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  1. Hunt down a Mikuni 'short' manifold, if you can.... Here is the info I tracked down of different L4 manifolds: TWM = 110 mm/(4 5/16")Mikuni = 75 mm (2 15/16")RS Compe = 110 mm/(4 3/8")Hayashi = ? Harada = ?FET Kyokuto = 104 mm/(4 1/4")Nissan Comp = 110 mm/(4 3/8")Shokei = ?Kameari = ?Redline = 140 mm/(5 1/2")Weber = ?Cannon = 141 mm/(5 9/16")SK Racing = 110 mm/(4 3/8")Lynx = 122 mm/(4 13/16")Off the wall no name that looks like a Lynx = 124 mm/(4 7/8")Anyone want to help fill in the info I'm missing?
  2. Mike, that last picture looks like some parties I attended in my youth....
  3. Part of the master plan....... Now they are buying up US companies that were barely making it before the CV19 shut down, so they get their hands on the technology, not to mention plants here in the US. The automotive electronics plant I work in was owned by Continental, but was renamed Vitesco around the first of the year, and sold off to unknown investors. Seeing that we have had chinese touring the plant, I suspect the worst..... Thankfully the department I work in is still owned by Continental, who are building a new plant, that should be opening a year from now,
  4. We should have nuked china when MacArthur wanted to. No little fat man running N. Korea, No Nam, No mass pollution, No pandemics, No cheap crap auto parts, No mass job loses due to slave labor, and on, and on.
  5. Sometimes it's difficult, as a lot of "Made in the USA" companies are just doing final assembly, and throwing a sticker on their products, then charging overly high prices on china sourced junk. PowerMaster is one, damn $300+ alternators that fail in weeks, then they blame you. Open one up, and they have chinese regulators, and diodes. Summit, Jeg's, Speedway Motors house brands are all shit. Why? Because they are sourcing the crap from china at 1/10 the cost of a good product, but selling them at just pennies below name brand items that they also sell. US manufactures sh
  6. Jesse C, are you under contract from the ultra-leftists ? Like china never murdered anyone at Tiananmen Square, or lied about deaths due to other virus out breaks. Now this thread has went full retard.
  7. Yes, a pandemic that accidentally got out of a BIO-WEAPON lab in china. They then covered it up as long as they could, with help from the corrupt World Health Organisation, and also moved thousands of residents out to other countries, not ANY of them to other chinese cities. And they are still lying about the deaths there, by 100 fold....
  8. Pegasus - 2 bearings and 2 screws for $20 + shipping. eBay hobby section, or a hobby shop - 8 bearings for $11 to your door. 2 little metric screws - next to nothing, and if you had went with the high flow button head cap screws, maybe $5 a pack of 25 from any bolt house. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.....
  9. There will be more, there always is. Check daily, as some sellers over there offer the 'buy-it-now' option.
  10. Nope. He was in Fukushima, and when the shit hit the fan in 2011, he had to shut down. Everyone else I found was very expensive, or didn't want to handle things that had any oil on them, or weighed too much. That was why I stopped importing stuff, except for myself a few years ago, just wasn't worth all my time, and effort any more. You might give RHD-Japan a try, that is how I brought in my 6-speed from Japan.
  11. Don't think so..... What I heard/read, that only 2wd interchange. Mike ?
  12. Possibly going to make moving through a parking lot slowly a little difficult. Those cars had an L6 in them so had a little more grunt to idle down, and stil pull a load. But with a turbo, you are less likely to blow the tires off from it. I having an L4 with mild cam, went to 4.62 gears, but with a turbo, I would have not done that. You may be better off with a 4.1 gear set, if you can locate them, or even a 3.9. Depends on how good of rear tires you want to run. R compound tires will let you hammer it hard with 4.3s, and get a good launch. Price is
  13. I have a spare set of 15x7s sitting in my garage, I had to go to 16s due to a BIG brake conversion. 16s were even harder to find.
  14. Sorry, forgot..... They don't quite fit into the aluminum carrier, too wide. you need an iron carrier.
  15. It is, it's the same as the one I brought in from Japan for my 620. Direct fit into the 620, except......... It is meant for a 29 spline sedan rear end, and requires a spacer in the center to hold the truck axles held tight against their Timken roller bearings. The sedan had ball bearing axle bearings, so didn't require this. Simple task, you pull your open diff apart, and measure the thickness of the spider. It will be approx. .902" thick. You then have a machine shop make a round spacer that long, and install it in the lsd. The spacer needs to free float
  16. He's still spinning from all the liberal spinning he did during the 'Nam war reporting.
  17. Wuhan, location of one of china's bio weapon labs, who would have guessed......
  18. Just a thought, if you catch this shit, make sure your family knows that all your old Datsuns & parts have some value, and to not throw them away after you pass away....
  19. Na, they want to add that little extra torture.....
  20. Why not just buy an H190 LSD out of Japan, and put it in your carrier ? The H190 LSDs were used in several sedans up to 2008, and OS Giken offers their H190 as a special order item still to this day, basically due to the fact that it is almost identical the R200. These are the truck spline fitment, and only require a spacer between the axles to work in the truck. Typically go for $400-$600 in Japan. The OS Giken LSDs will cost about $1500.
  21. 1,2,3, 4 what are we dying from, 5, 6, 7, open up those pearly gates.
  22. I foresee a new reality TV show coming........The Corona Plague
  23. Hm, not on my '73 620 (or what's left of it, damn women drivers), both are the same size.
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