. And the bell dings, Please return to your corners! LOL
  6. Great opportunity to put a 1980 720 389 gear ratio behind that five speed.
  7. Charlie69

    521 on BAT

    Yes it showed that, but all the BS after the sale is just Bull Shit!
  8. Did you clean and lube the backing plates? Did you check the axle bearing for play? Pictures or it did not happen! LOL
  9. Nice looking 720s rig! my 86 720 King cab originally sold in Utah. I bought it in Elko Nevada.
  10. Buy the correct timing chain set. Throw the one on it in the scap pile.
  11. I just went to there sight and I get "This channel is not available."
  12. Charlie69

    521 on BAT

    I agree with Mr Tanker, use the forum storage for more productive or informative posts.
  13. From the condition of the trucks and the prices being asked I am positive the owners of the 2 trucks for sale are stoned beyond comprehension!!!
  14. Is the solenoid triggered by the compressor switch?
  15. That effort is greatly appreciated. Thank you DanielC, it takes a lot of time. I have done it several times over the years. Photobucket has be en emailing me wanting money again. I use post image until I can do like you and get a webpage and server space.
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