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  1. Most distributor caps have tiny letters on the cap too, you can figure out how it's supposed to work by looking at the cap if you take it off and look at the contacts on the bottom and match them with the top.
  2. Do you have a DMM? (Digital voltmetter) If no then get one, you won't regret it. Once you have one check for power everywhere! Check the battery, check the starter when you are trying to start it, check the ignition switch, check your fusible links (seriously check those, I have had this exact same scenario from bad fusible links and or loose terminal connections)
  3. Datsun is about different, I try not to make fun of mods that retain functionality while looking cool cause that's what it's all about
  4. I follow these rules very closely and it is working out well and saves me a lot of money.
  5. I have an amazing parts guy that always does this type of thing for me
  6. Just put a tiny cone filter on it, it will have the same affect as just plugging it into the bottom of the air filter.
  7. I know I have been driving the Z24 in various rigs and combinations for the past couple years and I love it! As I am assembling my next one though I am just trying to make the best Z24 I can because I like it's reliability and it really isn't that slow to begin with.
  8. Well we have to meet somewhere If I have running driving garbage this year and it's cancelled I will be severely disappointed.
  9. There be oics. First pic is not bumper in it's final form as you will notice the turn signals are well........ Weird
  10. Yeah I just keeps the intakes and carbs together when I part out a truck, keeps the adapter plate from warping thanks for the heads up in ka pistons will plan on that now. Local machine shop will handle block. Will the ka pistons still work with oversize?
  11. captain720

    KC’s 85 ST Build

    Just FYI those automatic locking hubs work alright until they don't, but they always kind of suck so if you see a set of locking ones grab them they are rare
  12. Why can't you put a Weber on a Z24 EFI setup?
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