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  1. Even if you weld that nut cherry red, you aren't going to cause any head gasket issues. The head is a huge aluminum heat sink and will spread that heat very quickly. I'm not familiar with even one instance where someone welded a nut to a bolt and the heat caused warpage to a cylinder head. Do as mike suggested and hit it with a penetrating lube after you weld it. You will remove a great deal of heat in addition to shocking the bolt.
  2. Carbureted and VG aren't usually paired together with easy in the same sentence. Do you have access to the elusive Saudi carb manifold, or will you modify an FI manifold for the carb?
  3. You are on the correct datsun path right now. I too started with 720s and then got myself a 510 wagon. Which 510 wagon has a 1982 720 wiring harness, z22, and 5 speed 😄. I even have a set of 720 AC parts laying around I want to shove in to it.
  4. That's a rough story man. Glad you were able to get all the important stuff out of the path of danger though. Nothing like a fire to get you motivated to put in some hours on a project 😄.
  5. So did you just remove the reservoir from the 720 pump and plumb lines, or did you switch to a different pump? I know the 240sx pump (and other nissan pumps with remote reservoirs) are the same as a bunch of subaru pumps, so there might be some parts out there to help you clean up what you have if you don't switch to electric anytime soon. Are you looking at electric steering column (prius etc), or electric pump for hydraulic system (volvo, MB)?
  6. Is that a repainted door? I'm surprised how shiny the paint is on the outside. Very happy to see you getting this close to driving it Noll. Doesn't matter that it isn't "done".
  7. Datsuns can be super confusing to use universal wiring harnesses on because they are ground switch systems instead of hot switch systems. Instead of the switch being on the hot side of the load (fan, headlight, etc.) the switch is AFTER the load, on the ground/earth side of the circuit. This can confuse lots of people. That being said, any universal 12 circuit harness can be used. You only have to understand 1 wire at a time. Can you read a wiring diagram?
  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with building something that would attach to the cab. I'm assuming you mean something that would bolt to the body mount points or other locations? It would work fine, its just a great deal more work to build. Unless you are really moving the cab a very very long distance over rough terrain and you were worried that it would fall off and get damaged, I don't think it would be worth it. We moved this truck cab sideways off the frame using wood inside the cab and rolled it on pavement and it was fine. The stick at the front is to keep it balanced while it's just sitting there. However, my way does still take two guys. One to pull and one to balance. Building a nicer rig like the one from my last post would allow you to do it solo. So in conclusion, yes, you could make something bolt to the cab and be super secure. There is nothing wrong with this at all, except it might not be totally necessary. You just have to decide that the juice is worth the squeeze.
  9. I've lifted multiple cabs by putting a couple boards across from side window frame to side window frame, then pushing the hoist in through the window and lift the cab up from the middle. It's a bit wobbly but doable. There are also some really great attachments that guys have built for engine hoists specific to doing that job as well. Here's a link to one http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=113397 No idea how much the 620 cab weighs, but I did this with 720 king cabs, so they weighed a little more than yours likely will.
  10. You could also look into engine torque dampers. They are universal and would do the job.
  11. Video is probably going to be necessary on this one. Very odd.
  12. So.....its a normal old carb vehicle then...?
  13. Behold, Noll's hackery appears to be nearly on par with my "precision" work 😄.
  14. A friend of mine used to have a 260z and i always hated those inspection panels. I always thought if i had a Z i would want those welded to the hood and smoothed out. Then the hood would just have little wings. Car is a car again. Awesome.
  15. Today's Episode - "Damn. The Nuts." I finished up the braces and got to welding them in to the truck body. Tops got some smoothing to help water not run in behind the brace if the door is open, just like before. Only step left is a little grinding and drilling holes in the reinforcement plates for the hinge bolts. Since the all the real work is done, a little primer was put in place to protect everything. I will finish the last of the priming when I drill the holes. Since the panel was done too, that also got primed. Ok, now to attempt to install the door hinge. Wait it doesn't sit right? WTF? Ahhhhh......Damn.....The nuts.... On the bottom door brace, I failed to remove the old trapped nuts from the bracket. Now they are in the way and will be a massive bitch to remove. Idiot. I thought I was done with the body side and was on to the door.
  16. I often wear a leather "bolero" when grinding and welding. I just looked it up, I guess it is called a cape? but it has snaps where you can attach another piece so its a full jacket. Like this I wear it the most when grinding. I hate how when grinding I get spray into my inner elbows. Makes me itch badly. so I wear this thing. Still hot, but would be much worse if I were wearing a full jacket.
  17. Lets ignore my own personal ignorance on the flammability of fiberglass and go with - I should buy an actual welding blanket. Maybe I should just buy a big cow hide. Leather is pretty hard to burn, right? 😁 But yeah, one of those harbor freight blankets is exactly what I plan to pick up soon. One random note, those are very much NOT certified for plasma cutting. My friend cut one of these blankets right to pieces while plasma cutting 😄
  18. Swap cranks for front CAS drive, modify d21 front cover if necessary to make it seal, install d21 valve cover with half moon plug to seal the CAS hole in the head, that should be enough to seal the motor and place the CAS at the front instead of in the head. It can be done. It just isn't usually worth it.
