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  1. Trying to comply with the pics or ban rule here...... Did a bit of painting, I just wanted to stop the rust so its rattle can and lots of primer. Not pretty but its better than the rust also needed to practice with my fancy new toys before doing white trucks engine bay. And as a side benefit the licence plate is now held on with bolts instead of zip ties so that's kinda a luxury item.
  2. I would go for it in a heartbeat, but I am crazy so that has some affect on my decision making........................... I see a Weber and a clean body, thats more than enough for me.
  3. Its just a bit of sanding and coating, its only a touch of surface rust.
  4. Thanks I never would have guessed that! there is a small amount of rust under one corner so I will have to remove a bit of it.
  5. Finally got some work done and thought I would include some photos. Almost the whole truck is gutted so I pulled the dash to get at the wiring harness and tore out the extremely nasty carpet, photos do not do it justice. The floor is mostly nice underneath. Does anyone know what this material is on the floor and how to best remove it?
  6. How else do you get to work in the winter?
  7. Alright guys its spring, and that means Datsun, currently this pile o parts is at the only shop I trust (still I am super nervous letting anyone touch my baby) getting pit man arm, idler arm, steering linkage, alignment, summer tires mounted and balanced, and a front dif oil change they threw in for basically the cost of GL-5. Once that is done the only remaining factory parts will be the differentials, passenger seat, and some body panels. Soon I will be replacing the fuse block because it melted itself and some functions (heater) are not working. Feel free to make fun of me for letting a shop work on my rig, but I did not want to cut the rusty bits off.
  8. captain720


    My FSM says 0.012 if an inch for intake and exhaust, Mike is the difference here maybe for an 80 model year? Otherwise I would assume he should go with 0.012.
  9. Im back!

    1. Charlie69


      That is great, now get busy!!!  LOL

    2. captain720
  10. captain720

    cali smog

    I can confirm that my Doug Thorley header makes a difference in both tone and overall volume (DB) of sound coming out. It also slightly increases under hood temps, mostly noticeable in the winter because the snow melts off the exhaust side of the hood faster as opposed to intake side melting faster with a stock exhaust mani, also they look good under the hood.
  11. Most distributor caps have tiny letters on the cap too, you can figure out how it's supposed to work by looking at the cap if you take it off and look at the contacts on the bottom and match them with the top.
  12. Do you have a DMM? (Digital voltmetter) If no then get one, you won't regret it. Once you have one check for power everywhere! Check the battery, check the starter when you are trying to start it, check the ignition switch, check your fusible links (seriously check those, I have had this exact same scenario from bad fusible links and or loose terminal connections)
  13. Datsun is about different, I try not to make fun of mods that retain functionality while looking cool cause that's what it's all about
  14. I follow these rules very closely and it is working out well and saves me a lot of money.
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