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  1. Nice set of carbs. Sorry if that sounds dirty.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. The lesser availability in parts is why I have upgraded so many parts on my 520 to newer more available parts. The ride quality and handlig of the 720 chassis is far superior to the 520. Not to mention the vented rotor disc brakes. The funny thing is the 720 chassis uses the same shocks front and back as the 520, 521, & 620.
  3. Charlie69

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Did you check the 521 center link with ends to se if the ends will fit the 320 pitman & idler arms? 320 521
  4. Charlie69

    Lack of tach.

    After I clean my Weber I use a dry silicone spray to lube the mechanical linkage. The dry silicone lubricant goes on wet and quickly drys off.
  5. 85 720 Weber installation video
  6. The Chineese Weber knockoff usually fail right out of the box. Research has shown about 50% failure rate out of the box. EMPI is a Weber knock off builder and seller. As far as your your question, " What happens with the Chinese one when it goes bad?" The carburetor will run rough, lean, or rich, or not at all. Changing the jets will most of the time help with either lean or rich condition. The build quality of the Chinese Weber is poor at best. In most cases you can not tune the Chinesse Weber to run smooth and fuel efficient. Here are acouple of videos to help Identify and understand the true Webers. Identifying The true Weber Carb Pierce Manifolds Understanding your Weber DGV Carbureter
  7. Wayno, that is way tighter than I would like my engine compartment Wayno. My radiator takes up much more room than you as it is 27" across and with the shroud and the 2
  8. That is way tighter than I would like my engine compartment Wayno. My radiator takes up much more room than you as it is 27" across and with the shroud and the 2 12" fans are about 7" thick. I can squeeze the battery in there but it will make my additional electrical, the AC dryer receiver and AC hoses rather cramped also.
  9. Just curious Mr Tanker is you engine pictures in the engine porn section also?
  10. Charlie69

    Motor swap

    Wayno, are you running 720 AC, two electric fans, and two one inch tube aluminum radiator?
  11. Nice work. Do you happen to have any pictures of the trailer you haul this truck on?
  12. Road signs make great floor patch material.
  13. Charlie69

    Motor swap

    Wayno you are correct the length from the firewall to the radiator support is the mane hurdle. but there are several other hurdles to over come also. Wayno, one thing I am running into is with the wiring that I am adding is the battery, I am going to move the battery to the front passenger side under the bed floor. Considering making a sliding battery drawer like motor homes and travel trailers use. This would be cut into the side of the bed using the cutout section of the bed to make the front of the drawer.
  14. Charlie69

    Motor swap

    You might have a read through my 66 520 thread as it cover some of the major hazards you will run into. I swapped a L20B automatic into my 520.
  15. I grind the sides of my grease bun tip to fit.
  16. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    I prefer this one. Flywheel lock
  17. I will check the wrecking yards over the next couple of weeks. There are a couple 4x4s in the yards. Can I get an overall length of the bolt please. These are much longer than the 2wd bolts. It looks by part number that Hardbody are different.
  18. 1979 to 1986 720 doors all fit.
  19. I have run the Weber 32/36 on 4 cylinder Datsuns since the 70s and no they are not a performance carb. If you wanted a performance carb you should have purchased the 38/38 Weber. First are we talking about a true Weber or a Chinese knock off. If you have the cheap Chinese Knock off you have a great paper weight.
  20. My muffler shop will do my 520 from the new all the way back for $125. This is one of the things that the pain during and after is not with saving a some money.
  21. Picture of what you need please.
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