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  1. It does not matter L or Z as the 2wd and the 4 wd pans for both series engines are different because of the front diff.
  2. Yes because of the front diff.
  3. Congrats to who ever claims the mounts!
  4. Looks good. I would suggest putting a 90 degree fitting on the guage so it would be easier to read.
  5. My odds of winning are getting better with every win failure! LOL
  6. Put Oil back in and drive it like you stole it! If it ain't broke don't fix it! It is a Datsun.
  7. That was nice of you Duncan. Congrats frank88!!!
  8. Charlie69

    720 Part # Thread

    Rock Auto has the Drum Brake Hardware Kits. 10 3/4" x 1 3/4" = 254MM X 45MM
  9. I also put the 85 king cab red ST non electric doors on my 86 today. I will have a couple of door lock cylinders keyed up to match my igniton key for this truck. I will be transfering the 85 ST hood, right fender, and the bed to my 86 soon.
  10. We have an emissions cut off year of 1966. 66 and older do not have to have emissions testing. 67 and newer have to have emissions tested.
  11. Johnny and three of his kids pulled the engine and the and the 5 speed trans for me. We sarted at 6:30 am and by 10 am the engine was out of my 84 ST king cab. They also pulled the engine and trans on 67 520 and a 3rd member from my 71 cab and chassis, had all the tools cleaned up and was loaded up pulling out of the gate. I sold the 5 speed to them because I am going to a 4 speed automatic. So now I have $50 in this truck. This 84 was built in Japan and has a JDM block in it. I have a JDM head that I will put on this engine when I get the engine built and the head done. I was going to put a KA in this until I found out it had a JDM matching # engine in it. I will clean up the engine bay this week. Other the the Weber and the automatic this will be a stock truck.
  12. I finished checking out the Z20 engine and it is all good, Has new 0.50 pistons on a fresh bore and hone. All new bearings 0.10 under on rods and mains, and fresh fresh head with a new cam. All I nead to so now is get the 3/4" hole in the oil pan welded up install pan with new gasket bolt up the trans and the starter. Have a new Weber DGEV 32/36 coming for it. As soon as I get the few parts I need along with the Weber these will be installed and the engine and the transmission will be swapped in my 86 720 king cab. I am curious as to what the power difference will be between with this Z20 and the old Z24?
  13. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 521s

    Picked up the 69 cab and bed with Gene on Friday. I will get pictures up asap.
  14. I forgot my camera and do not have a sim card for my ne phone.
  15. My O2 sensor went bad a couple of years ago, I changed it I was able to pass emissions. Same with the cat and the EGR.
  16. There is next year. Great trucks and cars, people, food, and weather. Thank you all that made it. A huge thanks to Danny and Carlos for the food and cooking.
  17. I pass emissions testing every 2 years here in Phoenix AZ with my Weber 32/36. I have the oxegen sensor, the cat and the EGR all working. The Weber 32/36 is the only carb I run on my Datsun/Nissan 4 cylinder engines. When I buy a new to me truck the first thing I do is put a new Weber carb on it. Then I can trouble shoot the rest of the engine.
  18. Three days until the 12th Annual Barbecue. Please have a save and enjoyable drive to the barbecue.
  19. HoseStop is a good person. He has been at several SWDP Barbecues and is a stand up guy. He does great hoses. I will have him make my 66 520 AC hoses when it is time.
  20. I look at this build like this, it is his truck do with it what he wants too. It looks like a hacked up rusty mess when they got the truck, too far gone to restore. Have fun with your truck. I believe it will be a give away truck when they are done with it.
  21. Charlie69

    79 620

    You are correct Mike. The key has to be in and turned to I think it is accessories to be able to remove the cylinder with the paper clip. Take that switch assembly out and order a complete switch from Rock Auto. You want the complete switch for $25.79. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1979,620+pickup,2.0l+l4,1210150,electrical-switch+&+relay,ignition+starter+switch,4700 79 620 complete ignition switch
  22. Charlie69

    79 620

    A paper clip to release the lock cylinder if you are replacing the cylinder only.
  23. No excuses, if I can make it there from Phoenix then you all can make it also! LOL
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