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  1. The long transmissions are in the king cabs as far as I know.
  2. A few years back I Installed all new Wagner headlights and they were dimmer than stock same with the new sylvanias I just installed. I do hope that the LED headlights for the 720s get to be better in time. If any one knows of LEDs for the 720 that are descent and put out good light and pattern please post links in the 720 Parts Thread Please
  3. Here is a 1980 FSM on ebay. Here is a 1980 4x4 FSM Cheap!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/382328324048?hash=item59048b3fd0:g:WvoAAOSwvR5aPWPj https://www.ebay.com/itm/384149498582?hash=item5971182ad6:g:BfoAAOSwvOdglBxT https://www.ebay.com/itm/193809726644?hash=item2d1ff5bcb4:g:IY0AAOSwTu9f3AKh
  4. The 82 Manual covers the Z22 engine.
  5. Buy a FSM for the year of your truck. There were many changes to the manuals as the 720 trucks evolved.
  6. The FSM Manual will be the best money you can spend. You might want to buy both the 2wd and the 4wd manuals if you can find them. Be sure all pages are in the manual and there is a multi page fold out of the wiring harness in the back of the book.
  7. You can shorten the front drive shaft and mod the rear transmission bracket to make the longer transmission work.
  8. Cheap ignition switch to install in dash means screwing up the dash hole for original switch.
  9. Cheap and antique Datsun parts do not happen!!! LOL
  10. The book shows the way to do multiple valve adjustments with 2 settings on the top dead center. This might help the dealership mechanics stay wthin flat rate.
  11. Charlie69

    Seat belts?

    Before you try to drill a hole you might talk with Mike Klotz he did this years ago.
  12. The plug is a larger diameter hole. Like mike said use a pipe wrench and get the plug out. I usually try to tighten a stuck plug or bolt a little, just enough to get some movement, then loosen and remove. When you get the plug out buy a new one to put back in.
  13. GL 4 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/CRC-Sta-Lube-SL24239-Multi-Purpose-Hypoid/dp/B000M8RYMC/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=gl4+gear+oil&qid=1587304422&sr=8-5
  14. I put the clip on the handle and then position the handle on the nub and smack the handle with the heel of my hand and this will expands the clip enough to seat the handle on the nub and then the clip settles into the nub's groove.
  15. Phil's Rotary in Australia has the best fit and quality rubbers. Ebay store. https://www.ebay.com/sch/rotary_products_new_old_car_company/m.html?_trkparms=folent%3Arotary_products_new_old_car_company|folenttp%3A1&_trksid=p3542580.m47492.l71970
  16. I know Wayno got a set from the junk yard. Wayno will most likely post a reply to this thread. I would buy new after market door seals. Here is a link to Wayno's profile. PM him with your questions by clicking on the mail envelope icon. https://ratsun.net/profile/5657-wayno/
  17. Wayno used some I think Ranger or Mazda door seals on one of his trucks.
  18. I buy the large belt sander belts and cut to have something large enough.
  19. Previous owner might have installed in correct seals.
  20. Cab is warped sell it to me! LOL Seriously, it is either out of adjustment but most likely the hinges are worn. I just replaced the hole latch assembly on a 71 521 I sold to a guy because it broke from him slamming the door. The door needed adjustment.
  21. Charlie69

    NM 521

    Mike is good with the anchors. I always swap to a Weber and forget about carb problems. I installed a new Weber DGEV 32/36 from Pierce Manifolds when I bought my 86 720 king cab in 2011. I am still driving this truck daily and I drive my trucks hard. No light footing the pedal hear!!! LOL
  22. If I remember corectly it is 22mm.
  23. Charlie69

    NM 521

    Mike always love the wording you use to describe a Hitachi anchor!!! LOL The best words I can use in a sentence containing a Hitachi carburetors are expensive parts (providing you can find them) and frustration.
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