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  1. That's the stuff I use Charlie, it's good stuff works good. Get one of the little pumps though, makes life better
  2. The Bearing on my power steering tensioner pulley got so bad the pulley actually flexed so far it would spark against the mount bracket when I tightened it up. I was able to find a napa pulley with the right size bearing and the machine shop pressed in my bushing for almost free.
  3. Beautiful truck! Way to go!
  4. I have had a weber with no warming method ice up a good bit in the venturis cause it gets around 0°F here in places. Its only happened to a point it caused an issue once and 15 minutes engine off hood closed fixes it, definitely would be worth having the warmed air in there
  5. Busted as in it split in half or the seals need redone cause you can often do seals yourself and keep a higher quality Nissan part.
  6. Just replace them and aim them right, our 720s have some of the best headlights no need to upgrade in my opinion. Yes I recommend replacing the original with a new one in good condition as they dim over time and you will be impressed with how bright a new sealed unit is over an aged one.
  7. Tailgate got squished today (third photo in) so I may need to go flatbed this winter. Oh well just like the door I don't plan on putting a good one on as it would meet the same fate.
  8. You might want to install a new brake parts kit while you are in there, especially if you are having e brake issues. Motorcycle throttle cable lube is great for e brakes and throttle cables because it doesn't attract dirt like WD-40 and other things do
  9. The reservoir is held on by two Phillips head screws on the fender wall, you can remove it and hose it out then put it back and it's best too keep that half full. But I have had a similar experiance with a reservoir full of mud and kept it empty until I could hose it out. That is the recommended way to check but at the end of the day the radiator is all that counts. Or just switch to a Gatorade bottle like I did, photo of that on my Instagram @captains_garage and my build thread. You can use essentially any bottle or jug that doesn't melt and auto parts sell generical reservoirs too.
  10. I have an instructional playlist on you tube of some things to do as maintenance including the valves and head bolts plus a breakdown of the proper oil. Edit, check the radiator when the engine is cold and make sure it has fluid in it. That's more important than the reservoir. Edit again, when you have the valve cover off its a great time to replace that valve cover gasket and half moons just as a precaution. That's a common cause of leaks, also the minute my valve cover comes off I put a small towel or rag over that front cover hole to keep tools and what not from fall
  11. I have always just assumed it was like a check engine light and ignored it on the trucks that had it on..... Thanks for the info!
  12. They shared a block and head with a Z24 D21 so not a lot, also some of the alternators
  13. I got some used alluminum wheels at the wrecking yard for $35 out of a beat up pathgrinder. They work, seems to have less backspacing than the factory ones though.
  14. If it has a coolant overflow and the washer squirter thing, I always grab a headlight if I see a good one. Straight fenders are rare as hens teeth so are fender mounted signal lights that havn't been bounced off rocks. Locking hubs are like gold
  15. Do a compression test to confirm headgaskets fail and not just intake manifold gasket and then pull head. Fresh rebuilt motor+no headgaskets retorque=headgaskets fail. Also oil additive is terrible, sea foam fuel additive ok but I have never seen it do anything usefull. Heat is nearly essential at times when we approach 0 degrees F and recommended by all.
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