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  1. My 86 720 daily driver just rolled 470,000 runs strong but has rough idle. My 84 has 134,000 miles with a blown head gasket. I have a rebuilt Z20 and just picked up an 85 720 automatic for it. I hope to get this truck on the road before May as I want to sell my 86 and keep the 84 ST. Not sure how the Z20 and the automatic will work but if I do not like it there is always a KA or VG option.
  2. With LEDs you will want to buy red for red lenses amber for amber lenses and green for green and blue for blue. Because of the brightness of the LEDs if you use whitet LEDs behind colored lenses you will not see much of the color.
  3. Section the front half of the 720 frame to the rear half of the 521. The front half is where all the benifits are on the 720 frame.
  4. Charlie69

    My 69 521

    This might help you. This pigtail handles all of the instrument panel. The little silver rectangular tin can is a voltage drop that drops the voltage to around 9 volts for the fuel and temp gauges only. If this is bad neither gauge works. This is my 66 cluster morphed with the 1980 720 wiring harness pigtail.
  5. Mr Tanker that is funny the video clip of yourself!!! LOL I believe he made a boat anchor out of it!
  6. Do a complete chassis swap. I did a 1980 720 chassis swap to my 66 520. Best upgrade I did. It gets you away from King pins gives you disk brakes and removable trans cross member. also gives you rag joint steering column and the idler arm and steering gear box is outside the frame rails. This is also documented in my 520 build thread. Wayno has done several 720 to 520/521 chassis swaps. Wayno is a great source for information.
  7. Take it to an exhaust shop and have it professionally done.
  8. I buy all my Webers and parts from Pierce Manifolds Been doing business with them since the 70s.
  9. If distilled water is too expensive then at least boil your filtered water.
  10. Charlie69

    My 69 521

    65 to 68 520s all had 4 position fuse boxes.
  11. Get finished out of your head they are never finished! LOL
  12. I do not know of any aftermarket shifters that will work with the Nissan transmission as it shifts internally. All the aftermarket shifters that I know of are for transmissions that have external shifting levers. Make it easy on yourself and do as Mike suggested above.
  13. Charlie69


    If what captain said above is true fix and tune the truck. These are not sports cars.
  14. On all my trucks I am getting rid of the fusible links and replacing with fuses. The fusible links have left me stranded in the past and do not want the hassle of trying to find them in a junk yard.
  15. I also just purchase the parts for my roll up doors and ended up buying the complete power doors instead.
  16. Someone likes black! LOL Looks good.
  17. Your picture link does not work please try again.
  18. My 66 will be running 205/60/16 on a 7" wide rim. Myself I do not care for the stetched look it reminds me of the low riders with the 13" wheels with excessive stretched tires. It is unfortunate but here in Phoenix we see several a year on the side of the road with one of the 13" wheels broke off and the driver trying to figure out how to get a jack under it.
  19. There have been a couple Z24 5speed swaps into the 320.
  20. Ask away! The reason for the custom firewall is to be able to remove the valve cover with th motor in the truck. Do you have the 720 chassis?
  21. The metal piece in the middle looks like the piece that goes on the positive battery cable clamp screw. The fusible link wires connected to it. I would get a longer battery cable bolt and put that mess back on the battery terminal where it belongs. By doing this it will eliminate the cable the come off the battery terminal lessening the mess. Never safe to have a bolt with a bunch of positive cable and wires hanging around looking for a way to short out. Start by cleaning up that mess and when you take it a part clean al terminals. If you just have to have that setup at least use this instead of the bolt. Positive Insulated Battery Power Junction Post Block
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