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DON'T Use Photobucket on Ratsun

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There is a "fix" for blurry PB pics on Chrome .   i don't know what it is but got it off Pirate4x4 site awhile ago 


if you need to steal for your own use,,  you have to click and open in another tab and save that pic or it just downloads as fuzzy water marked as before.  Even if it is clear to your computer type unit ,, at the moment

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19 minutes ago, Cardinal Grammeter said:

Yeah, Photobucket sucks balls, kidnapping pics and then extortion.


I believe it was Mike that suggest imgur.com some years ago, it seems to be OK so far, is that a popular free hosting service or is there something better out there nowadays?  (any reason to quit using imgur?)


That "Mike" would have been DatzenMike.

If you're just starting, use anything but PB.  I'm at their mercy since I have over 9000 pics/vids in my account. It would be nearly impossible to transfer them all or relink them.  If I shut them off, there would be a huge number of threads affected by it.......many of them are ones I refer back to so I can remember what I did. lol


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I have been using Imgur since the PB fuster cluck. Works out for me...download your pics to their site (remember to resize for message boards prior to downloading) and them copy and paste the BBC code link into the thread.

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I feel for you, I have 100's of 620 project pics there.  Relinking them would be impossible and so PB went with extortion.  Last I checked (when they first wanted payment) it was $399 per year for hosting (!)    


I just checked and they've backed way off wanting only a few bucks a month.


BUT if you have more than the FREE 250 pics limit, YOU CANNOT HAVE ACCESS TO DELETE PICS - you get a RED SCREEN and either have to CLOSE your account or BUY a month's fee.

The "altruism" they claim is again bogus and still extorting people now for only a couple dollars.

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I was invested, though not as heavily as Mike Klotz. PB is so fuckingaggrivating I switched to imgur. Started getting e-mails to 'come back' 'we're sorry' told them why and to fuck off and don't send any more. I run PB down at EVERY opportunity I can. Total douchebags.

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