  19. Snap a couple pics of the old pics and post them up. I really want to see this truck you speak of 😄 Thanks Beowolf! Building this thing is pushing my skills to their limits (and well beyond sometimes). I don't think I would do suicide doors again if I were to do something like this again. Good crud I can't believe how hard I've made this on myself 😄. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues, so I will do my best to keep you entertained! Thanks again for you kind words.
  20. While FWD to RWD conversions have been done before, its rarely worth the money and effort. Anything you get out of that engine is gravy, so just take that money and then decide how you want to proceed? options include buying a 1990 or newer d21, rebuilding what you have, building up a z22 or z24. Not many people are big fans of the Z series engines, but I like them. I like low end torque over high end hp. Z series only breathe to about 5K but compared to an L they will pull tree stumps up to about 4K. I have a z22 in my 510, and a couple spare z24s laying around.
  21. Big step, but not overly photographed. I started shaving the old doors on the front of the trailer. A little cutting and a little hammering, and the door became its own filler panel quite nicely. then I also had to put in a smaller fill panel where the door latch lived. I didn't get it hung quite square, but its thick metal so I just rolled with it. Welded and ground back. The left side you can see is overlapped and stitched. The panel above this door was already lapped, so I decided it would look best if I just continued that line all the way down. The top is fully welded shut and the upper half of the right side. The bottom half of the right side, the trailer is pretty rusted out, so I need to put in a 2 inch wide patch down that before finishing the door stitching. then hopefully just a bit of filler to smooth it over and done. while doing this, I lit the trailer on fire. There is tack in here, so I covered it with what I thought was a wool blanket, hoping that would be enough. It wasn't. It also wasn't wool. I lit this thing on fire pretty good. Luckily my intelligent wife bought some fire extinguishers recently and insisted one live in my shop. I put it on the bottom shelf of my cart. My friend yelled fire, and she yelled about the extinguisher, and I got it all put out. No real damage done beyond a little charring on the bottom side of two saddles. And my pride. I think its time to invest in a real fiberglass blanket. My wife had to completely clean and condition all 3 saddles that were in there, plus do a bunch of cleaning from the burned blanket and the extinguisher powder. She was not best pleased with me that day, but luckily her sister came over and helped her get all that cleaned up.
  22. Thanks keeper. Considering the work you do and the quality you produce, I really appreciate that. I got started on the hinge reinforcements over the weekend. I should have focused on my wife's horse trailer and getting that done.... I wanted to play with my toys instead of hers. Today's episode - "Goodness Gracious!" Matching the work I did on the other side, the first step was to install "load spreader" plates behind the truck skin. I started with a chunk of extra door skin. Then I bent the flanges along the edges with just a pair of pliers slowly folding everything over. Drill some plug weld holes and ground off paint. I use a 3/8 spot weld cutter to cut plug weld holes. They are a bit larger than I want, but the pnuematic hole punch is too small for me to be truly confident that I've gotten a solid weld, and the spot weld cutter just cuts nice even holes, better than using a drill bit. I marked where the holes would go inside the truck body, ground those clean, and then sprayed some cleaner in there to finish prepping for this panel. Then clamped the panel in and started filling my plugs. And then I lit my truck on fire. 🔥🔥🔥 Down in the rocker panel inside the rear body panel. I failed to consider that there was a large amount of built up garbage down there that absorbed the flammable cleaner I had used. Welding sparks lit that crap right up. Luckily I had a fire extinguisher close at hand. Ah my beloved Mtn Dew. Not just for quenching my thirst. It also protects my truck. I showed those pics to my wife who shook her head and said "really? you had time to stop and take pictures first?" 😄 It was just a wee fire. And not the first one building this truck. (sidenote, I also lit her horse trailer I am building on fire only like 2 days earlier. That one took a real fire extinguisher to save her saddles from my stupidity. I am taking this as a wakeup call that I am not paying enough attention to flammable things when welding, so I don't die.) Anywho, after retrieving a new beverage from the fridge, I continued working. Load spreader plate installed. These are the hinge reinforcement plates I cut out of unused parts of 720 doors. The hinges bolt to these and they reinforce the whole corner for the stresses of the hinge. With modifications, they will now live inside the truck doing the same basic job. This is the essentially finished top bolt point for the hinge. You can see the plug weld holes where it will attach to the load spreader plate on the left, and the holes where it will attach to the door jamb on the right. The actual bolt hole has yet to be drilled in this plate, though it is present in the door jamb. And this is the bottom one. I have not yet finished the third one, but once built and all three are installed there will only be a bit of finish work and the cab side of the suicide door hinges will be officially finished! Then on to the door. But first, back to the horse trailer.
  23. You can also try hosting the pics on Flickr or Instagram and posting over from those websites. See if that works. Perhaps also try a different browser on your Mac? What engine came in your truck? What info are you looking to know? Based on the service history you stated, your truck is going to be nicer than many of them on here. I've owned like 5 or 6 720s and still have a couple, but mostly mine are hammered garbage. I'm good at keeping them alive, but not so good at keeping them pretty.
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