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  1. Angle grinder and a bit of 16 gauge from a steel supply
  2. I would run it if it had a hole in it but that's just me and I am probably wrong.
  3. I am going to try the Instagram photo hosting here goes. I got a new solonoid to replace the Chevy truck one I used to actuate my fender fuse block because that one melted.
  4. Use very light taps when going around the outside like that, easy to get it going crooked. I have used large sockets, 12pts can work good.
  5. Video embed feature is not working for me unfortunately.
  6. I got the alternator business all figured out, lets just say everything that could be wrong with a charging system went wrong all at once. I don't like photo hosting sites anymore so I just make You Tube videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4dUwdfaxKw
  7. My alternator died and all I had on hand was the T plug ones so I got a used one from the wrecking yard and it does not work either, only batter voltage in the battery post. 12 volts in one of the parralel plugs, ran an extra ground jumper just for good measure
  8. Thanks! Do you know which post the "E" wire goes?
  9. 280Z with auto matic an L6 everything looks to be there Ezs auto wrecking in Douglas county Washington. I don't know the price on anything or any details but it has all body panels and hood. Call them for details. Also they have some Z24 stuff in various conditions in path grinder/D21 if anybody needs that for a Nissan/Datsun 720
  10. Does anybody have a photo of how the wires are supposed to go on the back of a parralel plug alternator (not the older T plug style). Somehow I think I may have got it wrong and a photo would be great
  11. Auto parts mostly likely sold you a D21 assembly. They are larger and don't fit right. If you can't fix the assembly it is possible to replace only the back half of the assembly with a different socket if you hack it a bit.
  12. I had a windshield leak that took out my whole fuse block and burned up my heater motor (it was a smoky event) I would just have a glass shop do it. We have one here that will do a windshield for what I can get glass and a gasket for. Just my 2 cents, like you I wish I had done it years earlier. But money and priorities you know how it is. Now you get to retorque head bolts and stuff. I have a "basic maintenance" playlist on You Tube that should help you get to 500k.
  13. I would say that Z24s are just not smooth when compared to something like a Chevy 350 but they are not bad either. When in could condition with properly set valves they are good, but you can still tell they are over 30 years old
  14. Thats the way to do it bud! Pack er full of tunes and keep er movin!
  15. Or you just buy 2 trucks hehe. I have a oraginzer bin full of all the bolts needed to make a Z24 sorted by size and use case, cylinder heads on a shelf, blocks, carbs and manifolds all ready to rock and roll so I think in both my case and Charlie's we just don't care if the owner lost half the parts so long as we have something to work with but we are anomalies and not everyone should or even would want to buy somebody else's problems. I wouldn't want to buy a Ford somebody ripped apart because I don't know how everything goes for example
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