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  1. I really feel like you guys need to find out if the chickenhawk would fit inside a dajiban. Because if there answer is yes, the obvious next step here looks something like this
  2. Heres another rough photo chop. I relocated the front wheel and arch what I estimate to be 3-4 inches. I still think it looks just fine. Original wheel location, lowered suburban wheel arch Relocated location for wheel arch, suburban wheel arch
  3. On the trucks, you only get the top half that I can find. Like this, But since I have to do a lot of hand work to build the lower arch anyway, maybe its not really adding that much work, and saving a whole ton of money? For kicks and giggles just now I did this rather bad photochop. It gives the vibe though, and I am thinking I like it. The rear is basically exactly where it is stock, but on the front I brought the arch down some. I do like the flares, and the more symmetric front and rear wheel wells is something I like. It doesn't feel likes its lost much of its Corbinderness either. Pretty sure when I get to wheel arches, first step will be getting that fender from my friend and locking this idea in completely.
  4. Cool video. Thanks! It might be I can use a lot of their idea along with the idea I have been looking at. I've been considering how I'm going to deal with fender lips in general. I have to work on all 4. The front 2 because they are so high and forward. The rear two, well, because they pretty much don't exist anymore. Travelall patch panels aren't made for the rear fenders. And I don't think I love the stock look so much that I am willing to hand build those rear fenders from scratch. So I've been thinking that 68-72 chevy's might be my answer. There are problems with going that route though. Largest, the body line. Travelalls don't have that, so I would still have to basically hand build the flare down below that body line in order to delete said body line. Also, this naturally causes the vehicle to look more like a suburban and less like the IH. On the pro side, these are more circular than the teardrop front Travelall fender shape, which I like more. Plus meaty metal flare which is always a win in my book. Also old panels are highly available and new panels aren't crazy expensive, so collecting 4 of them wouldn't be the most expensive idea in the world. I've also been thinking that maybe when I do the fender arches, the front will obviously come down quite a bit, but I might also raise the rears a little and have them all come level at some happy medium? Who knows. Until I have fender arches to hold up on the body, no final decision will be made. A good buddy of mine has a couple of these laying around, so I will likely buy one from him and use that to figure out what I'm doing.
  5. In my 510 thread, I totally redid the dash pad with blow foam, a yoga mat, and some marine vinyl. Turned out pretty good I think. Its been the car for 3 years now and seems to be holding up pretty well. If you are interested in redoing your dash cap, my build might be worth a look for you.
  6. I support this. I suppose I should considering as how Mattndew is actually doing this very thing in support of my Travelall build 😄. I know Redeye has a channel I haven't yet subscribed to. I better go do that now.
  7. Episode 8. The two have become one. Ok, so the two kinda look like they might be one. 30 odd test fits over the firewall etc. is all it took to get them fitting decently well together 😄
  8. Have you used the manual adjuster to back the shoes all the way in? If the drums are old enough you might have a big lip inside them. If you have a torch, heat around the center bore can help with rust.
  9. I think its Frank Rizzos Cactus green 620, he used some speedhut gauges that fit right in the stock locations. 1 speed, 1 4-in-1 gauge if I remember correctly. Might be worth looking at his build before you make a final decision. His gauges came out really nice. And while speedhut is expensive, you can likely find cheaper options of a similar design if budget is a consideration.
  10. You could also consider (if useful and enough space) adding to the brake booster spacer, making a little more space behind it? just a thought. I'm not there looking at the problem, so there is too much I am not considering. either way, big fan of your build. I have long wanted to FI a Z24 with the Z22E manifold. Just never pulled the trigger.
  11. The motor assembly can be inserted anywhere in the column or shaft. Might be worth getting turbo and manifold bolted in and then seeing if you can fit the motor in the engine bay on the steering shaft rather than inside the cab?
  12. Part 7 - it actually includes both halves of the Tallhoe! And a lot of thinking out loud.
  13. Hahaha. Did you just pull lightly to remove that reinforcing plate? Geez.
  14. 18 gauge to 22 gauge sounds like Fitzees Fabrications MO. 😄 Nice work.
  15. I like a lot of "look at this crap" that turns in to pretty sweet looking. It helps remind me to calm the hell down about some things and see that good enough is often pretty great once its wrapped up and finished.
  16. I'm sure I speak for everyone when i say we are happy for your dingle and it's new found tingle.
  17. Very cool. I do one day want to much improve my metal tool collection with some the toys you are playing with. Hand built panels are sweet.
  18. Geez! Most 720s are bad around the body mounts, but that is seriously hammered.
  19. I owned a 1969 Wagoneer with the Buick 350 in for a while. I loved that thing, but unfortunately had to sell it to pay for a semester of college. A worthwhile investment for me, but still, this is one of the vehicles I regret selling the most. Interior was in awesome condition. Black vinyl with just a few split seams that I hand stitched back together. You could steer that thing with a pinky the steering was so easy to move. I'm a fan of FSJ, even if I'm building an International now.
  20. Episode 4 is up. This week I got stuck in to the Travelall finally. Interior and front clip get taken off and a large part of the cutting gets done.
  21. Is it super odd to see full size US trucks where you are from? I imagine they are really uncommon in most of Europe. Around where I live, they are literally every 2nd or 3rd vehicle.
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